Mr. Billionaire, I'm Back!

weak to strong

Being framed by her stepmother and being murdered by her step-sister, Joanna ended up dying tragically on the street in her previous life.

Fortunately, when she woke up again, she found herself back to her eighteen!

This time it's her turn to take revenge on those who had betrayed her, bullied her, and tormented her!

But wait a minute, who on earth is this handsome guy?

And why did he protect her every time when she is in a jam?

- - - - - - - -

"Why couldn't I slap her? She is a vicious b***h and she deserves it!"

Robin was taken aback by Joanna's curses, and he shouted, "How dare you talk to your mother like that?"

Joanna laughed scornfully and said, "I would never talk to MY MOTHER like that! I will, however, talk to your b***h of a wife any damn way I please! Don't play dumb. You may have provided the sperm that made up my DNA, but you never been a father to me. Not only that, but you also caused my mother to commit suicide! You don't even feel guilty, do you?"

- - - - - - - - -

Brian clasped the back of Joanna's head and gave her a deep kiss.

Then, he let her go and said, "Now you know who I am to you. You are mine. You can try to leave me, but you will never escape me!"

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Chapter 1: A Rebirth After A Tragic Death
In Gross's Villa – Joanna was lying on a luxurious bed with wounds all over her body, and she could smell the blood in her mouth with every breath that she took. She had been spitting up blood all day, her vision was blurry, and she knew that she was going to die. A month ago, her stepsister, Sarah Devine, had given Joanna to the young master, Jared Gross, as a gift, and he had treated her cruelly. Now, as Joanna thought about the pain she had suffered over the past month, she could feel her hatred towards Jared and Sarah in every cell of her body. Jared walked into the room and approached the bed where Joanna was dying, and he giggled when he saw her condition. He sat on the bed, gently stroked her bloody face with his fingers, smiled, and said, "It turns out that people do get tired of a beautiful face, eventually. In fact, I can barely stand to look at you anymore." Due to her injuries, Joanna could not move. She could only look at Jared with hateful eyes. Jared touched her bottom lip with his thumb, thoughtfully rubbed her blood between his thumb and forefinger, and said, "Relax, baby. Today, you are finally going to be free." Joanna heard another person coming, and she recognized Sarah's voice before she saw her. Her stepsister looked at her and said, "Joanna, I've come to pick you up and take you home." Sarah had several bodyguards with her, and she told them to pick up Joanna and take her "to the place we talked about." One of the men stepped forward, and as he lifted her off the bed, the pain became unbearable, and she lost consciousness. When Joanna came to, she discovered that she had been abandoned by the side of the road, and her pain was overwhelming. When she was back at Jared's house, she'd known that she was going to die, but now she wanted to die. She looked up at the sky and said, "I, Joanna Devine, will take revenge on both of you, Sarah, and Jared!" Unexpectedly, a man's voice replied: "Miss, can you hear me?" Joanna's eyes shifted, and she saw a pair of extremely beautiful eyes looking down on her. They were the most beautiful eyes that she had ever seen. "Hang on," the man said. "I will get you to the hospital!" Joanna wanted to shake her head, but she didn't have the strength to do that, or even to smile. "No, it is too late for me, but thank you." Joanna took her last breath, and as she exhaled, she said, "It hurts a lot..." Joanna slipped into a dream, and the dream turned into a nightmare, and for a long time, she was trapped in the nightmare. She was sweating and she was struggling, and it seemed that she would never find peace. Eventually, though, Joanna did find her way out. Her pain left her, and she woke up. Joanna sat up quickly, breathless and terrified, and it took her a long time to put the dream behind her. She looked at her phone, which was on the nightstand beside her bed. It was 3:31 p.m., and after the dream that she'd just had, she believed that she should go to see a psychologist. She couldn't stop dreaming about what happened to her in her previous life. Joanna saw that she'd received a text message from Sarah. It said: "Joanna, come home tonight. Dad's health is not good, and he wants to see you." Joanna looked at the message and smiled. It had been five years since she'd woken up in the detention center, and she had not talked to Sarah since then. Jared had hurt Joanna, and Sarah had arranged for her to be abandoned by the side of the road. She had been left for dead, but little did Sarah know that Joanna would be reborn and returned to the drug abuse detention center where she'd been admitted five years earlier. In her previous life, she had been left for dead one year after being admitted to hospital, which meant that she had been reborn one year before her death. Later, her grandfather's medical team detected no drugs in her body, so she was released, and then she traveled overseas. Joanna reread the message on her phone and thought – after everything you did to me in my previous life, it is finally time for me to get a little revenge! She replied to Sarah's text message, saying: "Sorry, I'm afraid that if I go to your house, I'll get my shoes dirty." It wasn't long after sending that message that her Father – Robin – called her on the phone. She accepted the call and said, "Dad," in a cold tone of voice. "Dad?" Robin shouted. "I guess you know that I am your Dad! You've been back in the country for a month, though, and you knew that I was sick, and yet you haven't come home to check to see how I am doing. You even got married without telling your family! Is that any way to treat your Father?!?!!?" Robin was right. Joanna had gotten married almost immediately after arriving back into the country, and she hadn't told anyone in her family about it. Joanna smiled faintly and said, "I was afraid that people would find out that you had a daughter who knows how to fight and take drugs, and that you would be ashamed." There was a moment of silence, and then Robin said, "Okay. Let's let bygones be bygones. You have been gone for a long time, and nobody remembers the past. Bring Ken to dinner with you tonight." Nobody remembered the pain that Joanna had suffered in her previous life, how all of her bones had been broken, and that she'd been ruthlessly left on the road to die. As for Ken Green, Joanna's heart hurt just thinking of him. Ken Green was the man who had found her in the ditch in her previous life. He had the most beautiful eyes in the world. They had been married for almost a month now, though you wouldn't know it by watching how he treated her - he hadn't even stepped into her room yet. He seemed to hate her very much, and their marriage was hinged on a technicality. "I'll ask him," Joanna said. Robin: "Come early, Susan has arranged to have a big dinner." Joanna frowned. "Am I to call her Susan?" she asked. "And not Mom?" Joanna had almost forgotten about her stepmother's existence. Robin: "Naughty girl! Okay, bye." After Robin hung up the phone, Joanna called Ken, but Ken didn't pick up the phone. Joanna sighed. If she couldn't get a hold of Ken, she would have to go to dinner alone. Joanna did her makeup and selected a limited-edition overcoat from her closet. She put some perfume behind her neck and prepared to leave.  

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