The Help - Part 1

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Shiro was completely fathomed by the imagination of meeting a dragon god. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined this to ever happen. But more than that the Dragon God knew that he was a human which could have been the worst possible situation. "That...", his eyes were still opened with awe and he was sweating a lot at the same time. "Ah, don't be afraid, haha. I am nothing but a mere soul right now...", the dragon said. Shiro sighed in relief but then again he thought about something and asked, "But aren't you a god? How did you die?" It seemed as if the dragon smirked although he wasn't visible right now.  "Do you want to hear...? My tales...?", the dragon asked. "Tales of the dark dragon god?", he was excited to hear something like that. He immediately replied, "Yes!" "Very well then...", after saying this the voice disappeared for a moment. "Dragon God...? Are you there...?", he asked. But there was no reply. He looked here and there but couldn't find anything and was about to shout again and ask when suddenly the surrounding darkness disappeared. Instead of the darkness some scenery was visible. "Long ago...", the dragon started narrating. Shiro looked at the images that was in front of him. It was as if he was looking at a movie running in front of him. The dragon continued telling about the story. -> Long ago, when the dragoland was successfully created and when the dragons were sent to this world, 3 Gods were made in order to look after them. Those very Gods were in the form of Dragons and hence were called the Dragon Gods.  They were almighty and powerful, no one could disobey them.  The 3 Dragon Gods were - Ruler of Light and Day, Ruler of Dark and Night and Ruler of Space and Time. But unfortunately they too aged and the almighty God who had actually promised them to make them immortal didn't here their plea or request. It seemed as if he just neglected it, but the great dragon Gods couldn't possibly have their lives end. They went on separate path in order to find a way to become immortal. The dragon God of Space and Time, stopped his own time due to which he no linger aged thanks to which he became somewhat similar to immortal. The Dragon God of Light and day, converted himself in a giant orb and became the second 'Sun' for the plant. Due to that, he was bestowed protection from other Gods due to which his life prolonged. But finally, the last dragon god from whom everyone feared just because of his scary appearance and power, had no choice other than converting his body into stone and placing his soul fragments into 6 different parts of the body and sending it to different parts of the world. -> "And that was how my soul ended up getting divided into 6 pieces. One of the pieces was placed in my scales from which this statue was made and that is the reason why I am able to talk to you.", the dragon said. Shiro heard everything keenly and calmly and was now able to understand it.  But he still had a few questions, "Then can you tell about the so called apprentice thing that you told me? And how the heck am I able to converse with you?" "Ah, didn't I tell you...?", the dragon asked. "Nope...", Shiro stared at the endless darkness in a weird way.  "Well, you have the power inside your body which is similar to mine, that was the sole reason as to how we both are able to talk freely...", the dragon said. "Ohh... that was why you called me apprentice!", Shiro now understood everything completely. "Yes, and I want you to help me...", the dragon said. "Help...?", Shiro thought about it for a moment. 'What help would he ask?', he was thinking in his mind. "It's a bit dangerous so it's up to you to decide whether you want to help me or not...", the dragon said. "Ha... I can deny?", he asked. "Yes of course you can but if you help me then that would end up helping the humans in the human world too..."  "Ha?", Shiro was completely shocked when he heard that.  He was thinking about something else such as finding the remaining of his fragments but it seemed as if he was wrong. "What's this about?", he asked. All of a sudden there was no reply and the darkness surrounded again. The visual images that he was being shown since earlier was now no where seen to be found. "Hello... Mr. Dragon God... you there?", he asked but there was no reply. 'What happened all of a sudden?', he was confused but then all of a sudden he head the voice again that was coming from behind him. He immediately turned back only to get surprised. "Wha-" There was a pair of large eyes that was staring at him. The eyes were at least 30 times bigger than him. It was completely yellowish red while black aura covered it's pupil. It's pupil was comparable with that of a cat's pupil as it was too narrow and sharp. "You...", for a second Shiro was nervous but the moment he heard the voice, his nervousness disappeared. "Haha, don't be shocked, it's my eyes...", said the dragon proudly. "Ah... that really surprised me.", Shiro sighed in relief. "Haha", the dragon laughed for some more time and now Shiro just stared ta the eyes. He then asked, "Now tell me, how can I possibly help you?" "Actually, you are the perfect one for this job...", he said. "Eh?", Shiro wondered about the so called job which he was about to do. "Yes... you are without a doubt a human from inside and a dragon from outside and that too a strong one...", he started complimenting and telling about the help. "Hehe...", Shiro smiled a bit. "So, you need to stop the dragons from invading the EARTH!", he said. "Huh...?" "..." To Be Continued...
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