The Alpha's Rejected Mate


Being rejected is one of the most painful feelings that someone could go through. Claire has been rejected by everybody, her brother, her friends, and last but not least, her mate.

Sick of it all, Claire tries to put a stop to her life, however, she fails. Knowing of Claire's attempt at her life, her mate feels regret for his actions and he tries to earn her forgiveness, but Claire is far too gone.

Will he be able to get her back, or will he have to rule without a Luna, or most importantly, live without his mate?

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Chapter 1
-Claire's P.O.V.- I was never the greatest athlete, I could never run as long as my brother, nor could I catch a ball when it was sent to me. It was no secret, my skill stopped at my brain, I wasn't born to run, I was born to read, to study, to write. Yet they seem to hold no importance in this pack, I get that me reading a book won't help me fight in a rogue attack, but it is useful anyways, at least to me. It became such a pain just to get up in the morning only to go and try to train before going to school. It was like a nightmare followed by a nightmare. The Alpha followed me around as he knew that the moment he stopped looking I would start walking or simply leave. It took him a while to learn that, but he eventually did, much to my dissapointment. Running wasn't even the worst part of the training, no, that award fell on my packmates as they continously like to bother me and remind me of how incompetent I am. They treated me as if I was a runt, not the Beta's daughter which I am. However, there is no beta willing to defend me as that title fell on my brother and to my brother I simply don't exist. We all handle the grief of loss differently, I focused on my studies and came to terms with the death of my parents, my brother alienated me and avoided me as if I were the plague. My parent's death was still one of the worst tragedies in my pack, it was just unexpected. According to what I remember and what I have overheard, they were attacked by a great number of rogues and couldn't fend them off. However, they were able to warn the rest of the pack of the upcoming attack and their death gave them enough time to be able to earn a victory. Blah, Blah, the s**t they tell you as a kid in an attempt to pull back the punch of the fact that your parents are dead. They died as heroes, yeah, but they are dead and won't come back to tuck you in at night. It took me a while but I eventually came to terms with it, on my own. I didn't have any friends or family to help me through it. My lack of friends could be mostly blamed on my pack who simply did not make it easy, and partly on me as well, I just don't trust people and can come off as rude when they try to approach me. But I was fine, I missed them a lot, sure, and I sometimes selfishly wish they hadn't died together even though I know that it would've caused them great pain to be apart, but I was fine. I just hope that I can find someone to spend time with and who cares about me, I just hope that my brother cared, but I can't force him to, which is why I need someone. I am hoping to find that someone today. I turned sixteen today, and I will finally be able to meet my mate, something I am equally excited and terrified about, there is just so much significance to a mate according to what I've been told and to finally be able to meet someone who holds that much importance to me is completely nerve racking. I took a shower, trying to do my best to wipe off the dirt from falling over while running, yet my arms refuse to cooperate with the heaviness from the workout this morning. The Alpha always praises my strength, my endurance he keeps quiet about, as he doesn't enjoy bringing me down like the rest of the pack does, so he makes me lift more weights than he does to others. Even though it irritates me, at least it is good to know that he tries with me, most don't even bother. I try to look presentable, but still comfortable as I want to fool no one about who I am, so I put on some skinny jeans and a hoodie, a nice hoodie, I hope he'll appreciate the effort. I also put some chapstick in my lips so that they are not dry and put my wavy brown hair in a ponytail. I grab an apple to eat on my way to school and say goodbye to my brother, who doesn't reply, as usual. The walk to school is not good, my legs wanted to give out on me. I used to go to school on the bus, but so did my packmates, and it just gave them more time to team up on me. My brother had a car, but I didn't ask and he didn't offer. Despite my tiredness, when I arrived to school, I was excited positive that my life was about to change. The scent hit me almost immediately, it was intoxicating, it reminded me of my favorite area of the forest, a place where I spent the happiest moments of my childhood. The flashbacks went through my mind but I ignored them as I followed the scent. I had the biggest smile on my face I was sure, not caring about the others who I passed through to get to my mate. I was so curious to know how he would look like and most importantly how he would be like. Would he be funny or serious?Will he be sweet or will he be less obvious about his affections? Even if I did have preferences for the sweet kind, I will love however my mate is like. My mind just kept thinking about the possibilties and how my life will be. I turn over the corner and finally face my mate. My mind reeled back a bit and my heartbeat sped up as I realized who my mate was, the Alpha's son, Jake. He was my main tormentor, not very sure why but he always didn't like me very much, so to think that I was mated to him was not exactly ideal. I shook my head a bit and smiled again, we will work through it. I didn't notice he had already seen me, but I met his eyes and tried to keep my smile on, although it probably seemed incredibly akward, like the situation. He didn't smile back, which caused my smile to become more akward as I became uncomfortable with the way he was staring at me, as if I was the dirt underneath his shoe. He walked towards me, and even though his face didn't seem inviting at all, I still felt butterflies in my stomach at how close he seemed to be getting. I grabbed the bit of hair that had escaped from my ponytail and put it behind my ear nervously. His eyes were incredibly grey, and they did not give away anything but disgust, I was suddenly not so eager to know what he wanted to say. I moved back the slightest bit as my smile completely faded from my face. "I Jake Rowan reject you as my mate" I froze for a second, my eyes becoming blurred with tears as he finished saying the words, destroying my hopes and dreams. But what did I expect, really? Nothing good was supposed to happen to me, my life was not going to change and I needed to come to terms with it. Jake didn't do anything to help the turmoil in my mind as he simply stood there while I fell apart.

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