The Strongest - Part 2

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Shiro asked the system in order to check if there was anyone from his family present there. It was a wise decision considering the attire in which he was as he didn't want to cause them any troubles. 'DING DONG' ========== [Notification] -> Affirmative. - -> 3 recognized faces to be found: Arnol Kruz, Seraphin Kruz and Silvia Golheart. ========== 'Huh?", he was shocked after reading the texts because of the 3 mentioned, he knew two of them very well. 'Mom and dad are already here? That's what I was afraid of...', he looked here and there while thinking. Arnol Kruz, one of the strongest Kings, was Shiro's father and apparently Seraphin Kruz was his own mother. It was obvious that both of them would be here and now he was in trouble as he didn't want to meet them right now. He didn't even know how to face them since he wasn't their son in the first place. Even though he got accustomed to the body, he wasn't sure if it was right to deceive them and thus was thinking about it. "Ah, looks like he is quite a shy fellow...", the king said. 'I don't know why he isn't talking here but it seems like he is uncomfortable here. It's best to talk somewhere else...', after deciding this in his mind he glanced towards Shiro. "Let's go to the garden...", he said. Silvia and everyone else were surprised to hear that. They could clearly tell that the King was inviting Shiro to the garden where he would not let even his own kids go! He had never given such respect or courtesy to anyone else either and that was the reason why everyone's jaw dropped. "S-Shiro...?", Silvia looked toward him in order to know if he was really going. "I'll be back, don't worry...", after saying this Shiro nodded his head and both the King and Shiro left towards the garden. It was complete silence now and everyone was just looking at them marching side by side. The moment after both of them left the main hall, all of them started talking and gossiping about it. Many even approached Silvia in order to ask about it. MEANWHILE... The walked for a while and finally reached the garden where no one other than the King was permitted. The guards that were placed there greeted and welcomed the king but they were shocked at the same time to see another person walking beside the king. He was slowly entering the garden's entrance too and just by glancing at it all of theirs eyes bulged out and they were awed. "W-who is he?", they asked themselves. After entering the garden the king kept walking for a while and Shiro kept following until they reached near a statue which was being embraced in the moon light. The statue seemed that of an ancient dragon which was quite famous for it's destructive powers and crookedness. The was a bench placed near the statues where the king went and sat and asked Shiro to sit there too. Both of them sat next to each other with at least a distance of one metre of separation. It was complete silence for a while after which the king thought about initiating the thought. "Now, tell me your name...", he asked. Shiro sighed and said, "I'm Shiro...." "Huh...?", the king felt a sudden chill the moment he heard that name. It seemed as if he had heard the name somewhere but wasn't able to recall. "Hmm... then can you tell me about the power that you are hiding?", he asked. "Eh?", Shiro flinched a bit when he heard that. "What hiding...? I don't understand... haha...", he laughed and wanted to change the topic but it seemed as if the king was too stubborn. "Don't lie, you are hiding a massive amount of power.... I want to have a battle with you.", he asked. 'Huh...? A battle...?", Shiro literally wanted to fight him in order to find out who the strongest among them was. More than that he wanted to see if he could even match the power of one of the top 10 dragons. 'If I don't find it out today, I probably won't get another chance...', he thought. 'And if they invade earth, I wouldn't possibly be able to fight them back half heartedly...', was what he was thinking so he thought about taking the opportunity that was being offered to him by the king itself. 'Hmm, looks like I was right but... he is hesitant and probably he wouldn't want to get himself involved in some fight...', was what the King thinking while looking towards the sky. He thought about a plan and then almost instantly forged a mana blade and tried to s***h Shiro's neck. He was just checking if he would be able to dodge and also unless he attacked he wouldn't respond. Shiro jumped high from the place just before the attack hit him. "Woah, that was close...", he sighed with relief. "What are you relaxing for? You are still in the mid air!", the king smirked and fired a blast towards him. 'BOOM' There was a small explosion which was enough to hurt Shiro. "Huh...? Are you alright boy...?", the King asked because it was a direct hit. "Ah, I'm completely fine, but are you alright?", Shiro asked while standing just behind the King while pointing his hand which had a blade made out of mana. It was placed just next to the king's neck. The King rolled his eyes and glared at Shiro and then he immediately vanished and appeared in front of him. "Good... very good!", he was smiling. He then emitted a large amount of mana which formed a red colored sphere around him. Shiro thought about using his mana power too and emitted his mana which formed a black colored sphere around him. "Interesting!", he shouted. Both the spheres were colliding and clashing with each other which was causing a large amount of vibrations throughout the the city. It somewhat looked like an earthquake thought it was weaker than that. But the vibration was quite strong in the Royal Party Hall even though it was protected by a barrier. "This!!?", many of the kings rushed towards the source of this shock and the guards who were standing in front of the garden while guarding it were freaked out and didn't know what to do when they saw other kings coming running towards them. "What happened here?", they asked when they saw a strong light coming from the interior of the garden. "Let's go!", while saying this all others ran towards the entry where the guards stopped them and prevented them to enter the place as per the King's orders. "How dare you!", one of the experts punched the guards and dashed inside the garden and reached the place where the energy was being released only to be shocked after looking at the scene. "This..." "..." To Be Continued...
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