The Strongest - Part 1

1025 Words
Silvia was quite angry when the organizer compared Shiro with a beggar. That was the reason why she went forward and slapped him because of the very same anger. "Princess...", Shiro was shocked after seeing her do that. For some reason his heart skipped a beat. The organizer felt insulted in front of so many esteemed guests just because of Shiro whom he still considered as a beggar. 'Damn, punk...', he glared at Shiro who wasn't even looking his way. All of them had started to whisper about it and were laughing too when suddenly the King who owned this place arrived. He was one of the strongest dragon kings who was placed on top 10 ranks.  'Wow... his majesty Ronin has arrived...', they were telling this is low voice after looking at the blonde haired king walking out of the room that was connected to the hall. His look was indeed majestic and many of them were already mesmerized just by looking at him. "What's happening? Why is all this commotion created?", even his voice was too captivative. The moment they heard his voice it was as if the entire room was filled with silence. All other Kings and noblemen were just looking at the king. Even the princesses, Queens and and other noblewomen too were looking at him. They couldn't even lift their eyes off of him. "Your majesty...", the organizer bowed immediately after looking at the King. Shiro felt shivers when he took a look at him and wondered, 'If I use all of my strength, would I stand a chance against him?' Shiro was without a doubt very strong and only his presence was hidden. That didn't mean that he didn't have all of his powers. But the thing was he never used all of his power against anyone. And now when he saw the king who was supposedly one of the strongest kings alive, he was filled with enthusiasm. He really wanted to know if he could win against him.. "Oh? Explain me... what happened here?", he asked. The organizer immediately started to say everything that was in his favor and against Shiro. He described even those things which Shiro didn't even do such as bullying or stealing. The king was patiently listening to all of that and after a few minutes he asked the organizer to pause. He then walked towards Shiro and asked, "Can you flash me the invitation that you received? Shiro shook his head and said, "I was just invited but wasn't given any sort of invitation letter or something else..." The king touched the long beard that reached the bottom of his neck while thinking. He then said, "From whom did you receive invitation then? From which family do you belong...?" Shiro was about to answer those questions when suddenly Silvia intervened and said boldly, "He was invited here by us, so I don't see any problems in him being here..." Everyone was shocked when they heard that because no one could possibly speak in such a manner in front of such a string ruler. "Hmm, and you are...?, he asked Silvia as he didn't recognize her. "I am Silvia Golheart, the first princess of the Golheart Kingdom.", she said this while lowering her head a bit in front of him in order to pay him respect. "Hmm... Golheart...", it seemed as if the King somewhat knew about that kingdom. "Are you perhaps Sario's daughter?", he asked. She immediately replied, "Yes." "Hahaha, good, then no need lower your head, treat me as your uncle, haha.", he laughed and said that and seemed quite happy. Silvia herself was quite shocked on hearing that and she stared at him with surprised expression. "So, you invited him?", he asked. She nodded her head and said, "It was originally father who invited him, but he had some work so he told me to stick with him." "Sigh, he is still the same after so many days...", he sighed after hearing that. She looked towards him and asked, "Are you and father perhaps friends?" He glanced at her innocent face and said with a smile, "Friends? That would be too less... we are best friends! haha." The organizer and everyone in the hall was shocked since none of them had ever seen the king laugh in such a way. "You, get out of my sight, if my niece has invited someone then he is my personal guest too!", he said this with a raised voice while facing the organizer. "Y-yes your majesty...", immediately after saying that he dashed away. "So can I meet your guest which you spoke of.", he asked. She was confused a she didn't understand what he meant but then she noticed that she was blocking his vision and that was why he couldn't see Shiro who was standing behind her. "He... he is my guest.", she pointed her hand towards Shiro and said this. "Huh? He is...", he was a bit shocked when he looked at Shiro since he wasn't giving out even a tiny bit of power. 'That's weird, no matter what kind of dragon exists, they would emit some dragonic energy... but why isn't he emitting any?', he kept on asking himself this question in his mind. 'Perhaps.. is he concealing all of them?', he thought. But then again such a small boy who wasn't even adult couldn't possibly be master of such a degree of concealment and that's why he gave up on the thought. And thus it remained a mystery. "Hmm, would you mind introducing yourself?", the King himself asked this. All of them were shocked and then started trash talking about Shiro. 'Doesn't he have any sense of respect? Is he dumb?' "I am...", he looked here and there to see if anyone from his family was present or not but unfortunately he couldn't see all the areas. He couldn't even use his powers as the king in front of him would detect it easily so he had only one option left. 'System, check if there is anyone whom I know, and if there is list their names...' To Be Continued...
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