Elites of Vanderbilt high

opposites attract
enimies to lovers


They say when the devil comes knocking, you don’t open.

What they don’t tell you is that the devil doesn’t knock.

He barges in and conquers.

The devil came to me in the form of Kevin Vanderbilt

Arrogant bastard

Ruthless Psychopath

Sick Pervert

My personal bully

I’ve been tormented by him all my life.

This is senior year and sweet revenge won’t be knocking on his door.

It will barge in in the form of Ella Owens.

It’s high time he payed for what he did to me.


She thinks she’s high and mighty.

Head held up high and at every corner I turn.

She stole something precious from me.

I’m going to break her in return

Make her wish she was never born. That’s what I’m good at.

She’s so naïve and innocent.

That’s the interesting and fun part about ruining her.

Except the desire and passionate madness I feel for her is in the way.


Not for the faint of heart, 18+ ONLY!



Free preview
1. Two years ago
Chapter One I walked into Vanderbilt Elites’ high .The hem of my plaid skirt swishes behind my thighs. My heel boots click on the spotlessly clean floor with every step I take as I hurry inside. The school’s high walls and antique designs gives it an ancient, royal building kind of vibe. The rising sun cast shadows around it, as if it was a haunted building.The Statues of gargoyles in front of the gates weren’t helping the situation either. I clutch my bag straps tighter and moved quickly into my new school. Uncle said Mr. Vanderbilt had decided to sponsor my education in his school .The school only the super rich could afford. Every year, five students are granted scholarship into this prestigious school, and my uncle had managed to persuade his boss to grant me a scholarship. I was really grateful .I was planning on signing up for cheer leading. I always had a thing for dance but there was no dance team in Vanderbilt Elites’ high so cheer leading it is. I hurry inside. I had come early to campus in order to unpack my books into my locker and find my classrooms before other students arrived. My locker was closer to the gym according to the map given to me.The school even had a map. It must be really prestigious then. I found my locker easily but after several failed attempts to open it, I groaned and kicked it over and over again. “Seriously? Come on!!!” I literally screamed at the locker. I was beginning to get frustrated. I heard a loud guffaw behind me and quickly turned around, my face a dusty shade of pink. A blonde guy leaned on a locker in the school’s basket ball jersey .He must be part of the basket ball team and definitely popular. He also looked very familiar.Just let the popular kid know what a weirdo you are.The perfect way to start your high school social life. Arghhhh I groaned. “You must be a freshman ” he said smiling at me. Okay a killer smile as well. “Yeah. Sorry I didn’t know anyone was here.” I said rubbing my neck, my blush increasing. “The lockers have one two three four as their default code. You can change it later.”He said walking towards me with his killer smile and inputting the code to which it opened. “Oh .Thanks” I said, dropping my books inside with a grateful sigh. “Dylan, best player of the basket ball team at your service miss? ” He asked with a wink and a mock bow .I couldn’t help but laugh. “Ella. That should explain why you look familiar.” I replied. I must have seen him at games. “Hmm a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. He said trapping me between his arms and the lockers. What the... ?   “DYLAN KNIGHT” a loud voice said making the both of us jump.My hand clutching my racing heart “Coach” Dylan said looking back at the coach who was glaring at us. Wait not us. Me! What did I do? “ Gym. Now!!!” he said giving Dylan a tired look. “See you in chemistry” Dylan gave me a wide grin and walked away. How did he know my next class was chemistry? I turned to continue packing and saw my timetable on my books .oh * * * I sat at the back of class as students filed into the classroom with designer bags and shoes and everything on them screaming money. I was already starting to feel out of place with my thrift bag and shoe. “Ellie .Didn’t you save a seat for me?” I heard Dylan’s voice beside me and turned. “You didn’t ask me to.” I replied. Why would someone on the basket ball team want to sit with a newbie with no friends in an elite school. “You don’t want me to sit with you?” He feigned being hurt. “What? No of course not.” I replied. He turned to the blonde girl sitting beside me scrolling through **. “Hey, Lexi. You heard the beauty .Scram!” The girl stood up and gave me a bone chilling glare before moving away to another seat.Flipping her hair in front of Dylan.I didn’t even do anything to her. Shouldn’t she be glaring at Dylan ? The latter plumped into the seat, placing his feet clad in a Nike Air-force on the desk. “Never seen you in Vanderbilt Junior High. “Yeah” “Okay. So which school are you from ?” He asks Here comes trouble. The thing about my previous school, Hugh berry high and St. Vanderbilt High was that we were arch enemies when it came to sports. So coming here was like suicide.My social life is going to be ruined once anyone finds out.I’ll have no friends. This should be kept a secret. No one could find out.Not yet .I’ll have to lie.Another… “Hugh berry f*****g high” A deep venomous voice spat out. A voice I knew too well.Fucking Kevin Vanderbilt.You guessed it right.His family owns the school and his grandfather is the chief director.My uncle works for his dad as a personal secretary. My arch enemy.I hate Kevin.Freaking arrogant bastard.He had also made it known to me that the feeling was mutual whenever we met. I hated how everyone idolized him like he was some god.Everyone’s golden boy.I didn’t dare turn to look at the devil’s spawn. I Just gritted my teeth and glared at the desk.Too scared to even turn back.That jerk was always out for my blood. “You know this chick?” Dylan asked curiously.  “One of the house helps.Works at the mansion.”He said with a shrug. My eyes flashed bloody murder.Anger rising in me.No matter how angry I was though,I didn’t get up or try to call it a lie. Although I literally didn’t work as a house help, I used to go to the mansion with my uncle and helped the chef,Mira.We usually just baked whilst she talked to me and asked what I was up to and how I was doing.She was the mother figure in my life, but because of Kevin, I even stopped going to the mansion. I was actually terrified of him.Through out my whole life since I could remember,Kevin has made it a point to torment my life. I’ve learnt over the years not to talk back at him since it always results in my doom.Kevin’s word is law here.I learned that the hard way. The whole room was silent.I could feel everyone’s hateful stare on me. “She’s one of your dad’s charity cases. Isn’t she ?”A cold female voice asked from the front of the class room. “I guess” Kevin replied and strode out of the class like he hadn’t just sealed my fate. I looked up to see the unwelcoming faces of my new classmates and gulped. The girl who asked the question stood up and walked towards me, with an ugly sneer on her made up face. She had strawberry blonde hair and a hot smoking body. I knew her type. She’s going to be among the top of the hierarchy. I didn't want to be prejudiced but she was already showing it . She reached my desk. Everyone's eye on us. “Ellen or whatever you call yourself…” “Valerie Queen.”An authoritative voice called out.The whole class turned towards the front of the class. “It will be nice if you could return to your seat so we can start the class.” Thank goodness the teacher is in.The teacher stood at his desk.He must be in his early fifties. He and Valerie went into a staring competition before she scoffed and matched back to her sit.Her heels clicking the floor. I couldn’t handle this girl right now after Just realizing Kevin had sentenced me to doom in my three years stay. I gave the teacher a grateful smile and he smiled back.He must have known what was going on.God bless his soul. “I’m Mr.Quist and I’ll be taking you through chemistry this year.Open Chapter One in your textbook” He said to the class. I turned to pick out my book but found Dylan staring at me curiously.                                                                     "Interesting."He smirked.                                                                                                                                                   I ignored him.Pushing Kevin to the back of my mind, I concentrated on the class, or at least for a moment before his voice kept tormenting my brain. Before I knew it the class was over and I’ve learnt nothing new.I cursed Kevin internally.My first class has already been a disaster thanks to him. Why could’t he pretend we didn’t know each other. Always being such a thorn in life. I picked my bag and got out of the classroom only to be met by the girl from earlier,Valerie and another girl.Probably her friend. “Listen to me b***h….”She started. “Another time.”I dismissed and walked past her.I had other urgent matters.I was not in the mood. Her friend grabbed my hair all of a sudden and pulled me back, slamming me against the locker. My head bouncing against the locker and tears stung my eyes with the impact.Ouch!! I refused to let them fall and growled at her. “When Queen and I talk you listen,Charity.”Her friend sneered in my face. “Reina. Don’t bother touching her you don’t know what disease this kind of people have.” This brat.What was she trying to insinuate ? “Valerie.The try outs are starting.”Someone said from the corner. The girl who Dylan sacked from beside me stood there. A hand on her hip and her eyes still stuck on her phone. “What do you care slut ? and it’s Queen to you.” “Care ?” She rolled her eyes. “I’m just in a hurry to see you fail it.Know your place bitch.”She did that perfect hair flip and strolled off. “Let’s go Reina .I’m going to teach that Imbecile a lesson” She forgot all about me and marched off. Luckily I didn’t meet anyone from chemistry again and all I had were stares, pointing fingers and snickers as I finished the day and head home. I went home and when I say home I mean the Vanderbilt mansion. I didn’t stay in the main house but there was a one story building behind that my uncle and I occupied. “Uncle,I’m home.” I announced, although I know he’s probably in the mansion or at work. Being the personal assistant of Mr.Vanderbilt made him as busy as Mr.Vanderbilt if not more. Going into the kitchen,I dropped my bag on the island, fetched a glass of water and began drinking when the front door opened and uncle strolled in. “Uncle” I called and run to him giving him a hug.I was surprised he had returned early.He usually didn't return that same day or came back when I was asleep. “How was your first day Princess?”He asked stroking my hair.  Ever since mom and dad died in a fire that burnt down our house ten years ago,Uncle Alex had took me in.I was told I forgot the memories because of the trauma and how young I was. Since then, Uncle had took me in and has been my only parent. “Great”I lied.I didn’t want there to be any bad mood because he was scarcely home and I didn’t want to ruin the little time I had with him. “Have you closed from work?”I asked eagerly but when he looked away guiltily I knew he wasn’t going to stay.It’s okay.He was making money for our survival.I got used to it after ten years of living with him. “I actually just came for some files I’d forgotten but I’ll be taking you out tomorrow so don’t be sad. “Don’t worry it’s okay”.I smiled brightly at him.

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