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“Those who say they hunt monsters, usually are the real monsters, Alpha." Cole stared, as she flashed him a smile, all fanged tooth and wicked, picking up the bloodied cup of coffee and ichor from the table before taking a sip.

“Bite me.”



The one thing that sets Pink Collins apart from the rest of Clan was an imprint, a curse she carries around from that night. A mark reminding her she’s fated to none other than a werewolf. Her coven doesn’t stop reminding her about it every single day. The only way to get rid of it is to kill the werewolf who left the mark.

That’s how she finds herself into Romano territory.

Cole Romano is a man of morals, and he'd be damned if he abandoned them in favour of fulfilling his desires. Even if those said desires involved a killer vampire who had him breathing fast, his head swimming with too many kinds of need. He needs to stay away. But it’s easier said than done.


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All the characters, places, ideas or events mentioned in this book are purely fiction and does not relate to any living or dead. The story settings and other elements are purely born out of my imagination and fictional. If you see any resemblance, they are unintentional. Stealing of my work/any idea will serve you severe punishment as plagiarism is a serious crime. Please note that this book is a part of the werewolf romance series titled, "Romano Series". There are seven completed books, each following the Romano cousins but can also be read as a stand alone. All rights reserved San 2045 2022 *** Growing up in a place like Ravens was nothing sort of exciting, especially if you are a vampire with imprint. You learn that the place doesn't even exist on any map. The wind moves around the place, not through. It exists, but not vital enough to make a name of itself. If anyone asks where you're from, you mention some popular neighbouring suburb, which should suffice. Also, everyone knows everything. That's the thing Pink hated the most, among other disadvantages to being born in such a place. It all started when she turned eight, and the traces of the mark appeared on her shoulder. After that, it was always the talk of the town, the kids picking up on it and making fun. Again living in such a small area meant attending the same primary and secondary school with the same kids you've always known. So there's no chance for her to find a friend who's not disgusted by her. Despite that, she grew up faster or slower than others. Along the way, the pureblood learned to control thirst and all the urges. Twenty-two years. That's how long it took for her to feel individual enough and brave the world on her own and leave it all behind. All because of her mission to get rid of the mark. It sounded way too easy in her head. Find the Alpha who put the mark on her skin, kill him and go back victorious. Back in the coven, girls her age found suitable mates to settle down with while she struggled to erase that mark. It's unfair. Pink couldn't take it anymore. Shaking her head, the vampire squeezed through the crowd in the nightclub, an alcoholic beverage in her hand. The heartbeats of those nearby reverberated in her ears, drowning out the vibrating music. Pink could hear the rush of their adrenaline, especially the ones on drugs. The thick scent of the pulsating blood circulating through their veins travelled up her nostrils, forcing the mind to travel elsewhere to avoid the morbid thoughts from entering her head. Pink knew it was never a good idea to be surrounded by so many humans. However, she didn't want to waste much of her precious time finding the Alpha. As much as she desperately tried, this desire never usually lasted long, and once you start craving and killing again, it's never easy to stop. With her drunken state, maybe she'll be able to curb it for a while. Her eyes fell upon a particular person in the crowd, a smug tilt to his lips. The blonde-haired young man leaned against the wall, a drink in his hand, while eyeing her like a piece of cake. It didn't bother her at all. However, even more so, she was fond of his pale neck, uncovered by the wind. As he motioned his glass towards her, Pink sunk more in her chair. Seconds later, he sent a drink her way. The most expensive one. She could not control it anymore, so the vampire approached him, a stinging sensation surging through her veins, goosebumps prickling all over his skin. The slightest thought caused a twinge of ache in her gums, canines sharp and an unexplainable sensation surging through her, causing the hunger to intensify. Though she made a promise, and Pink was determined to keep it, the terrible thoughts began to invade her mind, making it harder for her to hold. The strobe lights bounced off the walls, dancing around them as she came to stand in front of him. His eyes rested upon her as the light hit, eyes going dark. Pink was a vampire, so she knew exactly how to manipulate the human mind. She has learned a lot, understanding what they want to covertly slip in and achieve what she wants. Leaning into his space, the vampire coyly blinked and whispered several words in his ear, suggesting some ideas he would be fond of. The man bobbed his head, abandoning the drink in his hand and lips quirking upwards into a smirk, agreeing to follow her. There's an ache inside the stomach, like a black hole, ready to swallow, consuming her whole. She exhaled shakily, desperate to get the liquid seeping down her tongue, to calm the raging monster. For more privacy, they slipped out of the bar and into a more secluded area, an alley behind. Once they were alone, the young man started to take control, pushing her against the cold wall. "Careful!" She hissed as he started palming at her sides, feeling his rough hands carelessly explore. The hunger began to awaken inside, growing more powerful with every second passed by, making it less and less possible to restrain. "Shut up!" He grunted while one of his hand made its way to her hair, gripping and tugging on them. The other rushed to the hem of her dress, fingers grasping to tear the material off. "My turn now." The hunger had begun to intensify and escalate, now starting to take control. His heartbeat thrummed in her cears, and the scent of his blood was too vivid to ignore any longer. The bloodlust began to overpower the vampire, and she was at a point of no return. Flipping him around, Pink easily hovered him. Subconsciously, she licked at her bottom lip and dipped her head towards his neckline. The vampire began to lose focus of her surroundings as the intensity of her bloodlust started to worsen at every passing moment. "This is going to hurt." Unable to attain self-control any longer, the sharpened canines slid out, piercing into the corners of her mouth. Pink pressed her body into him, sensing the man's arousal. Tightening her grip on the lapels of his shirt, she carelessly ripped through the skin, her teeth latching on to his jugular. His pupils dilated, eyes going wide in shock, while a scream ripped out his mouth. The man tried to kick and push at her, but his efforts were unsuccessful as she overpowered him. No one has successfully escaped the clutches of the fangs to date—a pity. He stopped thrashing as he started to turn pale the longer his blood was drained from him. Unable to snap myself out of the compulsion, she continued—the sensation flowing through her that satisfied unyielding hunger. The man's body eventually fell too weak, unable to sustain and hold onto his feet. Pink sensed the next move, effectively taking a step back as he slumped against the wall. Her eyes went dim again, transformed back to their original blue colour—innocent, but haunting. The vampire exhaled softly, teeth, sharp and inhuman, beads of dark blood dripping down her chin, which she licked up with imposing tongue before they could stain her clothes. Blood stains were messy to get out. Within a few seconds, the stench of dog curled up her nose, and the vampire's face scrunched; so it was a werewolf, then. It's faint, but strong. The smell clinging to the walls, more-so as he got closer to. She's just barely connecting the smell, identifying it as pines, and something earthy. The vampire couldn't help the involuntary chill that went down her spine at the mere thought. What now? Pink thought under her breath, eyes shifting towards the human lying on the ground. That's when she saw a man, tall, his facial features hidden as he stepped out of the fog and in her direction. "What are you doing out here?" The man asked, the faint glow of the streetlight giving her a good look. An Alpha. She instantly realised, knees feeling weak as the vampire raked her eyes over him. He was attractive, that's the first thing she thought judging his black rolled up sleeves and first three buttons left open. The dark brown hair was artfully tousled over his forehead, mouth full and jaw clenched tight. An air of authority radiated off him. After a small moment of breathing heavily, the vampire recovered and slid her arms over her chest, stance turning from alarmed to defensive. "I could ask you the same thing," She retorted, her voice cool and steady even though she felt a little rankled at his looming presence. He appeared mildly surprised by the bold attempt but simply pressed his lips in a thin line. "I am Cole Romano and this territory belongs to me." ***

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