Golden Heir ( Queen's Reincarnation ) Genre: Suspense/ Thriller, Action, Romamce and Fan Fiction.


The Queen of Hidden World was brutally killed and no one in her people even investigated it and make an action of her death.

She was born again but not as one of her kind but one of a kind in human world. She feels weird things sometimes but she just ignore it and just continue living a normal life not until she encounter something unexpected and unrealistic that makes her curiosity lead her on who she really are.

Will she accept her true self? or just decline it.

Will she able to live a normal life when she knows that she is not even normal?

Can she reject her fate?

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Golden Heir ( Queen's Reincarnation )
Synopsis: F*CK!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? The woman in her midst 40 shouted at me while glaring sharply. I was holding the costumer's ordered at my tray and someone trip me and I spilled the ice coffee on someone's shirt. mianhae halmeoni! ( I am sorry grandma!) I replied to her as I bow my head lightly. She look at me with questions in her eyes and I just look at her with no emotions. I'm Sorry, I said again looking at her eyes with no emotions. She cleared her throats and just nod at me as if she understands what my eyes telling. I look at the person who trip me a while ago and she just smirk at me like bullsh*t. I just closed my fist and inhale calmly to calm my nerves. That girl is getting into my nerves and why is she even here all the times Im on duty? I walk through the comfort room and fix my uniform. There was a small stains of coffee in my uniform but I don't think it will be a big deal. No one wanted to notice me and it's ok. I rather wanted to be alone than to have fake friends where no one could understand you, and no one would be their if your in troubles. ******* Time fly so fast and I just pick up my things and said my goodbyes to my boss where he was busy calculating his business income for today. He just look at me and nod as a response. I decided to go through the alley so I could easily get to where I was staying. I was in the middle of my walk when I heard a sound, it's like it was moaning or groaning. Tsk someone must on fire! My mind exclaim. As I was following where the sounds came from, I didn't know that it will lead me to my own graveyard as my curiosity could kills me anytime. I look at my watch and it was already past 5 and the sun begun to sets already. I hide on the wall and cover my mouth to hide my breathing as soon as the red eyes man look at my direction. Red eyes? Man? Man with red eyes? Is it possible? Tsk am I hallucinating? He look again in his victim and continue licking and biting it as if he was drinking it's blood. Arghhhh! Arghh! His victim moan and I just confirm what I just heard minutes ago. I'm not hallucinating and it was real that someone has a red eyes. It was his victim moaning not in pleasure but in pain. I can't see clearly what that man looks like because the sun sets already and the shadow of wall hide his whole face. Only his body features where visible. I look at his victim and it was a girl or maybe a lady wearing a seductive dress. How could I escape here? If that man saw me? I will also dead meat! My mind keeps on mumbling and heristically exclaim. I look around and all I could see was the trash bin and just wall of this small valley. How could I hide in case that red eyes, notice my existince? I build all my strength and was about to walk quietly as possible when I step on something that I capture the red eyes attention, he turn his head towards my direction and sniff in the air SH*T!! SH*T! My mind shouted heristically. As I look at the red eyes, he was approaching my direction slowly. I look around and all I could think was to hide. I didn't hesitate to hide inside the trash bin and just cover my mouth to stop cursing because of its bad smell. The smell of the trash bin is so unbearable but I should bear it to avoid being eaten by the red eyes monster. I shouldn't call it man or human, it was a monster that eats human. I cover my mouth and hold my breathing. He was approaching the direction where I was hiding and I hold my breathing more deeper. *** Third Person Point of View *** Arghhhh! Arghh! the girl moan in pain. My wolf don't want to eat human flesh that's why he just licking it's flesh to satisfy his hunger. I must hunt some animals in the forest to fulfill my wolf's hunger. I just need to finish drinking this sluts blood to satisfy my vampires needs. I just meet this girl somewhere and she seems oblige to seduce me that's why I just give what she wants and exchange of that, she also need to give what I wanted on her. We had s*x hours ago but after that my vampire self can't wait to taste her blood and without hesitation I bite her neck and drink her useless blood. My wolf sense that someone was watching but I just ignore his rants because of my thirsty in human blood. I don't care if someone watching me drinking blood, she or he will be next after I finish my first victim. I heard something cracks. I sniff the air and I could smell a familiar scent. I walk towards where I heard something and I just