Vars And Damion

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Shiro had now completely regained his consciousness and was now staring at the area. Then he slowly started walking towards the exit of the garden which was the entrance itself.

'I can't believe that a Dragon God asked for a help and that too when it was aware that I am a human...', was what he was thinking while he was walking.

The guards that were standing near the entrance and were guarding, suddenly saw Shiro exiting the garden and immediately bowed in front of him.

'Huh? What are they...', he could feel a sense of fear from them. They all might have probably seen his destructive power.

Regardless, he kept on walking towards the party hall now only to find them murmuring among themselves and talking about many things one of which was Shiro.

He didn't mind and wore the hood and the robe and walked inside the hall only to find Silvia worried.

"Shiro! You're back!", she shouted.

Shiro nodded his head and walked towards her. He could see a genuine smile on her face but apart from that he could feel strong glares piercing him.

It seemed as if everyone was looking towards him and were thinking something as if they were analyzing him.

"Nothing happened right? Are you fine?", she asked.

He just smiled and said, "Nope, nothing happened.

He couldn't have possibly told him that he fought with ones of the greatest kings and turned out to be the winner.

On top of that he didn't want to tell that it was him who cracked the statue since they would blame him when they find out that the statue has disappeared from the place.

"Thank Goodness....", she smiled too and then she immediately pulled him by grabbing his left hand.

"Father has come, let's go see him...", she said.

He was still holding the orb in his right hand and he couldn't possibly meet with them while holding it so he immediately put it inside the storage that was provided by the system.

"Ah, you are back Shiro?", the king asked.

Shiro nodded his head.

The king would usually pay respect to Shiro since he had already known that Shiro was already powerful, but right now many Kings and Queens were looking towards him due to which he had to display the distance in status.

"Yes...", Shiro was not a fool and thus he understood the king's thinking because of which he wasn't surprised.

"Ah, nice... why don't both of you go and have something...", he asked Shiro and Silvia to eat the dinner as it would take him some more time.

The dinning hall was a bit further ahead in the next room and everything was separated with age as a category.

Since the young princes and princesses had come, they were given a separated room to sit and order the food so that the butlers or the maids would eventually bring it to them.

The room had children up from 10 years of age to 21 years of age.

Others were considered as an adult here and were moved to separate room at the same time.

The segregation was made in order to help the infants socialize on their own as that would help them in the near future.

Shiro and Silvia walked towards that room and soon after entering it, they could find many maids and butlers dashing here and there while bring the meals and various dishes.

Silvia went and sat on a seat towards the left of the huge dinning table that was place while Shiro was left out since he was just standing there like a fool and admiring the room.

Everything seemed to have been decorated with gold and silver including diamonds and other crystals that were quite rare.

It was so shinny that it was giving a good feeling to the heart. 

"Shiro!!!", Silvia called while waving her hand.

Shiro noticed her and then nodded his head as if he told that he would come in a minute as he had gone to wash his hand.

'Can't he use magic to clean his hand?', was what Silvia thought and chuckled.

Shiro was now away while some other boys eyed Silvia. 

"Guys, look at her... isn't she gorgeous?", asked one of the boys who had blonde hairs and appeared like that of some prince who was 18-19 years old.

"Eh? Isn't she the princess of the Golheart Kingdom? Are you sure you want to mess up with her?", another boy who seemed like a noble's son asked.

"Haha, I don't care... it's just that I want everything that catches my attention.", he said.

"Prince Vars... are you sure?", he asked.

"Don't stress out Damion, it would be just a piece of cake, I will just ask for one night... nothing  more..., the prince said while smirking.

'i***t, that's what I'm worried about.', Damion thought in his mind.

Vars then walked towards princess Silvia and sat just beside her. 

"Nice to meet you young lady...", he greeted her with a fake smile.

Silvia was shocked when she saw him coming towards him but more than that she was annoyed by his smile.

She had the ability to see through if the person is lying or not and thus she could easily identify his sinister thinking.

"Yes, nice to meet you.", but she didn't want anything to happen that might be the reason for some war among the kingdom and thus played along.

"Miss, may I know your name?", he asked.

"Yes, I am Silvia Golheart... it's a pleasure to meet you.", she wanted to puke just by listening to her own words.

"The pleasure is all mine...", said Vars.

'Eh? Shouldn't he introduce himself? No manners at all, I am sure that this is all an acting...', was what Silvia was thinking while putting up a smile.

"Should I bring something for you miss?", he asked.

"Yes...", Silvia answered.

'Eh? W-what happened? Why did I agree?', she herself was confused as why she agreed. She thought that it happened because of her tiredness as she answered subconsciously but little did she know that Vars had a bit of hypnosis powers.

He then immediately called out to a butler and aid to bring something. The butler seemed to be from his family and was very experienced in the things what the prince would ask to do.

He mixed some Aphrodisiac in a fruit juice as usual and brought it over as per Vars orders.

He brought 3 glasses out of which one was for Damion, one fore Vars and the last one for Silvia.

"Here you go...", Vars said and asked Silvia to drink.

Silvia was hesitant to drink it but she herself didn't know what was happening to her and ended up drinking it.

It seemed as if Vars' hypnosis worked only for a while. If it worked for more time then he wouldn't have used these methods and could have used the hypnosis only.

Also, the juice which Silvia drank had alcohol along with the Aphrodisiac.

'Haha, now be mine soon...', Vars laughed in a sinister way while being completely excited. 

Damion too watched all this happened and was quite excited.

To Be Continued...

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