Their Bullied and Broken Mate


Melian Carter is the only daughter of the Beta of Mystic Shadows pack. She has 5 older brothers, and is only an object to beat on to her parents and siblings. She is bullied by the Elite group in school for being a "useless nerd", and abused by her brothers and father. Her mother passed when she was 5, and her stepmother is just as much a monster as her father and brothers. She dreams of the day she turns 18 and can escape Mystic Shadows. Lucky for her, that day is less than a full day away..

Just hours before Melian turns 18, she is brutally attacked by her father and brothers. Her attackers leave her for dead in an abandoned warehouse on Mystic Shadows pack land. She survives, but her Brother Jason is determined to get her and his family away from their cruelty. Jason and his mate decide they are fleeing to Rebecca's old pack, Blood moon. Her twin brothers, Loki and Liam are the pack Alpha's. Melian is coming with them, no matter what. Once Rebecca and Jason show up with Melian, the twins instantly discover she is their mate. Both of their mate. Even though it takes Loki more time to adjust to sharing a mate with his brother Liam, he vows to avenge her and make her attackers pay.

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My name is Melian
My name is Melian Carter, I am 17 years old and a member of the Mystic Shadows pack. I am the Beta's only daughter, and I have 5 older brothers. Thomas, Jason, Eric, Michael and Todd are not only my brothers, but my abusers. Our mother passed away when I was only 5 years old, and once she was gone, I became the punching bag for all of their anger. I wasn't safe from anyone anymore, including my father. About 2 years ago, my brother, Jason, started to try and protect me from my brother's wrath. He would try to defuse the situation before it escalated, but most times they would fight him too. I don't know what I ever did to deserve the abuse, but I will soon be 18, and I am leaving this goddess' forsaken pack. Only 15 more hours. "Melian!!! Get your ass downstairs! You are going to be late for school and I refuse to take you if you are tardy." my stepmother Constance yelled. Constance was a short round woman, her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. She was my father's second chance mate, and I don't even think he liked her much. He was never home, and left her to care for us kids alone. Along with her loudness, she had a distinct smell of pickles. If this is the scent that drew my dad to her, I feel sorry for him. Then again, sorrow and hatred are the only things I feel for all of my family. The word love wasn't in my vocabulary where they were concerned anymore. I gathered my things for school and shoved them in my backpack. I grabbed my jacket and made my way downstairs to the kitchen. The smell of coffee and burnt toast filled the house, and I sat at the counter to eat my breakfast of burnt toast, eggs and coffee with a lot of hazelnut cream. "Hurry up and eat, we are going to be late. You know how much I dislike being late, young lady." she still complained. I threw my eggs in between my toast and wrapped them in a paper towel. I poured my coffee in a thermos and went out to the car where my stepmother was waiting. The drive to school was quiet, thank the goddess, and within no time she was pulling up in front of the school to drop me off. "Jason will be here to pick you up. Do not make him wait. Your chore list will be on the counter. If you know what's best for you, make sure they are done before I get home at 5pm," she said as I got out. Nodding my head, I got out of the car and slammed the door shut. Constance tore out of the parking lot like she was late for her own funeral. She had no concern for the safety of the students walking through the parking lot. Shaking my head, I took my breakfast and walked to the library. I went there every morning before my first class to avoid the Elite. Who are the Elite you ask? Well, let me tell you. The Elite consists of Lisa and Kyle Montana and their group of lemmings. Lisa has been my bully since 3rd grade, and to be honest, I have no idea what her deal is with me. I know she had crushes on all of my brothers, but they wouldn't give her time of day. My brother, Thomas, even rejected Lisa's best friend Morgan when he found out they were mates. She is almost 19 and still a senior in high school. Her parents held her back in the ninth grade because her grades were so horrible. I can remember her mom coming to me to see if I would tutor her in science and math. I had to laugh at her for even suggesting it. I don't care how much she wanted to pay me, that was a hard pass. I'm pretty smart considering I don't get much time to actually study. Once I get home, it's chores and cooking dinner. Then clean up after dinner and do more chores. By the time they are all done, I have enough time for a shower and then go to bed. All my studying happens in the library after I get to school in the mornings. I pulled my history book out of my backpack, and opened it to the chapters we had been studying. I started to finish eating my toast and egg sandwich, and heard laughter coming into the library. I would know that laugh anywhere. Looking up, there was Lisa Montana with a new girl in school named Jasmine. "Melly, there you are. I'm sure you have met the new girl, Jasmine. She needs a tutor to get caught up with Mrs. Saxx's biology class. You are going to do that for her. Understand?" Lisa sneered. Rolling my eyes, I looked up at the girls and said, "Lisa, I will tell you exactly what I tell you every single time you try and demand me to teach your lackeys. It's a hard pass because I don't have time for that s**t. So go find someone else to bother." I went back to reading and finishing my breakfast when I felt like I had been hit by a lead pipe. I grabbed my head and looked to see what she had hit me with. In her hands she held one of the bookends from the shelf behind us. She had an evil smirk on her face, and Jasmine's matched hers. I looked at my hands, and they were covered in blood, and I started to get dizzy. Next thing I knew, Lisa had a handful of my hair and was dragging me out of the library and into the girls' bathroom. She threw me on the ground and her and Jasmine started to kick me over and over in the ribs. I tried to cry out, but the words wouldn't leave my mouth. "If you even think about tattling on us, you will regret it! You think this is bad, just try me!" she screamed at me. Jasmine laughed the whole time. This is my life. The life of Melian Carter, abused and beaten at any given chance. Only 15 more hours until I turn 18.

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