The Royal Party Hall

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The Royal Restaurant or also called as the Royal Party Hall was a place where only the royals, nobles or exceptionally rich people were allowed. That was no place for commoners. The only way normal ones or commoners could enter was as servants. Even the waiters, maids and butlers from a higher standard and thus it was extremely luxurious. The King of the nation was the one who built it after taking a reference from many other places and thus it was the best out of all other restaurants of other kingdoms. Many kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, and many more important guests had arrived. All of them were chit chatting with each other when another carriage arrived in which Shiro was present. The carriage went towards the parking area which was provided where many more carriages were placed. Many more carriages were also on their way towards the area from which many Kings were getting off. King Sario, Silvia's father, got down from the carriage while the plaster was clearly visible. It seemed as if doctors were also present there who were actually healers that could use healing magic in order to heal hos fracture. "Okay, you both head inside, I will visit the doctor and arrive...", King Sario said. Silvia and Shiro nodded their heads and started walking towards the entrance. Shiro was walking a bit behind of Silvia because he was looking here and there at the amazing statues that were built. Silvia too hadn't observed that Shiro was left behind and even before knowing that she entered the hall. "Wow... isn't this place amazing?", Silvia asked after looking at the amazing interior designs.  Everything was painted in golden yellow color due to which it was shining and looking splendid. The artistic designs were too cool to even be compared to anything. Silvia was literally mesmerized after looking at those things just lie others. "Shiro, are you also surprised by looking at all these?", she asked since she wasn't able to hear Shiro's voice and thought that he had no words to describe such a beautiful place. But little did she know that Shiro was still outside looking at the building which was huge. 'It would have taken billions of gold coins in order to build this... ', was what he was thinking. He then suddenly regained his senses and returned from the dreamland in which he was and looked here and there in order to find Silvia. 'Where did she go?', he asked himself. Then he closed his eyes momentarily and tried to sense her presence and successfully came to know that she was already inside. 'When did she...?', immediately after thinking that he too rushed towards the entrance when suddenly the guards stopped him. "Huh...?", Shiro was confused as to why they stopped but it seemed like the reason was clearly written all over their faces. "You cannot enter!", said one of the guards that was standing towards Shiro's left. "Huh...? Why?", Shiro asked. The one standing towards his right side said, "This is no place for beggars...." They both had not seen Shiro getting down from the carriage and thus weren't aware that Shiro was invited by Sario. 'The f**k? They think I am a beggar...?', Shiro got agitated but then again after looking at the clothes he was wearing, he understood that anyone would get the same opinion. "I am not a beggar... I have been invited to the party.", he said. "Oh? You have been invited to the party?", asked both of them. Shiro nodded his head and said boldly, "Yes!" The one standing to his right said, "If that's the case then show me your invitation." Everyone were handed out an invitation letter or some symbol which was necessary to enter if the person wasn't a royalty. Since Silvia was an royalty, just the insignia of her family was more than enough proof to allow her inside and thus they hadn't asked her but since they highly doubted Shiro, they asked for an invitation proof. "I don't have any such sort of thing but I was..." Even before he could complete what he wanted to say, both of them started laughing loudly. "You think we are some fools? A son of a beggar can't enter this grand party, can't you understand?", one of them shouted. The party organizer heard the large commotion which other king's and queen's were looking at. It seemed as some dispute and the organizer was forced to come out. "Why are you causing a ruckus?", he asked to both of them. They explained the situation to him while Shiro was trying to justify himself but wasn't given a chance. "You villager scum! So it's all because of you?", the organizer raised his leg and almost kicked Shiro, but he managed to dodge it pretty easily. "How dare you try to avoid your punishment!?', the organizer shouted. Others all were watching everything that was happening and some of them were even laughing. Some princes and princesses were smirking too after looking at Shiro whom they considered as frog that was dodging his attacks. Shiro was getting annoyed not only by the treatment that he was being given but also the laughter that he could hear. He literally wanted to punch the organizer who was acting all high and might and was about to do so when suddenly he heard a soothing voice which calmed his mind. "Why are you doing that?", Silvia, who observed everything happen, screamed and then walked towards Shrio. "He is my guest! How dare you treat him like that?", she shouted. "Wow, isn't she princess Silvia? Isn't she so gorgeous?", some of the princes' eyed her while some said that she was very kind. "Umm... princess Silvia, I know that your heart is big, but he is just a beggar... we can't possibly..." Just before he could complete what he was saying, Silvia walked with haste towards him and slapped him in his face. 'SLAP' "Huh...", the organizer was completely shocked to see what had happened and so were the others. Everyone saw a bold side of Silvia and that was the same with Shiro who was mesmerized by this side of her. "How dare you call my esteemed guest as a beggar!?" To Be Continued...
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