The Life And Death Battle - Part 1

1065 Words

The King could hardly believe the news and was so shocked that the one who delivered the news was puzzled by the expression. The King was initially resting because he was not well also it wasn't important for him to be there in the arena since it was going to be looked over by others but now when he heard the news, he had no other way than rushing to the site. 'Life and Death match...!?', was what he was thinking in his mind. 'If this match were to happen then without a doubt King Naron would lose...', he was completely right about it. 'And if Shiro actually kills him, then the power balance might get broken a bit due to which a war could happen...', was what he thought. "Yes, I must prevent his death at all costs...", was what he said after thinking for a while. The messenger though

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