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*Xavier’s POV continues* I immediately mind linked my beta and best friend, Liam, to have the doctors ready so that my mate could receive help as soon as possible. She was getting colder as I was reaching the pack clinic. “Stay with my princess!” I whispered in her ear. Maximo was whimpering. We just got our mate and it felt like we were losing her. “Goddess please!” I begged as I looked up to the sky. Within minutes, I reached the clinic's entrance and ran through the front doors, immediately placing her on bed that was prepared before we arrived. “Doctor Jacobs!" I yelled at him. Not in anger but in desperation. “Please save her! Please save my mate!” I said as tears threatened to fall. I didn’t give a shīt how pathetic I may look right now. I would do anything for her already. My eyes quickly flickered black as Maximo took over. The doctor and nurses were pushing the bed away when Maximo tried to run after them. A nurse stepped in the way to stop us from entering the emergency rooms. “Save Mate!” Maximo growled out in pain at the doctor again. Every second that passes, our connection with our mate weakens. “Yes, Alpha.” Doctor Jacobs said as he stopped and smiled with pity. “We will do the best we can, but we need you to step outside so we can work.” He stated as he turned the corner. I was able to push Maximo back after a few seconds, but he was going crazy! “Come on, man” Liam said as he tried grabbing my arm. My pulled away, staring towards the hallway that Doctor Jacobs walked through. “I can’t leave her, Liam.” I choked as tears threatened to fall from my eyes. “Xavier, we have to trust that the doctors will help her. There is nothing you can do.” My beta has been like a brother to me for my whole life. We were born only one month apart and have been inseparable since. When his parents passed away, my parents raised him as their own. “I don’t know.” I said as I glanced towards again the doors that they took my mate through. “What if I’m not here when she wakes up? What if whoever did this to her finds her?” I know we have the best pack in the country, but I don’t know who is even after her. What am I saving her from? “We can have a group of warriors guard the room, Xavier.” Liam said. “We will secure the borders. No one enters nor leaves. I’m sure people will be upset, but it is for our luna’s protection.” He had a point. I’m just so worried that I can’t think straight. I hesitated a little as I looked between the doors and Liam. Fūck! I need to prepare everything for when she wakes up. That finally pushed me to give in. I quickly mind linked my best warriors to come protect their luna. They arrived within seconds since Liam had been one step ahead of me. I will never regret making him my beta. He was always there to help me keep my head on my shoulders. “Please protect her at all costs! Now that I have found my mate, I won’t allow anyone or anything to take her away! Mind link me if you see something suspicious.” I said as I looked at each and every one of my warriors. “Yes, Alpha! We will protect the Luna with our lives!” My warriors answered in unison. I sighed as Liam gave me a playful punch on my arm. “You haven’t even talked to her, and you are already whipped.” He chuckled as we walked towards the exit. I growled lowly, warning him that I wasn’t in the mood for his little jokes. He lifted his hands up in surrender and quickly jogged to open the door to exit the clinic. I silently prayed to the moon goddess. I really hope that my mate wakes up soon! “Mate will wake up. I can feel it.” Maximo said softly. *Liam’s POV* I haven’t left Xavier’s side since he arrived with his mate to the clinic. He seemed so lost and in love already. I’m not going to lie; I envy that he found his mate. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy for my best friend, but I really want that. I really wished, us, werewolves would be able to choose our own mates. It is so hard to be in love and not be able to do anything about it because of the mate bond. Xavier wasn’t in love before he found his mate, so it all worked out for him. I am in love though. I pray daily to the moon goddess that she will bless me with the person I love. I need my beloved Brooklyn as my mate! I have been in love with her as long as I can remember. I grew up with her like she was a sister to me, since she was Xavier’s younger sister. We were all really close, even though she was so much younger than us. I was always very protective of her. I watched her grow up into the beautiful woman she has become, and I could no longer see her as a sister. She was so pure and innocent. She was the most beautiful she-wolf that I had ever laid eyes on. I