The Dragon God

1017 Words
They couldn't even fathom what they were looking at. Their eyes were left open the moment they stumbled upon the scene. "How is this even possible?", one of them asked. By the time they arrived, the clash was already over and the light had also ceased to shine. The only thing that was eft was the aftermath of the clash. The statue that was placed there had a huge c***k on itself. Just by looking at that all of them were quite shocked as it was something that they could have never imagined! "The unbreakable statue has a crack...?", they all were stunned. It was indeed true that none of them had ever entered the garden but they knew about the statue which the king had. It was an ancient statue of a Dragon God called the Dark dragon who was an evil being as believed by all. The statue was of the same individual which was kept in order to symbolize evil. But what that so called evil what they referred to was his strength and destructive power. It seemed as if the statue was formed from the scales of such a dragon. And that was the sole reason why it was indestructible as no one could leave even a single scratch on it. But when they arrived they saw Shiro's right fist that was bleeding due to some of the scales that had pierced his hand and the statue which had a huge c***k on it. They saw the king too who was on the ground in a sitting position while looking at the statue with a huge shock. 'Tsk, why isn't it healing?', he asked himself. His healing ability was exceptionally high and thanks to that any amount of wound would heal almost immediately but for some reason quite the opposite of it was happening to him right now. The wound was no where near healing instead the blood kept on dripping on the ground and the grasses had already been painted with red. It was hurting him too and the pain for some reason was immense. He was trying to remove the scale pieces that had stuck in his fist. "Are you alright...?", asked one of the kings who had entered the garden. The guards also followed in order to check if something was wrong since it was their responsibility to protect the king. They came near the king and lifted him up since he had almost no strength left. At the same time they pointed their swords and spears towards Shiro whom they identified as an assassin or a threat. "Eh...?", Shiro was confused to see that and was about  to justify as what had happened when suddenly the King shouted. "What are you doing!? Don't you dare disrespect him!!!", all the guards were shocked to hear such words from the king and immediately withdrew themselves. They then walked along the king and left the garden, it was the same for other kings too but Shiro stayed there. The King nodded his head and left while asking the guards to send a doctor or healer immediately in order to heal Shiro at the earliest which they obeyed and immediately left in order to call the royal head doctor. "Argh...", he slowly plucked and removed all the scale pieces and sat down on the bench in a relief. "Huff huff...", he was panting heavily since he had used a large amount of his strength. "Sigh... but why does this feel so weird?", he looked towards the statue while saying that. For some reason he could feel a weird energy being emitted from the dragon's statue and it was as if it was attracting Shiro towards it. Shiro was intrigued and walked near it in order to take a look at it. He lifted his left hand slowly and touched the statue subconsciously and the moment after that it seemed as if everything around him turned black. "Huh? What just...", he wasn't able to understand as what was happening when suddenly he heard an unknown voice. "Hahahaha hahahaha", it was a laughter that echoed inside Shiro's head. "Who?", he turned here and there but all that was present was darkness. For some reason he was getting chills but he had to maintain his calmness and not let the nervousness get the best out of him. "Me? That's not the right question... the actual question should be who are you?", the voice said. It was quite a deep and arrogant voice but at the same time it seemed friendly. It was not as if it tried to harm him but the questions that it posed was something which left Shiro thinking. "Who... am I?", he was shocked with such a question. "Yes... are you a dragon... or a human in disguise?", the voice said. Shiro flinched almost instantly when he heard that. "How did you...", his eyes bulged. He couldn't even imagine that someone knew about this. "Haha, but it really is interesting that a human was my successor...", the voice said. "Ha? Successor?", it was just getting even more confusing and he wasn't able to comprehend what the voice meant. "Yes, a successor...", the voice said. "I still can't get you and what do you actually mean by that?", Shiro asked this boldly as he refused to stay back. "Sigh... can't you even recognize this great dragon?", the voice said. Shiro couldn't understand yet again and was about to ask when suddenly the image of the statue flashed in front of his eyes. "Wait a second... you....", his eyes bulged the moment he saw the image. "You are....", he stared at the endless darkness with awe. "Haha, yes, I'm one of the 3 Dragon Gods... the great dragon Zorack, the ruler of Darkness and the overseer of Night!", he said this in a loud voice which suddenly sucked out all the strength from Shiro's legs and even before he realized what had happened, he was already on his feet. "You are... a Dragon God!!?", he exclaimed while being completely baffled. "..." To Be Continued...
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