saw a trash bin that full of rotten garbage. The nice smell was mixed with something and I couldn't figure out what is it. My wolf heard some noise, a man walking toward where we are, and he warn me not to do any reckless things. I check my watch and it was already 6 in the evening. I decided to just ignore what I had heard minutes ago and just go back to the Hidden World where I was truely belong. If your curious who I am then I will tell you. My name is Arthur Jake Hayden and my wolf name was Art. I am half werewolves and half vampire. I have twin brother but I don't want to tell his name to you guys because he might kill me. His cruel and merciless, even though you have the same blood if he wanted to kill you then he will does. His not the type that will be softened, and no one can tame his wolf not even our parents nor his girlfriend. His wolf and him were the same if his cruel then his wolf was also cruel. His wolf was the Alpha of all the werewolves in our pack and he was the Vampire King in our World where we called the "Hidden World". The world of all vampire, wolf and even witches. I may be his twin brother but I'm far from who he is. I am strong but not just like him. I'm not underestimating my self but I just stating the fact that my Twin Brother was the Emperor of our World. *** Aira's Point of View *** ( I felt like I was still in that trash bin and hiding my self. I don't know but I felt like it was not my first time hiding at the trash bin that was full of rooten garbage. I don't know if I was just dreaming of that once or I was truely there. Those red eyes? Is he a Vampire? In every books only the Vampire has the red eyes. But I saw him sniffing in the air? Then is he somehow wolf or what? Tsk half vampire and half wolf? Tsk It must be ridiculous!! My mind exclaim nonstop. Tsk! I must be crazy talking to my own self. Vampire? Wolf? Tsk! It just a myth or imagination of a human kind. It will never be true because wolf and vampire doesn't really exist. I sermon on my self. But I'm not hallucinating yesterday! Right? Tsk! If I would say that i saw a vampire or wolf no one would ever believe me. They might called me "crazy". ( Jane! Jane! JAANNEE! someone shouted at my face. I look at her sharply and she just smile and sign peace. Don't call me like that! I said without emotion. But sissy your name was quite beautiful and it suits you, my best friend complain while pouting. Just call me by my first name and nothing else, I told her. Hmmm, she exclaim while pouting again. Let's just continue our work. Tomorrow will be our first day of school, I reminded her and she just smiled at me and nodded. ) Today was Sunday and we only work half days that is why we must finish our works before noon to excuse our selves and ask to our boss that we will out early as long as we finish our works in cafeteria. We still need to buy our school supplies and we still need to pick up our uniform in our new school today. Tomorrow was the first day and the University required all the students to wear the school uniforms. We are not exempted even though we are transferee. Hayden University was school of all riches, but if your poor then you must have a brain if you wanted to school there. You need to pass their entrance exam to become one of HU students or Hayden University students. We don't know about the school but as we have heard all of the HU graduates became professional and they even have an advantages whenever they apply for work position. Hayden University was quite a famous school in the Philippines and it was a great privileged to become one of their students. All we have to do was to study and don't interfere in other businesses. Just like I said Hayden University was school of all richest so it means it was school of all brats and spoiled and even bullies. I don't know if gang was also allowed in their school but I hope not. Time Flies and we already here at the Super Market, our boss didn't complain about our early out because first of all he was my boy best friend and he also understand that we need to buy some stuff that we need in school. We are now currently a 4th year college and one step to go and we will in the next level of our life. My parents was not rich but we are not also poor. Caila was rich but she doesn't want to leave me that's why when her mother decided to transfer her in Hayden University, she also convince me to transfer there. At first she wanted to pay for my tuition fees but I told her that I can handle it on my own. Because she was my only best friend, I don't also want her to be out of my sight. She was so clumsy and troublemaker that's why whenever where I go she always follow me and this is my first time I follow her. We were friends since we are 1st year college. I studied in the public school and she was a transferee. I don't actually know who was my classmates and I don't give a damn about where are they came from. I only want my life to be peaceful, I don't want someone bothering me nor I don't want someone to be friends with me. Most of the public schools were far from private schools. Bullying is not allowed in public schools because all of the students were fair in the eyes of ever school teacher. I rather study in public