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Eva lived a simple life with her mother who had divorce her father happily, until her father called her home and forced her to replace her twin sister Eve who had escaped marriage, Eva was forced to marry a mysterious CEO who concealed his identity, will they stay together if the truth is being revealed?

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chapter 1

  My twin sister Eve was arranged to marry a guy from the Grey family, from what I heard he was the old mysterious CEO, Eve having a lover escaped from her marriage.  My father, Michael Anderson, made me replace my sister and help her take the vow

  "But Dad, I can't do that, are you even thinking of me?"  I told my father with visible anger, "Eva, my child, today is your sister's wedding, but she ran away, what do you think the Grey family will do with our company?"  my father tried to convince me.  "But dad" .... "No, buts Eva, you will just take a vow for your sister," my father walked down the long corridor.  "Be good," he declared and left.  I looked down at the wedding venue to see the guest waiting and shrugged "keep on waiting."  I started looking for the source of my escape, I found the door and wanted to escape when I heard a series of voices and footsteps coming to me "look, she's there" one of the bodyguards said: I opened the door and ran but they caught me, "you don't have to drag me to the altar, I will go alone, ”I signed.

  I walked down the aisle nonchalantly, I am not my sister who behaves like a typical lady, but I am Eva, the best Taekwondo and Athletic student who grew up with her mother among lower-class people.

  "Sorry Miss Anderson, but the groom is not here, you will have to go on with the marriage alone," announced the priest, "is he too old to come to the wedding, or is he crippled?"  I uttered sarcastically.  I looked around and saw a puppy "this puppy is going to represent Mr. Grey, priest, you can start," I chuckle.

  I took the vow, took off my six-inch hill, and fled the church I was being chased by my father's bodyguard and the Grey's bodyguard.  While running, I didn't focus on the road that I almost hit the car that was parked in front of the church, I grabbed the driver and pushed him away, I opened the door, started the car, and drove away.

  "Oh God Eva, you just stole a car, how will I return this car now" I became regretful "not only did you steal a car, but you also stole a man" I heard someone say in the back seat, I stopped the car with full force, turned and saw a man looking straight at me.

  "Sorry sir, it was not on purpose, now I will leave your car to you" I got out of the car "stop'' I heard him say that I should stop moving. "Where do you think you are going?"  He walked down.  "I'm so sorry sir, I didn't want to involve you in this, I was just trying to get away from the bad guys, I promise to pay you back sometime."  I explained with fake tears, we are still talking when a thief walked over to the car and drove away, "what are you doing?" He inquired in surprise.  "I'm repaying you, will you forgive me?" I went after the thief, I ran through many shortcuts and jumped a lot of things blocking my way, immediately I cornered the thief he opened the car door and ran, I turned around and saw the man still running towards me, I started the car and drove to him.

  "You run so fast," he tried to breathe, "yes, I'm Olympia's champion," I showed him my acrobatics, "you're not human''

  "Of course not, I returned your car from a thief, so we're even."

  We were driving on the lonely road without a word, I finished my water and decided to break the silence, "Can you forgive me now?''  - I pleaded, glancing at him through the rear mirror.  He looked quite handsome and looked like a good guy, I guessed.

  "Okay, why did you get away from your wedding?"

 "Because that's not my life," I looked out the window.  "Not your life?" 

 "Yes, we only live once, why should I live for people I don't like, I want to live for myself," I retorted sadly.  "Where are you going?" but where would I go now, I thought to myself.  "Take me home, no, it doesn't matter, you can stop me here''

  "Why don't you stop, I said you should stop now, I'm warning you now or I'll kick you out" I was irritated, but he just laughed, maybe he's a bad guy, I should try something else, I thought.

  "Sir, I am at my young age, I had to marry a cruel man, he is old, ugly, bald, with a big belly and unable to have s*x," I made a disgusting face.

  "I was busy running away, I didn't grab my phone or purse, you can leave your number, I'll pay you back later."  hoping to get his number, well he gave me his number. Sister, where are you please come back and stop it all, I can't keep running like this I told myself while looking out the window.

  Alexander Grey, CEO of Grey's Enterprises, just retired and handed the company over to his grandson who is Oliver Grey, who is now CEO of Grey Enterprise, Alexander had a business deal to help Michael Anderson save his company from bankruptcy and then let her daughter Eve marry his grandson Oliver.

   Oliver's p.o.v.

  My grandfather informed me that I would marry Miss Eve, the said Genius that will help us in our business, I agreed, but I was not at the wedding.  Halfway to the wedding, I decided to stop in front of the church with the driver who is also my secretary to see how it goes, I asked him to go in and see what was going on, I was stunned to find a girl running away from so many men in suits looks like she's running away, I thought.  The lady in the wedding dress jumped all the stairs to my car, she shoved my driver away and drove away, I didn't talk when she stole my car, but I did when she started lamenting how she stole the car and what she was going to do, I told her she stole a man too, she stopped the car with a full speed and I hit my head against the seat, I was already annoyed.

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