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He didn't know what to choose but in his mind he wanted to choose both of them. However that wasn't possible right now since the dragons wouldn't possibly think about humans and leave them. Also, the humans were greedy too. They too would want to kill dragons and be called the dragon slayer or something and wanted to sell their body parts that would fetch them quite a large amount. "What are you waiting for? Let's go and prepare...", the old man wanted Shiro's help and knowledge no matter what. He knew that Shiro was quite smart and on top of that he knew many things about the dragoland that would help them a lot. On top of that Shiro could be used in various missions and since he was a dragon, no one would even suspect him and that was probably the main reason why the old man wanted Shiro to accompany. But he couldn't understand what Shiro actually wanted. However, that wasn't his fault anyway since he had the mentality of a human whereas Shiro had experienced both of the lives. "Okay fine... I will come with you...", he said. The old man laughed loudly as if he had heard the greatest news in a century. He rejoiced and immediately hugged Shiro out of happiness. "Good, let's go master...", after saying that both of them started walking towards the girl and the beast when suddenly Shiro got another question. "Uh, is the girl a human too?", he asked. The old man nodded his head and said, "Yes, she is a human who has a string affinity with beasts. She basically tamed the toad and both of them transmigrated from Earth to this place. After hearing this Shiro understood that even other beasts could use the portals too and could get in and out of it safely. That increased the level of worry that he had since now not only would the humans had to face the dragons, but also they had to face all the beasts at the same time. That would have led into the extinction of humans which would have been very bad and Shiro didn't want that to happen. He didn't want the opposite either, he wanted the dragons to be alive as well. 'Uh, I wish dragons and humans could co-exist...', that's what he thought but what he was wishing for was quite difficult to achieve in reality. He too knew that so he was thinking of a way to do that since he possibly couldn't give up since that would make him fail in achieving what he wanted. "Hmm...", he just nodded his head and then the old man introduced Shiro to the girl. "I am Phiana and this is Tobby, nice to meet you...", the girl seemed to be pleased to know that Shiro was from their side. It seemed like 'Tobby' was the name of the toad like shadow beast that was with her. "I'm Shiro, nice to meet you too.", Shiro introduced himself too. The old man then said with a smile, "I guess it's time for us to leave..." He wanted to reach the camp as soon as possible and wanted to introduce Shiro to all of them but then Shiro couldn't just go like that. He knew that what they were doing was important but he wanted to gather his thoughts and wanted to decide and do what he wanted whole heartedly. Doing a work half heartedly would only ruin it which Shiro didn't want to happen so he said, "I have some works to attend, I will come later, just give me a map." He wanted to know where they were situated because of which he asked for a map. The old man gave out the map almost immediately without hesitating as if he believed Shiro completely. "Okay then master Shiro, we will be waiting for you.", immediately after saying that the old man vanished. Phiana too waved her hands and vanished immediately and now Shiro was left alone. It was soon going to become dark and Shiro had to find a place to rest too so he teleported himself back to the city. He visited almost all the Inns or Lodges or Hotels but none of them had any rooms left. 'Tsk, I should have reserved a room for myself earlier...', he was regretting his carelessness which he had showed due to which he was now sitting on a bench near the garden area. "Sigh...", he lifted his gazes and was admiring the stars that seemed so beautiful. 'No matter where you go... the stars always touch your heart...', he thought. He sighed again when suddenly he heard someone call for him. "" "Shiro!!!" "Huh...?", he looked here and there and found a carriage that was a bit ahead of him. He looked carefully only to find Silvia waving her hand from the carriage. "Shiro!!!", she shouted loudly. Shiro too stood up and said with a surprise, "Princess...?" She got down of the carriage and rushed towards Shiro and hugged him tightly. "Eh? Princess...?", he was shocked on seeing what she was doing. "Princess..." Many citizens were watching this which Shiro tried to tell. The moment Silvia understood what he meant, she immediately released her hands and stood flustered as if nothing had happened. Then he took a look towards the carriage from which the king himself was coming out while having a bandage wrapped around his left arm. It seemed as if the arm had been fractured because of some strong falling or attack. The king first rushed towards Shiro and stood in front of him. Then he asked, "It was you right who placed the barrier?" Shiro wanted to lie and deny that but he had already told this to Silvia that he would be going to save him so he couldn't deny it anymore. "Yes...", he nodded his head while saying this. The king bowed his head in order to thank Shiro because if it wasn't for Shiro then he would have been long dead. Even Silvia bowed her head in order to thank hum. "Huh...? Both of you..." The guards and others were completely shocked when they saw this. Even the citizen who knew the king very well were awed by the behavior. "It's fine please lift your head!", he said. Both of them lifted their heads immediately after which the king hugged him with only one hand of his since the other was injured. "Uhh... it's fine please, I only did what was right at the moment...", was what Shiro said. The King released his hand soon and then asked, "Others also wants to express gratitude to you so tomorrow they are hosting a party... will you come?" Shiro didn't have any other choice at the moment and a party would help him to know others so he nodded his head and agreed to them. "That's Good!", the king seemed to be happy. The princess then suddenly asked, "In which Inn are you staying tonight Shiro? We will pick you up tomorrow on our way!" "Uhh... Actually it seems like all the Inns are reserved and occupied so it's better if I camp out tonight.", was what he said but immediately after hearing that both the princess and the king denied and asked him to come with them to the Inn where they were going to stay. It was a luxurious Inn only for royalties and both of them were on their way to the place. Shiro hesitated and denied at first but after their continuous request he eventually agreed. "Okay then, hop onto the carriage.", the king said after getting inside the carriage. The princess too got inside and he immediately did as he was told and he too sat in the carriage. "Off to the Royal Restaurant!", the king said after which the carriages started moving. To Be Continued...
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