A Grave Sin

1037 Words

'Eh? W-what's happening?', Silvia suddenly started to feel weird a few seconds after she drank the juice. Her body got warmed up and her face turned red. Her specific private parts felt to be burning up. 'So, it has started....', Vars smiled and then nodded his head while looking towards Damion. "Umm, I guess you are feeling unwell, allow me to escort you to the medical room...', Vars asked. Silvia could hardly think anything and she was slowly getting wet. Her mind felt blank so she just extended her hand as if she accepted the escort request. 'Yes!', Damion and Vars both seemed quit excited at the moment by imagining the future moments. Vars grabbed her hand and supported her while she was walking. 'I... I feel so weak, it's as if my strength has been sucked out.', was what she th

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