school than private schools. In private schools money runs everything. If you don't have money then you are just nobody to them, they will put you down and even they well mess your life. Just like what I said Caila was the only best friend I have and I don't want her to get hurt just like what happen 3 years ago when we were in 1st year college. She was bullied and even she was about to rape by the one who bullied her. Even though she was studying in public school, she was quite often bullied by the other students that studying in private schools. Her ex was one of the bully and he was the one that was about to rape my best friend. It's good thing that I called her and someone pick up her phone telling me that he was with her boyfriend but as far as I know they broke up, and I just ask where and the stranger just told me. After that incidents I don't really remember what happens but base on what my best friend told me, I save her life and that is the reason we became very close to each other. I don't really know how I save my best friend when I was only 18 years old that time. When ever I ask her about what happen that time she only excuses that she don't want to remember it because it was traumatizing. I can see that she was truely traumatized but I can felt that something weird happen that day. Caila knows me well even though I don't react nor I don't give a damn, she knows my action towards her. She knows that I care for her more than I care for my self. *** Caila Point of View *** ( Zen! Zen! A familiar voice said and top my shoulders to wake me up. I open my eyes and look at my mother and she was smiling genuinely at me. It's time for school darling, she said warmly. I pick up my phone and check the time. It's was 6:30 in the morning and our class start at 8 so I still have time to get ready. Mom went down to the kitchen to cook breakfast and I got up on my bed to take a shower. Only me and mom live in this house. If you are asking where is my father? He is gone, he is not dead, he is one of those fathers that choose to live with his mistress than live their own family. I dont hate my father that much, It just I don't really care about him. I worry more about my mother, is she really accepts the fact that father was gone and he will never come back again? I only told Aira that my father was already gone or dead even though in fact he was living with his mistress. I know Aira would understand even if she found out that I lied about my father. She was the type of person that well understand you for who you are and what you are. After I take a bath, I wear my under garments and scan my body in the mirror. I caressed the scar on my side, it was a small cut but it was quite deep. I don't even remember much about what happened 3 years ago but all I could remember was Aira saving my life, I don't know if I was dreaming that time but Aira was caressing me while she run so fast that I couldn't even see our surrounding. I remember that my ex stabbed me and after I lost so much blood I remember that Aira screamed in pain and after that I collapsed and when my eyes opened again I was in the hospital together with my best friend sleeping in the other bed. Even though Aira was a mysterious girl, I still trust her and even love her and treated her just like my twin or sister. ZEN! my mom shouted downstairs. COMING! I shouted back at my mom. I heard mom's laugh as she heard me shout at her back. Tsk! Mom is a jolly one. I stop my reminiscing and just wear my uniform and shoes. I pick up my bag and go downstairs to eat my breakfast. It was 7 in the morning and I still have 1 hour before our class start. I just sit down and eat my breakfast silently. After I finish eating, I retouch my self and just texted Aira that I'm on my way to her boarding house. She just reply ok and I just smiled. *** Arthur Jake Point of View *** Hayyssst! I don't want to study but here I am! In front of our University standing and waiting for my friends. Tsk if your curious why I am here? I am recently studying here at my 4th year level in college. Yes! I am studying, but not because I wanted to but because my parents threaten me that if I don't finish my academic they won't give me one of their company. I was also heir of Hayden Family but here I am suffering in this stupid school. Tsk so unfair! My twin brother was also studying but they already gave him one of their company and even they trusted him some of our branches and University. Hayden University or HU was not the only University we had. It just HU was the first one that rank in our highest rating. Almost of the Students here was actually a Vampire, Wolf or Witches. If your a human then you better watch out and make sure to protect your life every minute and every second inside this school. I heard a scream and I know exactly who is their screaming at. *** Someone Point of View *** I park my car inside the school parking lot and got out of my car emotionless. As soon as they notice my existince, all girls scream in amuzement and excitement as soon as they saw me walking through the school path way. King!!! Marry me my love!!! Ughhh c*m with me King!! Some of the girls shouted, I was angry at what I heard. I felt that my eyes