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The Silver Lagoon Series:

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Running is easy when you have a plan and where to run to. But when you see something you shouldn’t, a plan no longer matters, only surviving does.

As a runaway omega, surviving is slim to none, but I don’t care, since I have nothing to lose. That’s why when I find myself in an unknown pack, I decide to trust the strong, intimidating alpha, especially when I feel a pull towards him.

When my eighteenth birthday comes along and I confirm the reason for the pull I feel towards the alpha of the Silver Lagoon pack, I know things will get better.

The only thing I need to do is tell someone what I saw—the reason I had to run. The problem is that issues keep arising and I have no other choice but to stay quiet and wait until things get better.

But when things don’t get better and more complications arise, it is up to me to save more than the chained she-wolves. I just never imagined just how important I am to take down the evilness happening in the Dark River pack.

*This book ends in a cliffhanger, but a HEA is guaranteed in book two*


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01 | MATE
*Victoria’s POV* Run. That’s all I thought about doing. It was either that or let myself be killed! I’m not known to give up, so I ran. But I have never been trained and didn’t think I’d be so tired. I ran for so long but now I'm barely walking. I’ve been walking for goddess knows how long! I don’t think I can make it to the human side. So many hours have passed since I first ran and the injury on side hasn’t stopped bleeding. Goddess, please help me! What did I do to deserve the life I have? At least I’d be safer or healed already if I had my wolf, but no not even that! My nosy asš couldn't wait a few more days before sneaking around in that damned pack house. I really hope those asšholes don’t find me! I think having jumped in that water should have distracted them. I may be a weak omega, but I definitely have brains. I pushed myself a little bit further when everything went black. *Leyon’s POV* “Drake!” I mind linked my beta after about an hour of not hearing back with any news from him. I can’t believe they let her get away! Useless mother fūckers! “Yes Alpha?” He asked back seeming somewhat frustrated. If he’s fūcking frustrated, guess what I am?! “Did you find the she-wolf yet? I want her here right NOW and make sure that none of the useless warriors hurt a single hair on her head!” I growled back at him. How do I have one of the best packs in the east and haven’t found the missing she-wolf in over one fūcking hour? “No Alpha! It seems like she got further than expected. The strange thing is that the warriors haven’t found another scent so there is no way that someone helped her get further! She has to be in our land still!” He said. Of course, these mother fūckers haven’t found her! I should kill them all! I can’t comprehend how a tiny little she-wolf got away from my beta! My second in command! You see how weak that makes me and my pack fūcking look! When we catch her, she will regret having ran off like she did. “She won’t like it, but I most definitely will.” I thought to myself as I licked my lips. “Fūck! If we don’t find her, we might as well prepare for the fūcking investigation once the Kingdom finds out! If the fūcking Kingdom finds out, I will be hanging all of your heads in my office as a reminder to the others!” Honestly, I don’t give a shīt that she saw us torturing the other women. What I really care about is that she ran off and she’d probably open that beautiful mouth of hers to someone. If she was still here, I would gladly show her what happens to those who open their mouth and I'm sure she’d be an obedient, good girl. I can't wait to be powerful enough to get rid of the royals in the Kingdom! Those asšholes think that they rule the world and could make laws for the packs around the globe? Those annoying fūckers! I also don't want her meeting people and falling in love. Yes, I said what I said! I may not admit it to anyone else, but I always knew I wanted her to be mine. If she disappears, I wouldn’t be able to make her mine like I’ve wanted to do ever since I watched her grow into the sexy woman she has become. Fūcking delicious! I can't wait to taste that pūssy of hers that must be so tight and ready for my cōck. “Alpha?" Drake asked in hesitation. “What?" I growled at him. “Why not kill the bītch?” He finally asked when he grew the balls. “Because I fūcking said so!" I growled. "I have better plans for her. So shut the fūck up and don't question me!" “Yes Alpha! I will get a larger search party to find her!” He replied before I cut the mind link. All of them are incompetent! I still can’t believe my little Victoria got away! She’s fūcking weak, an omega, for crying out loud! I don't want to hurt her, but she is mine and she needs to be taught to respect her alpha! *Xavier’s POV* That meeting was pointless as hell, like each one we’ve had monthly for the last three years. My parents could no longer wait to hand over the pack to me. They wanted to wait for me to find my luna since the counsel was pressuring them, but they knew I could take on the challenges of managing our pack alone and didn't give two fūcks what the counsel said at the end of the day. It pissed me off that the counsel wanted to force me to give up on finding my goddess given mate because of some beliefs they had. I really wanted to wait for my mate, but their pressure was becoming too much to handle, and it was even affecting my pack. Why couldn’t I continue being a sole alpha until I found my mate? It’s not a crime, nor does that make my pack weaker. Yeah, I’m 28 years old, but I’m a great alpha and everyone knows it. Even them! Not that I’m trying to toot my own horn here, but I really am great. “Admit it. You are