The Battle Begins

1044 Words

As soon as the announcer announced, Naron smirked while staring at Shiro. It was as if he was underestimating him, but more than that Shiro was just an infant in front of his eyes. Also, he too wasn't able to feel any energy or aura from him due to which he assumed that Shiro hadn't even begun his cultivation. That was why he was confident that no matter what would happen, he would end up as the victor but little did he know that the so called confidence of his was nothing more than overconfidence. "Boy, I give you the first chance to strike... come on, bring it on!", Naron shouted. He made it seem like he was showing mercy to Shiro since he was just a child and that grabbed the attention of the audiences. They thought that he was indeed a good person and thus they started to cheer f

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