brightens and all the scream stop and they're all scared! PROLOGUE A lady that was laying in the bed slowly open her eyes. She adjust her vision first because it was quite blurry. She was about to stand up but she notice that her two hands were tide in both sides of the bed. She look around and was shock that she was laying in different bed. It was not her room and she didn't know how she end up here? She tried to get away with the rope on her hands but it was too tight for her to untied. She heard footsteps and the door of the room open slowly. She can't see who entered the room because the light was off and only the lampshade beside the bed is the only one that give lights inside the room. Who are you? the lady asked as she saw a shadow of a person that walking slowly through where she was. She can't identified at first but when the shadow form, she eventually knows that it was a man who was walking through where she was laying. Arghhh! She heard a man's groan. What the f*CK! HELL NO! F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! , she keeps on exclaiming while trying to untied the rope on her hands. Who are you? The man asked angrily as soon as he notice that someone was laying on his bed. Didn't he heard me asking the first question first? The lady's mind exclaim. I SAID WHO ARE YOU? the man ask repeatedly and his eyes brighten. His eye colored become light gold and his voice was full of authority and warning. The lady was speechless and she felt like she was under to his spell. His eye color was so fascinating and beautiful. The lady didn't even bother that man in front of her was angry as hell. All she could think was the eye color of that man and the more he was angry the more it bright like stars. In all of her 20 years of existence, it was her first time to saw a beautiful and enchanting eye color. The man look at her sharply and all of her admiration was gone when the man smiled at her demonicly. The man suddenly riped his clothes with his two bear hands. The body features of a man was well built but the atmosphere change because the man keeps on looking at her pervertly and lustful. She felt like all her blood run into her cheeks but not in shyness but in nervous. She was still a girl and she can't even untied the rope with her own. If that man do something on her, she can't even stop it nor fight it. The man laugh evilly and he lean toward where the lady was. HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA How come you end up here young lady? the man said huskily while slowly touch the lady's private body part. Don't touch me!!!Arghh YOU RASCAL! the lady complain as she was trying to get away with the rope. Stop doing that darling, your hurting yourself. Don't worry I will be gentle but hard, he whispered to her and bite her earlobe. STOP! the lady shouted. HAHAHAHA No one will hear you baby! My room is soundproof and whatever noise you make they will not her you or US!, the man emphasize the "US" words. Hmmm I can smell your freshly aroma blood. I can sense that your blood can satisfy my needs, and you know that you will also satisfied my wants especially in "BED" . I want to savor your blood but let's play romantic and ironic first, the man exclaim while laughing demonicly. The man kiss her harshly and she felt like her lips will be rip off. She keeps on shrugging but its no use. The man keeps on kissing her while touching her body and private part. She bite the man's lips hardly and shout help as loud as she can. HEEELLLLPPPP!!!! the lady shouted as soon as the man distance his lips from her. The man look at her in annoyance and warning. The light gold in his eyes become darker and it turn to red. His demonicly smile turn into more devilish because of a sudden appearance of a man's two fangs. She didn't realize that the man was already in front of her, her body shaken up when she felt the sudden pain in her neck and she felt that the man's fang is buried in her neck. It was as if she had lost her sanity and strength because of being bitten by a strange man. The man was still biting her neck and her eyes was also slowly closing. After she lost her consciousness, she felt some familiar presence and authority and she felt like she was safe because of the some random scent that she smelled. *** Someone's Point of View *** F*CK! F*CK! SH*T! , the man exclaim in annoyance. He was annoyed about his sudden feeling of lust. As a man they have needs but he was too picky when it comes to a woman he f*ck. His wolf snif something very pleasant and pleasurable to smell. Mate! His wolf mumbled. Mate? Leigh asked to his wolf. Yes! Mate! his wolf replied while busy on sniffing the smell that cover on his nose. This can't be!!!! I can't be with my mate for now!! Leigh mumbled. But it was our golden rule that whenever we saw our mate we should mark them immediately, before someone mark them as their own, his wolf told him with warning on his tone. I DON'T GIVE A D*MN ABOUT THE RULES! Leigh shouted at his wolf. YOU WILL DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO YOUNG MAN OR ELSE! his wolf warn him with a growl. Shut up, Leigh only replied in annoyance. Because of what Leigh replied, his wolf take over his body and growl at him