The Assassin's Weakness

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"Hey!" He must not have heard me or cared, one or the other so I yelled at him again.

"Hey, tattooed asshole!" I shouted and he looked over at me and got off of his bike.

"Oh, s**t," I mumbled and stopped in my tracks and took a step back.

"You know, you really do have a potty mouth on you. Maybe it's time I did something about that." He said in a low tone that sent chills down my spine and walked closer to me.

"I, ah, I'm sorry. I didn't know your name or what to call you. You didn't respond when I was yelling hey so that......" I started to say, practically begging for my life as I spoke.

"So you felt calling me a tattooed asshole would be the perfect name to call me?" He asked and stopped when he was right in front of me and I had to crank my head up to look at him.

"It got your attention didn't it?" I asked and his eyes started to travel all over my body.

"You don't need to call me names to get my attention." He said with a smirk as his eyes came back up from my chest to my face.


"I'm fucked." He mumbled and I took my fist and I slammed it into his already bloodied face from Paityn's boot.

He fell back and into the side of the car and I grabbed him by his jacket and I pulled him back up onto his feet and glared into his eyes.

"Am I a target?" He asked, telling me that I was correct with him knowing who I was.

"No, if you were, you'd be dead already." I hissed at him and picked him up off of the ground and threw him to the side.


"No woman is property!" I shouted and kicked him hard in the face again.

Causing him to flip over onto his back and blood splattering all over in the snow. I stepped over him and knelt down, grabbing his collar again and I hit him in the face again.

"No woman is ever beaten!" I shouted at him and hit him again and again.

"No woman is ever a f*****g s*x slave!" I yelled.


She swung her fist and connected with my mouth, causing my teeth to break open my lip and the blood started to pour into my mouth.

I spit it out onto the floor and swung my arms and hit her with both of my fists, earning me a cracking noise as her nose broke from the hit. She screamed out in pain and blood started to run out of her nose. I grabbed ahold of her hair on top of her head with my hands and I hit the back of her head hard against the wall behind her.

"He was my husband first!" I shouted and hit her head again on the wall.

"I loved him first!" I shouted again and hit her head again and then again as hard as I could.


Anthony John Williams as some of you already know, is known in the underworld as Jackal. He is the most dangerous assassin in the world. He has never been caught by the law in any country he has been in. He is sought out by the biggest mafias of the world but he only works for himself. He does the job he is paid and then he disappears, only for you to wish his next job isn't to take you out next.

Paityn Mary Thompson is happily married to the love of her life or so she thought till one day her husband was assassinated right before her eyes. The FBI found no trace of the killer and the case eventually went cold. The more the FBI dug into her husband's killing the more she learned that she wishes she never learned about.

What happens when the world's most dangerous assassin falls for the innocent widow of one of his targets, only for her to become his next target?

