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21 year old Amy woke up in a room with a sharp pain between her legs. She had given her first time to a stranger. She found out that her step sister was responsible for what happened.

As if that wasn't enough, she was compelled to marry the man, Mike. She sacrificed everything to make the marriage work to no avail. She was accused, humiliated and divorced, leaving her helpless and homeless. Unknown to her, a little child was growing inside her.

Five years later, Amy returns a powerful figure and with a child that looks just like Mike. Mike is attracted to her and wants her back. But Amy doesn't want his love. She wants vengeance for everything he and his family had done to her. Even if it costs her everything, she was determined to make him pay.

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Amy glanced at her father as he hugged Lily tightly. He had never smiled at her in the past sixteen years. He didn't even acknowledge her as his daughter anymore! Her father, Jason White, had an affair out of wedlock and the result was Lily. The moment Amy's mother breathed her last, Jason brought in his new mistress, Jane and her daughter, Lily. As if he were under the influence of some unseen and unknown force, he completely forgot about his once upon a time precious daughter and Lily became the pampered and most precious daughter of the White family. Amy wondered why she was invited to this party for the umpteenth time. It was Lily's engagement party and she insisted on Amy's presence. "You look stunning, Amy!" Lily complimented. "Thank you." Did Lily just compliment her?That was like the first time in many years. The engagement party began pretty soon. Drinks and wine were surplus and over flowing. Amy held onto her first glass of wine in deep thought. She turned and looked in the direction of the White family. Yes, she was part of that family, but sadly, she wasn't considered as one. She wasn't qualified to be in their circle. "Are you crying, sister?" It was Lily again who suddenly appeared by her side. Her extreme and rare kindness sent chills down Amy's spine. She knew it was all fake! She subconsciously wiped a tear from her face with her hands. She didn't realize she was crying. "Why are you crying on a day like this? You should be happy for me, shouldn't you sister?" Amy didn't utter a word. Lily had never acknowledged her as her sister. But today, before everyone present at the party, she pretended to be a good, kind and caring younger sister. "Oh! Do you need more wine?" she rambled on and turned to a waiter nearby. "Hey! Come over and give her a glass." Lily persoinally picked a wine glass and handed it to Amy, taking the empty one from her. "Don't be sad. Be happy for your sister, okay?" She flashed her a smile and walked away like a swan. What did she mean by 'be happy for her?' How could she be happy when Lily was getting married to her man? Mike was her boyfriend, or rather, her ex. He was head over heels for her initially. Then came Lily. She was envious of their relationship and wanted Mike all to herself. Her ever supportive mother did what she knew best and Amy lost her lover at the snap of her fingers. She knew she was powerless and she let them be, sadly. Yet, Lily invited or compelled her to be present to rub more salt in her injury. The White family and their relatives in the VIP section were all excited. The joy was reserved for them alone and not for someone like Amy who was in the far end of the hall. Her grip on the wine glass tightened and she sipped her wine in silence. That was the only thing she could do. "Awwww. The bride to be is a very good girl. Did you see how she treated her sister just now?" "I was meaning to say so. She isn't even angry that her sister isn't happy for her." "I wonder why she's so sad." "The groom is really blessed. A sweet and kind girl with a magnanimous heart." "Little wonder her father chose her over the first girl. I don't blame him at all." Lily smiled upon hearing these comments. She loved being portrayed as a saint before others. It brought warmth to her heart when she heard them say degrading things about Amy. Someone tapped Amy softly on her shoulder, jolting her to reality. She turned and saw a very handsome guy with a smiling face. He gave her a sweet smile that seemed to momentarily numb her pain. The smile carried hope and comfort that she longed for. "Hi, can I sit?" She nodded. She had no right to stop him anyways. She was grateful and surprised at the same time that someone came to join her. The party was filled with elites and people of high class. He engaged her in a conversation. She took that time to observe his physical features and couldn't help but smile. He was her kind of man but sadly, men seldom came her way, all thanks to Lily and her mother. They used every opportunity to smear her name and dent her image. She managed to graduate from college despite all the humiliations because of her doggedness. "You are really beautiful," the young man complimented. Sh smiled weakly. Her eyes went back to the vip section. Mike put the ring on the bride's finger and everyone cheered and clapped. Her step mother, Jane, smiled the most. From where she stood as the centre of the attention, Lily flashed Amy a smile and a knowing look. Amy needed no soothsayer to know the meaning. Lily was merely letting her know that she could get what ever she wanted, including her man. Amy knew her step sister just wanted to see her heart broken. But she wouldn't give her the pleasure of seeing her tears. She had long gotten over Mike. "Is there a problem, pretty?" It was the guy again. "No, I'm fine." Amy put the engagement party behind her and decided to enjoy her time with the guy. After some time, she felt his hand on her laps and she looked at him in surprise. The next thing Amy remembered was waking up in an unfamiliar room and on a strange bed, covered with a duvet. She didn't know how she got there and there was no one else in the room. She rubbed her eyes to be certain she wasn't dreaming. She looked at the bed and saw blood stains on it. No! What happened? It can't be true. She raised the duvet and she was naked under the duvet!

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