03 | SAFE

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*Xavier’s POV* Doctor Jacobs and a few nurses came out about two hours ago from the surgery room. They barely acknowledged me when they finally walked out of the surgery room, and they wouldn’t even let me get close to her. Maximo was growling at them, and I was barely able to control him from coming forward and killing them all. The doctor ignored me and closed the door after he had entered the room. Sometime later, he came out of the room and walked towards me with a clip board and some papers as he was reviewing them. “How is she Doctor Jacobs?” I asked after pacing the waiting area for what felt like hours. I had left Liam and Wyatt, my gamma, in charge of everything at the pack house. How could I concentrate without my mate? I didn’t last a minute away from her when Maximo was whining to return to the clinic. I had yet to eat or shower. I knew Liam would be returning soon to nag me again. “It is taking some time for her to heal properly since she doesn’t have her wolf yet, but she should be better in a few hours.” Relief immediately washed over me. The doctor allowed me to follow him back to the room to see her. As I walked closer to her, I noticed that she definitely looked better than before. The color of her skin seemed brighter, and her lips had this beautiful rosy look to them. How I wished to kiss those lips soon! “I would like those lips in multiple places, if you know what I mean!” Maximo barked at me. This wolf really didn’t know when to stop! At least he wasn’t whimpering anymore, to my relief. I rolled my eyes at him as I smiled back at her. This was clearly not the place nor the time for those type of ideas. Though I would love to take her-- I shook my head to get those thoughts out of my mind. Fūcking Maximo! Just looking at her as if she was peacefully sleeping had relaxed Maximo and me. Yet, I was still tense because I didn’t know what happened to her. Who or what caused this almost fatal attack on such a beautiful, most likely innocent, she-wolf? “Doctor Jacobs, do you think she will wake—” I was asking when my beautiful mate started moving slowly on the bed. I ran to her side to make sure that she didn’t hurt herself. “Xavier! What if she is scared of us?” Maximo asked. Shīt! I didn’t think about that! But she had to trust me… I was her mate for goddess’ sake. I lifted the back of my hand to her cheek as I stroked her soft, delicate skin. That was when I finally got a glimpse of her beautiful eyes as they fluttered open. “Wow!” I gasped as I took her beauty in. Who would have thought that she would have eyes to make your heart stop? Beautiful and unique. Perfect. After a few seconds of blinking, those beautiful emerald, green eyes shot open and looked around the room confused. I pulled my hand away quickly and reluctantly back up a little. I didn’t want to scare my beautiful Luna. *Victoria’s POV* I was still in so much pain, yet I felt a sense of safety. I didn’t understand what happened. I moved around slowly and immediately felt the sharp pain in my side. I held my breath while the pain reduced. Goddess, it hurts like crap! The pain brought back all my memories of what happened. I opened my eyes slowly, scared of where I might be. What if the evil Alpha found me? I would be dead, right? When my eyes were finally fully opened, I noticed that I was in a room with several machines around me. There was this constant beeping sound that I knew would drive me crazy. I looked around some more and realized that this was a pack hospital. There was no way that I was back at my old pack house. I would be in a dungeon or—dead. I continued looking around and noticed an older man, maybe in his early sixties, dark hair, mustache, muscular, who was wearing a white coat while holding a clipboard. He was standing by my feet looking at me with a big smile. Must be the doctor of this place. Unless— “How do you feel?” I heard the words come out, but I didn’t notice who the words came from. The doctor’s mouth hadn’t moved. I looked to my left and noticed the sexiest man to ever exist. “Oh, my goddess!” I thought to myself. I must have died or something because this man was too beautiful—scratch that—too sexy to be real! I felt my heart rate pick up immediately. This sexy man looked very tall and intimidating but still so yummy. He was very muscular with tattoos along his arms and neck. He had short, black hair and hazel eyes. He had a lot of muscles. His skin was like a beautiful medium, dark shade. Did I mention that he had so many muscles? “Doctor, what’s wrong? Why is the machine beeping faster?” The sexy, delicious, muscular man asked. Oh, no! That stupid machine was throwing me under the bus! “Alpha, please give her a minute. She is unaware of where she is, and she is with complete strangers.” The doctor whispered. Even though I don’t