The Doctor

1017 Words

Both Damion and Vars who were furious, ran with all their might in order to hit Shiro. "Tsk...", Shiro turned his gazes towards them and looked at them with a terrifying expression. "Huh?", all of a sudden Damion stopped moving. It was as if he had seen some devil or demon in front of him. His legs were shivering too and because of that he didn't have the might to rush towards Shiro anymore. But it didn't have any effect on Vars since he had psychic powers which negated the intimidation that Shiro was inflicting upon them. 'Sigh, they won't listen by with simple words...', after thinking this Shiro immediately used psychic of which Vars was so proud of and restrained him from doing anything. "Argh! What the f**k have you done to me!?", Vars shouted. "'...", Shiro was at a loss at wo

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