angrily. I will mark her wether you like it or like it! His wolf exclaim on him. Leigh doesn't have a choice because just like him no one can tame his wolf Ace. Ace followed the scent of Vanilla mixed with a fresh gold rose just like on their garden in the palace. The scent lead them to a private room. The room #55 where it was familiar also to Leigh and Ace because they've known who was the owner of this room for too long. Ace didn't hesitant to open the door and he keeps on following the scent of their mate where they leads them into a Master Room. Ace become aggressive because of a sudden urge to protect his mate as soon as he felt the presence of someone inside the room together with their soulmate. He smash the door and they caught a scenario of a man biting a girl that was about to pass out. The man was drinking the lady's blood and before something terrible might happen to Ace and Leigh mate, Ace growled and attack the man that biting their so called mate. The man was caught off guard and he couldn't even fight back because he was beaten up so badly by Ace. Leigh was a little bit calm but Ace was uncontrollably angry because of what he saw. Wolf was more protective and possessive through their mate than vampires and they even wanted to kill those who hurt their queen or Luna. Ace was the Alpha so even if the man in front of him transform into his wolf form he doesn't have a chance to win against Ace. Leigh didn't stop Ace, because even though he doesn't want to accept his mate for now it was still their soulmate and he never rejected her in the first place. Leigh link his right hand and told them to clean some mess. Ace spare that man's lives but not because he wanted to give him a chance to live but he wanted to make that man felt what hell is like in the hands of Alpha King. Ace look at the woman and he lick the mark of that man's fang and he growl angrily as he sees that their mate was tied in the bed. He bite the rope and touch his mates hands. She might be struggling to untied the rope because her hand was cover of wound and bruises. Her clothes were ripped off and messy. Ace familiarize her scent and decided to cuddle to his mate. Even though she was unconscious, her breathing was still clear to Ace and it was like music on his ears. His fur cover his mate body and he felts so comfortable cuddling with his an known mate. Don't you dare do what you've been thinking Ace!, Leigh warned him. I want her, Ace exclaim. Not now, Leigh commanded. Ace growled as he was not happy at what's Leigh said. We need to hide her or we need to distance our selves on her,our enemy will find her if they smelled us on her. Our world was so cruel, and you know that she is not like us. We won't reject her but we need to make sure first that she was safe from our kinds, Leigh commented. He wanted to mark her immediately but as what Leigh said some werewolves will smelled her as us and all their enemies will knew that the Alpha King has now had a weaknesses. They should be more careful and conscious of their actions. After few minutes someone arrived together with two old women. Ace was still on his form and when the two old women was about to touch their mate, he growl in warning. They bow in response and nod respectively to their Alpha. Ace growl was sign that they should take care of their mate correctly, if anything happen their lives will be at stake. Leigh take over the body and someone cover him as soon as he transform into a human form. The two old women carry their mate and they transfer her into VIP room where no one would suspect about her identity. Leigh's right hand clean the mess and they dragged the poor man into a car. Leigh contacted his secretary to canceled the meeting. He was actually on his way on their meeting place when he forgot to bring his contact lenses. His contact lenses help him to hide his true color of his eyes. Human shouldn't know that their kinds was existing, all though they can manipulate human mind and erase their memories but human was still has a right. We still exist because human still doesn't found out our existence. Werewolves and vampires was just in the books and it was just an creative imaginations of human. He just returned to his hotel room because he left his contact lenses there. He could have asked his staff to get it, but something seemed to be urging him that he should be the one to get it. When he was in the corridor going to his hotel room, that's when Ace sensed their mate. *** Aira's Point of View *** Jane! Jane! Jane! wake up? Hmm? I groan as I stretch my hands upward my head. Tsk! Tsk! Wake up will you! We still need to go to school, Caila exclaim. School? School??? I open my eyes and sit. I check my watch in my left arm., it's already passed 4 in the afternoon. I look at Caila and she just shrugged at me. I look at her sharply and she just give ma a peace sign. Why I am here? I asked on her as soon as I noticed that I'm at the hospital. I'll explain to you later, for now let's just go home, she commanded. I look at her with questions in my eyes but she just smiled at me genuinely. Tsk! What happen to me? Why didn't I even remember what happen a while ago?

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