The Saviour - Part 1

1210 Words

Whereas Naron seemed quite furious and it seemed like he was about to burst out with anger. "Take this! Thunder Blast!", Naron shouted. A large thunder that was shining in yellowish golden light got accumulated in his right palm. It was emitting a radiance that was comparable with the actual thunder and it's power was almost same but it was by no means the real thunder. It was somewhat generated with the help of so called mana from his body. Shiro could see it clearly and also came to know that it wasn’t that high level of spell or something. It seemed as if it was just to harm Shiro and nothing else. ‘He is showing a frustrated look... but in reality he doesn’t want to kill me...’, was what Shiro thought but little did he know that the spell which he was calling a low level one was

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