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Chapter 1
The next rising story! Stories to read in order if you would like: The Ransom The Assassin's Weakness Another series that has overlapping characters to the above series: A Gift of Innocence My Protector Survivor Mafia King's Daughter If you like vampires and other supernaturals, check out my supernatural series! The Vampire's Heir Starting Over The King's Hybrid Slave DISCLAIMER: This is my own work. If it sounds like any other story that was just a coincidence. All the characters are fictional, the story is fictional. This is not based on any true events. This story is for entertainment purposes only and any plagiarism will be dealt with accordingly. WARNING: This story contains situations that could be difficult for some readers. There will be violence and death and adult content. This story should NOT be read by anyone under the age of 18. This is for mature 18+ Thumbnail originals are by Clem Onojeghua at Unsplash.com and Holly Pezant at Unsplash.com Leave comments and vote! I love to hear what you think and gives me joy knowing that others enjoy reading what I write. A BIG THANK YOU to all for reading this story!  ENJOY! --- Paityn (Pay-tin) Mary Thompson's POV: "Paityn!" My boss, Catherine Johns, yelled from her office. "Coming!" I called and quickly jumped up from my desk that was right outside of her door. Catherine is the head of this department of Binder and John's Attorneys at Law. Yes, her husband is one of the owners of this law firm. They have more than one location. This location is in Manhattan and is the one that she runs while her husband and Mr. Binder are at another in New Jersey. Now, Catherine isn't an attorney, she just makes sure all the paralegals at this location do what they need to do, whatever she thinks that is. Mr. Johns needed to go to the location in New Jersey because they were expanding and hiring several more attorneys to help and just sent all the paralegals over here for Catherine. She's not really anything either, just passes the orders from her husband or Mr. Binder to everyone else. She just got the job because she's Mr. Johns' wife and she begged for it, more like bribed. We all know about it too because we could hear those two going at it in his office when he was still here. At that time I was his legal secretary but when she took over this location, I became hers. I don't do half the stuff for her that I did for him. I'm not a paralegal or anything, I just make the deliveries to the courthouses or to the other attorney location in New Jersey along with a lot of work with legal documents. I answer the calls that are sent to her but she didn't want to answer them anymore so now I do instead and either continue the call to her, or I send them straight to her voicemail. She's lazy as hell too. I have to get her coffee, lunch, and anything else she wishes. I have to file her files for her, get more files, make up the case packets and get everything around to get to the lawyer that is on the case. I never had to do the little things like getting coffee or lunch for her husband. I actually did more legal secretarial work. Now I feel I'm just at her beck and call and it drives me nuts! This is not what the thousands of dollars paid for in college. My husband, Isaiah Michael Thompson keeps telling me that I need to just quit. We fight about this all of the time. Since we got married he has wanted me to stay home. At the time we were barely making ends meet and I loved my job. That was before Catherine took over. Now she and I just butt heads all the time and she is always having me do useless work and sometimes I don't get out of the office until late at night. He just told me last night that we make enough now that I don't have to keep working for her and to just quit but I just can't. I don't know why but I don't want to quit my job. I guess I keep hoping that maybe they will open up another branch and I can either work over there and away from her or she can go to the new branch because I highly doubt she will ever quit or get fired. I quickly finished writing the last thing I needed down on a sticky note quick so I wouldn't forget and got up from my desk and walked into her office. It's not like I'm that far from her. I'm just right outside her door but she would rather scream at me from in her office than pick up the phone and call me or walk a few feet from her desk to get me. "You need to hurry and get these files to Mr. Johns at the courthouse in New Jersey right away! The time for court just got changed to one this afternoon and they need the updated files. A new witness has been added for questioning and they are getting called to the stand today!" She said quickly and held the files over her desk towards me. "Yes, ma'am," I told her. She feels that she is too important now that she runs this office to be called Mrs. Johns or Catherine so we are required to call her ma'am. I don't think anyone here cares to call her that but they don't really say much because they aren't the ones that get stuck listening to her all of the time as I do. I'd rather call her b***h but I think that would get me fired and I would rather not. If I lost this job that means Isaiah wins in the running argument we have had for the last four years of marriage. I grabbed the several files that she had in her hand and I walked quickly