The Help - Part 2

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Shiro was shocked to hear that. He thought that if the dragons were to invade the earth, they would win certainly and gain dominance over earth too as the humans aren't that strong right now. On top of that, the Dragons could literally settle there and occupy the place and gain many resources. That would ultimately help them, so he couldn't understand as to why the great Dark Dragon was against such a thing. He continuously stared at the eyes which stared back at him. He wanted to ask the reason but failed to even mumble a single word as the shock which he got was too much of a great because of which he was forced to think about it. "Haha, what happened? Why the sudden silence?", the dragon asked. 'Says the dragon who himself would become quiet at times...', Shiro thought. He then sighed and said, "I can understand what you want me to do but I want to hear the reason for such a request..." The dragon then said, "It's because I can't see them die." "Die?", Shiro wasn't able to understand the dragon's simple words. "Yes, I can't possible see the dragons die in front of me... and I don't think that you would be able to see the humans die either...", he said. "Wait a second... what you mean to say that you don't want the war to happen...?", Shiro could somewhat relate to what was being told. If the war were to really happen then more than 40% of the dragons could have gotten killed as they weren't immortal. Only the adults whose scales were in-penetrable could survive while the other mid staged dragons or infants if any would easily get killed by the nuclear weapons of the humans. But this could have led to the killing of more than 80% of human population. and that would be a great loss. "Yes... that is one of the reasons but...", the dragon said with ambiguity. "But...?", Shiro wasn't aware of the other reason that could kill both. "Both the world will clash due to which the power balance will completely get destroyed. Due to the same imbalance, both the world might end up destroying each other.", was what the dragon said. "Whaaattt!!!?", Shiro was completely shocked when he heard such a thing. "A-are you kidding me?", he asked cause it was literally unbelievable. "No.... what I said was mere truth and if this isn't stopped then definitely the disaster would tale place...", the dragon said this with a low voice. Shiro lowered his gazes and now understood that he was taking this incident too lightly. If he didn't take action anytime soon then the worlds will literally end up getting destroyed. "Then what the heck is the God doing? Can't he prevent this from happening?", Shiro shouted. "God...? Is there any God that is alive now...", the dragon said this in a sarcastic manner. "W-what do you mean?", Shiro was asked as he failed to understand yet again. "To tell the truth... there is no God right now... all of the so called gods have lost their freedom and wills....", was what the dragon said. "Hold on a second... you mean to say that there is no God right now...?", this was a shocking realization that he had. "Hmm... the right way to say it is that even if they are alive, they are shackled...", the dragon said this while sighing as if it was too long to tell about everything. "They are shackled? There is something that is preventing them from helping us...?", he asked. "Boy, it's not the right time for you to know about it. When you are strong enough to know the truth, it will come automatically to you and you will know the answers for all the questions such as - Why the gods are shackled? Who is the one that shackled them? When were they shackled? What is this so called Shackles?" "...", Shiro was at a loss of words and could only stay mum. "So... will you help me?", the dragon asked for the last time and was awaiting his reply. Rex thought for a few seconds about it. 'Hmm, what he said is exactly what I intend to do from the beginning... so there is no reason for me to reject his request,', after thinking this he smiled. "Alright, I'll help you...", he said. The dragon seemed happy for a bit and it was clearly felt by the change in the aura. "Very well, since you accepted my request, let me give you something...", the dragon said. Shiro knew it very well that something like this would happen and the dragon would end up giving him some present or some sort of power. "Yes...?", Shiro looked expectant and waited for the thing that he would be receiving right now. "Here... eat this...", suddenly an orb appeared out of nowhere which was completely black. But for some reason he could clearly see it and after looking at it, he asked, "W-what's this...?" The dragon immediately asked, "Have you ever heard of 'BLACK HOLE'?" "Huh...? Black Hole!!!?", Shiro exclaimed. He obviously knew about it since there were many discoveries and researches going on it back on Earth. "Yes, I know what that is but...", however he couldn't understand as to how the black hole was related to his question. "The orb that you are holding has a mini black hole inside it which is at least a million times weaker than a real black hole...", the dragon said. "Huh...?" "Yes, so after you eat that orb, the excess power that you aren't able to control will be sucked inside the orb and stored away, you will be able to retrieve it whenever you want...", the dragon said this proudly. "Wow... that's... that's awesome!", Shiro was surprised after looking at such a splendid thing that the dragon gave him. "Yes... uh, looks like the time's up... I hope that we will meet soon...", after the dragon said that he disappeared mysteriously. "Huh? No wait! Where are you going? Wait!!!", just as he shouted that, he found himself in the same garden while touching the statue with his left hand and the orb which the dragon gave in his right hand which was completely healed. The so called statue was completely vanished from the location too. "This... was that a dream?", he asked this sarcastically even after looking at the orb that was in his right hand. 'I too will wait to meet you soon.', was what Shiro thought in his mind and decided to accept the request and fulfill it at the earliest! "..." To Be Continued...
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