never pursued her because it wouldn’t be fair to her if we weren’t mates and she probably only saw me as an older brother anyway. I have tried to be strong and wait for her, but werewolves have a big sēx drive. I have to picture her face every time I take any she-wolf to bed. Brooklyn is now seventeen years old, and I was counting the days to find out if she really was my mate. If she wasn’t my mate, I’m not sure if I could bare it or what I would do then. I can’t see her with anyone else. My wolf, Cobalt, won’t allow any males near her. We have been scaring away any guy that even thinks about talking to her since she turned fifteen years old. I have high hopes that she was my mate since Cobalt goes crazy every time, she was near. It wasn’t normal for wolves to feel so protective over someone that wasn’t their mate. I tried focusing again on what Xavier was saying about the new security that he wanted to put in place. It was kind of hard because every time I thought about Brook, my mind would be gone for hours. I stared at Xavier and felt a bit panicked. If the mate bond was really that strong, would I lose Brook, if she wasn’t my fated mate? Would I be able to reject my true mate? I really hoped not! *Leyon’s POV* “Alpha!” One of my warriors mind linked me. “We found some blood about fifteen miles northeast of the end of the river, but the she-wolf is nowhere to be found! Someone must have helped her out. The trackers sensed another wolf’s scent nearby and are trying to track it down. Unfortunately, it seems like they just disappeared!” “What!” I was pissed. How the fūck have they not found her yet? “I have some of the best trackers and warriors for a reason! Find her and bring her to me! If you don’t find her within the hour, I want you to contact the rogues that owe us favors and have different groups attack the neighboring packs to get her back! I want this done today!” I always gathered some of the best trackers for when she-wolfs had bright ideas to run away during our experiments. They never got too far anyway. I really enjoyed hearing them scream in fear right before we killed them. We always killed them, since we couldn’t trust that they wouldn’t open their pretty little mouths. Because they never got far was why I was so confused about my precious Victoria. How did she get so far if my warriors and Beta went after her not too long after she had escaped! I wasn’t planning on killing her. She was my next experiment and my favorite. “Yes Alpha! We will start moving things to get attacks scheduled as early as tonight if we haven’t found her!” My warrior said. I don’t understand what the point was of having the ‘best’ warriors and trackers if they couldn’t even find a tiny 17-year-old girl. Fūckers! “We can find her ourselves! Let’s find her and make her ours!” Ryker, my wolf, growled at me. He has always been obsessed with Victoria as well. Actually, more than me. He knew better to ask for her to be ours when he knew we couldn’t do that. He always said that he really wanted her as our sēx slave. I really wished that I could fūck her without getting attached. “I can’t make her ours! You know only an alpha’s daughter can be our luna! We also have to focus on finding the treasure dad always talked about. If we find the special wolf, she will definitely make a good luna to this pack.” My wolf’s constant whining pissed me off, I swear! I have explained this to him multiple times! If I made her mine, I wasn’t sure if I would be strong enough to hold off on marking her. Every time I saw her, I felt a desire to claim her as mine. I knew that the desire was coming from my wolf. He could pretend all he wanted but he couldn’t hide that shīt from me. “We don’t have to make her luna. It will only be to have some fun. Fūck, Leyon! Have you seen those beautiful curves?” Ryker asked as he drooled himself. That body drives me crazy too, but I had to stay strong. At least until she turned eighteen. Victoria turned eighteen in two days. I made sure to know everything about her since I had a mild obsession over her. I knew more about her than any of my other victims. “I have! I’m not blind, you fūcker! Let’s just wait until she turns eighteen. If she turns out to be the special wolf, we will decide what to do with her then.” “If she is the special wolf, she will be ours, Leyon! If she isn’t, let’s have that sexy body and then we can eliminate her like the rest that have seen more than they should have and tried to run!” Ryker was a ruthless beast, but she was his weakness. There was something about her that made both of us weak. One thing I knew for sure… We would not be able to kill her. “I will think about it.” I muttered to him.
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