out of her office and back to my desk. I grabbed my purse and put my phone back in it and put the strap over my shoulder and headed out of the office building. I walked quickly to the elevators and pushed the button to go down. I looked up and saw it going from one floor to the next and then stopping. It was picking more up on its way down! I looked down at my watch to see how much time I had to get to the other office and it said 11:30. "Shit." I hissed to myself. Why does she do this all of the time! That's barely enough time to get to that other office let alone for them to go over the files for the new witness! Just then the elevator dinged, letting me know that it finally got to the tenth floor that I was on and could finally head down. Once the doors opened, a flood of people walked out, practically knocking me over. It's not like they couldn't see me or anything. I'm 5'8 and I'm standing in two-inch heals right now. They just have attitude, I think, when they are coming back from lunch. I mean I wouldn't want to come back and deal with Catherine either. I just got into the elevator and pushed the ground floor when my phone started to ring. I almost dropped the files trying to fish my phone out of my purse while a few other people started to push their way into the elevator. I stepped back towards the corner and answered my phone. 'Hello?" "Paityn! On your way back stop at the deli and get a club sandwich with light mayo and no tomato. Make sure it's on flatbread." Catherine, the b***h, ordered. "Yes ma'am, but you do realize that it's going to be after one before I get back. Maybe you should walk across the street and get it. It would be faster...." I was trying to tell her so I could try to get back and get more of my work down that I haven't had a chance to do all day but she cut me off. "Like I have that kind of time! Besides, I told you to do it and I can't risk the chance of breaking one of my heals on that awful sidewalk in front of that deli again." She complained on the other end. "Sure," I mumbled. "I will grab one on the way back," I told her, rolling my eyes as I was about ready to end the call when she started to talk again. "Oh, and make sure you get a light mocha from the café around the block before you come back. Extra vanilla and have them put some of that whipped cream on top." She added. "Aren't you trying to go on a diet?" I asked her. "I am, that's why I told you to get a light mocha, not the regular of course." She said sarcastically and I swear I could feel her roll her eyes just like I did to her. She didn't bother to wait for me to end the call, she ended it as soon as she was done listening to herself talk. I started to shove my phone back into my purse when I started to get pushed out of the elevator by everyone who was just heading to their turn on lunch. I dropped my phone in the process and it got stepped on, causing it to crack the screen. "Dammit!" I said out loud, maybe a little too loud but no one seemed to notice or they just didn't care because they were too worried about being the first one in line at their favorite diner. I picked it up and inspected the damage. It still worked but it's going to need to be repaired and replaced. Even with the screen protector on it still got cracked pretty bad. Must have been someone's heels landing on it that caused it. I just shoved it into my purse quickly and looked at my watch, it was now a quarter till noon and I wasn't even out of the building yet. I picked up my pace without actually running and headed towards the doors of the building. I ran through them, almost losing the files again, and quickly grabbed them to keep them from falling out of my arms. I wasn't looking anywhere but down at my arms when I walked out into the bright sun and ran into something really hard. I mean really hard! It felt like I ran headfirst into a brick wall that was put in front of the doors sometime after I came into work this morning. I yelped from the sudden impact and lost my balance in my heels, snapping one of the heels as I stumbled, causing me to fall backwards and throwing my files as I went down. I didn't bother to say sorry or anything. I was too busy panicking over the files that were now out of their folders and on the sidewalk. All I could think of was getting myself fired over this if these are mixed up. Thank goodness Catherine had each one paperclipped so I just had to match the corresponding file with their matching stack of papers. "I'm so sorry miss." I heard a deep voice say but I wasn't paying attention or thinking of anything other than getting myself back on my feet and out of here. "s**t, I'm going to be so late." I just kept mumbling till my eyes stopped running all over the papers when I saw a muscular hand, covered in tattoos reaching down in front of me to help pick up the mess. My heart started beating like crazy at the thought of what kind of person I may have just run into. Who did I just piss off and ruin their day? I didn't want to look into his face, scared of what I might see so I quickly pulled the papers from his hands that he had when he was helping me and shoved them quickly back into the folders, not caring what folders I had them in. I will sort them out on the cab ride to the other office. "Thank you." I just quickly said and went to stand up, completely forgetting that one of my heels was broken and I