have my wolf yet, I was able to hear them whispering at each other. But… Hold the phone… Did he just say Alpha? I was definitely not in Dark River anymore. He looked nothing like stupid Alpha Leyon. If he really was an alpha, then this was definitely another pack... “Don’t worry sweetheart, you are safe here. We won’t let anything happen to you; I promise.” The gorgeous man said. “What’s your name?” he asked me as he walked a little closer. “Victoria—” I said with a barely audible whisper. “Victoria Evans. Where am I?” I asked shyly. I wasn’t shy when I was checking Mr. Sexy Pants out! “You are in Silver Lagoon pack lands. I found you this morning in pretty bad shape.” He paused and sighed. “Do you feel comfortable with sharing what happened to you? Why are you hurt? Who—hurt you?” He asked, getting visibly angry. Why would he be angry? He didn’t know me. I sighed, closing my eyes, as the horrible memories started coming back. When I woke up, I tried not to remember the details, but now… I shuddered in fear, shaking my head to get rid of the memories. I knew that they would know it was me who talked, and they would come and finish what they had started with those other girls. They said I was next… A she-wolf walked in with a glass of water and handed it to me to drink. She started changing some clear liquid that hung from a cable which was attached to my arm. When the she-wolf left, I looked at the men in front of me again. I know they have so many questions, but I can’t. At least not until I knew I could trust them. *Xavier’s POV* I looked at my precious mate and closed my mouth before I asked her again. I knew she heard me but maybe she just wasn’t ready, and I wasn’t going to keep pushing her. She needed to rest before we kept questioning her. But at some point, I had to find out in order to protect her. Her fear was evident when I asked her, and I felt pain in my heart thinking about what she must have been through. The pain I felt quickly turned into anger, knowing that if she feared even telling us, then it must be because it was someone powerful and dangerous. I can promise one thing… whoever did this to her will pay with their lives! I was holding back Maximo’s growl because I didn’t need my mate more scared than what she was. Male mates have a tendency to feel the need to protect their she-wolf mate. It was no different for an alpha. In fact, alphas were even more overprotective of their beloved mates and loved ones. Doctor Jacobs excused himself, walking away to check on other patients and to check some of Victoria’s test results. I moved my hand towards her face and caressed her cheek gently. I felt a little bit of electricity from the contact with her skin. I felt it before, but it was barely there, and I even thought I was imagining it. She must have felt it too, since her hand moved up on top of mine. I was not sure how long we stared into each other’s eyes while holding each other’s hands, but our eyes broke away only when we heard the doctor clearing his throat. “Alpha Xavier. Do you mind if I check on Ms. Evans again? I want to confirm if there are any changes.” I moved back a little and gave him a quick nod for him to proceed. He can check her while I was here. I wasn’t leaving and I won’t be taking my eyes off her. He hesitantly walked towards the bed. Cold sweat was visible on his forehead. While the doctor checked my beautiful mate, I mind linked some omegas to bring her something to eat and clothes for her to change into. She couldn’t wear that hospital gown with the back open when she was released. She was mine! After a few minutes, Doctor Jacobs turned around to face me again as he smiled brightly. “Good news, Alpha!” Doctor Jacobs beamed. “If Lu—Ms. Evans continues healing at this rate, then she will be released by tomorrow morning!” Great! Morning can’t come any sooner. I needed my mate by my side, on my bed, in my arms… “I-I have nowhere to go—” My mate said in a low whisper. “I-I was trying t-to reach the human side—” “Please, do not worry about that! We can accommodate you here in Silver Lagoon! If you are comfortable with that—” I said hesitantly as I paused to watch her. She couldn’t leave… I needed her… She gave me a quick nod and a warm smile. I sighed, relieved that she accepted to stay here. There was no way I could be away from her. It would have been awkward if she had caught me stalking her if she had decided to leave. “Great! Once you are fully healed, we can prepare everything for you to become a pack member.” I told her with a huge smile. Hopefully her luna ceremony can be on the same day… She thanked me as her eyes started fluttering closed. My poor baby was still so weak. I walked towards a chair by the door to wait very impatiently for morning to arrive to be able to take my love with me to her new home.
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