conceited!” Maximo, my wolf, commented with a snicker. Yeah, okay, I can be a bit conceited, but what alpha isn’t? Alphas were known to be born leaders, powerful and intelligent. “Funny you are talking about being conceited.” “Whatever human,” he barked back. “Does someone have a stick up their ass? Can’t you take a joke?” I asked him with a laugh. He had the nerve to ignore me as usual, so I went back to my thoughts. I swear I was paired with the most sensitive wolf in history. I mean, he teased me first. Lately, any little thing offended or angered the mutt. I honestly can’t begin to imagine myself having a chosen luna like the council wanted. That’s nonsense and an offense to the moon goddess! I don’t know how other alphas can do it or even think about it. Do they not wish to be happy, find their soul mate, feel the sparks? Ahhh, the sparks that I dreamed about feeling every night. I had considered planning to overthrow the council members, but they were also backed by the kingdom. That would start a war that I’m sure wouldn’t end well for either party! The kingdom only got involved in certain matters, but most of the time, they turned a blind eye when the counsel interfered with all the pack’s everyday decisions. I really needed to clear my head though. I almost punched the man that got in my face inside my own office! I’m lucky my beta interfered at that moment because I’d probably be on my way for questioning after ripping the man’s head off. After some internal debate, I shifted into Maximo behind the pack house and ran through the forest. Every time I was feeling angry or stressed, Maximo and I went for a run to release some steam. Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve been able to control Maximo’s anger towards everyone lately. They say that the longer you go without a mate, the more aggressive and angrier your wolf becomes, not that it has stopped us from waiting for our mate. “Your anger is just as bad as mine! Stupid human,” Maximo grumbled impatiently. If the human side was desperate, imagine the animal side! I couldn't blame his temper though, because most of the time, it was me who blew up on people. But his attitude towards me lately has been getting on my last nerve. We were a team after all. I started running around at top speed to tire ourselves out, when I suddenly smelled the most mouthwatering scent I’ve ever come across. Is it caramel with a hint of vanilla? Oh man! I abruptly stopped, digging Maximo’s paws into the dirt in the process. I desperately sniffed the air some more and I could see Maximo wagging his tail like a happy pup. I can't believe this. Was I going crazy? Was this a dream? Please don't be a dream! I tried to follow the scent but suddenly froze in my place as soon as I noticed the other scent that mixed with the person’s. “Maximo, is that blood?” I asked him, ready to position us into defense mode. Maybe someone broke into my territory? Our neighboring pack was a bit strange and did questionable business, but that was for the counsel to investigate. “Yes, it is blood, but we need to find out who smells like caramel! I want to eat them up!” Really dude? And forget our safety? I rolled my eyes at him because I swear my wolf could be such a horndog. He wasn’t concerned about the blood that could mean that danger was near but instead he focused on the delicious scent. Though I must admit that the scent was clouding my judgement as well. Maybe finding the scent wasn't a bad idea... “Oh, but I'm the horndog?” I rolled my eyes and continued following the wonderful scent but at the same time not letting my guard down. Unfortunately, the closer we got, the stronger the smell of blood got too. I froze the moment I saw her. So, the scent was coming from a she-wolf. “Of course! Who else? You fūcktard!” Maximo grumbled, forcing me to sigh to stop myself from responding. The best thing to do was to ignore him, since I had more important things to do right now than to argue with him. She looked so fragile lying on the ground. I took in the sight of the small, injured brunette and felt immense pain in my chest. I got closer but quickly took in my surroundings to make sure no one was near enough to attack us by surprise. The moment I turned back to her, I noticed that she had scratches all over her body, making it clear that she was probably running away from danger. I felt an immense pull to this tiny she-wolf and couldn't keep myself from walking closer to her. “Mate.” Maximo finally whimpered, our hearts breaking at the condition of our luna. It made sense that she was our mate, since her scent captivated me from miles away, forcing me to follow it. I shifted immediately to pick her up, her face and body covered in dirt and injuries. She was unconscious but shaking in my arms. When I moved her hand from her side, my eyes grew wide in shock and fear. She had two deep cuts that were bleeding nonstop and seemed very fresh. She also appeared so pale that it broke my heart even more. My poor baby! “Why isn’t she healing, Maximo?” I growled at him, not that he had any control, but I was freaking out. I just found my mate, and this had to happen to her. What a fūcking twisted fate! “I think she doesn’t have her wolf yet, Xavier.” Maximo replied as he paced my head, making me more agitated. So, she wasn’t eighteen yet? I don’t give a fūck! She was coming with me no matter what, but I am concerned about what exactly happened to her… My pain and fear for her quickly turned into anger. Who does this to a delicate girl, or any woman, for that matter? I ran back to our pack house as fast as I could, holding my mate to my chest as tightly as possible. Silver Lagoon had the best doctors, since we were the largest pack in the region with over a thousand pack members. I had faith that our doctors would save my mate. Because I couldn’t lose her when I just got her.

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