stumbled into his hard chest. "s**t," I whispered as I had my arm around my folders, pinned between his body and mine and my right hand clutching his arm. Damn his arm feels huge! I just stood there, in shock holding him with my eyes wide open and slowly breathing as if I thought if he couldn't hear me breathe he wouldn't know that I was still standing there squeezing his arm. Just the thought of him was sending my mind all over the place. His deep masculine voice, the glimpse of his tattoos on his hand, the size of his arms, and the scent of his body mixed with his cologne. I felt like I was committing adultery and I hadn't even looked at the face of the man I was sinning with. I am so going to need to get to church after this and confess my sins. "I think your shoe may be broke," I heard him say with a hint of a laugh laced in his voice. I slowly leaned away from him and looked down and lifted my right foot up and saw that the heel was busted and barely hanging on. "Damn, another pair I have to throw away." I snapped at myself in the disappointment of having to spend more money on shoes. I reached down and pulled the heel off of the shoe and stepped away from him so I could check the other shoe as well, making sure that I didn't look at him. I just don't want to be watching the news this evening and find out that I ran into some serial killer who is now targeting me because I saw his face and then saw him on the news of the most wanted. I just started walking away with a limp in my step from missing my heel, looking for a cab to wave down. "You know, you're kind of a bitch." I heard that man say and without thinking, I just turned around and glared at him. "What did you call me?" I asked and that's when I realized I probably just made the biggest mistake of my life. I saw what he looked like. He was definitely huge like I thought. Not overweight or anything but very tall. Taller than Isaiah, my husband, by a few inches at least, and his chest and shoulders were very muscular in size. His hair was a dark brown, almost black and it was pulled back into a tight ponytail. The sides of his head were shaved all the way to the skin and was covered in tattoos on the left side of his head. My eyes landed on this huge scar that went from just to the side of his left eye and jagged down his cheek to his mouth. The way the scar was it pulled on the skin around and it misshapen his mouth. He also had a nose ring on the right side of his nose and a loop ring on the left side of his lower lip. If it wasn't for the scar and all of his tattoos covering his head and neck and who knows where else and those piercings, he actually would be rather handsome. Maybe, in a dangerous mafia type of way. "There, that's better. Now you look at me and say something other than cussing at yourself." He said almost sarcastically. "Look, I don't have the time right now. I have to get these to New Jersey in less than...." I said looking at my watch quickly to see what time it was. "An hour. My shoes are broken so now I have to buy a new pair and I'm probably going to lose my job if I don't get these dropped off before one." I told him sharply. "Would you like a ride to your destination?" He asked and I c****d my head a little and looked at him unsure. "It's the least I can do for causing you to break your shoes and possibly make you lose your job." He said with a smile. I looked around me to make sure there were plenty of witnesses nearby to see me conversing with him just in case my body wound up in the Hudson River with all of my limbs chopped off. "Don't worry, I don't bite, much." He said as he laughed and held his hand out. I stared at his hand and slowly reached for it with a shaky hand. He quickly grabbed my hand and before I knew it, I was picked up bridal style with my files squeezed between my arm and body. "My ride is a block away and you don't need to be walking on these sidewalks with those shoes." He said and I just remained quiet. It was bad enough that I'm going to go to Hell for being in another man's arms while I was married let alone the possibility of being murdered today. He took long strides down the sidewalk and around the corner before he stopped beside a motorcycle. He set me down and threw his leg over the seat of the bike and revved it up. "Well? Are you going to get on or are you going to look for a different job?" He asked me over the sound of his bike's engine. I took another look around just to make sure there were still plenty of people around and hopefully these stores had good cameras. He revved it up a few more times, snapping me out of my paranoid thoughts and I threw my leg over the bike, causing my skirt to ride up on my legs. "Hold on!" He called to me and I squealed as he took off from the side of the road and I threw my arm around his body, squeezing the files with a death grip. "Where to?" He asked me as we traveled down the road, in and out of the cars that were waiting to get through the stoplights. "Binder & Jones Attorney's at Law in New Jersey," I yelled to him, hoping he would hear me and knew where it was. He must have because just then he hit the gas more and I closed my eyes behind his back, trying to hold in my screams. I had never been on a motorcycle before but I was quickly realizing that I hated it and I was certain that I was going to die!

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