Badass Alpha To a Mafia King

enimies to lovers

He was kicked out from his original pack by his own pack members for being the next heir to the Alpha title. Fate had different plans for Axel after throwing from his Redmoon Pack.

After fifteen years he becomes the Mafia King to the strongest underworld gang of the world.

Suddenly he found that his mate is from his original pack. Will they accept their mate bond over rivalry? Why Axel was kicked out from his own pack?

I am sure that none of you have ever read a book like this!

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CHAPTER 1- Repeating Dream
CHAPTER 1- Repeating Dream Axel’s POV “Kill him, do not let him escape” a bizarre voice started to echo in the forest. I started to run faster to avoid them. They are following me to kill me. “Beta, we can’t find his scent”, a voice of a warrior started to hear closer from my left side. I pressed my lips tightly so that I can control my huffing sound. “I will kill his whole family, I know that b*****d must have taken the help of a white witch to mask his scent”. The bitter voice I hate to hear started to ring in my eardrum. Run Axel, run for your life, run to save everyone and to save the pack. Father’s voice started to haunt my mind. I close my eyes and started to run like an arrow released from a stronger bow. “There he is, get that little b*****d” the harsh voice roared around the foreset. The road ends soon I know and there is a waterfall which falls deeply into the green river. The devil’s fall, no one survived yet who jumped from here. It was a prohibited area for us. Life or death, jump Axel. Without thinking for a second, I jump into the deep waterfall. The cool breeze started to hit on my bare upper body and I was drawn towards the deep point of the waterfall-like an arrow pierced by a bow. As soon as my little body hit the water I went deep down and my nostrils started to fill with water and breathing is difficult now. I started to move my arms faster to come out from the water to fill my lungs with oxygen, but unfortunately, I am too deep. “Hey wake up, why are you screaming. You are not allowing me to sleep” I hear a woman is screaming to my ear suddenly. It’s a dream! The same dream I see every day! I open my eyes to find that the s**t I slept last night is boring holes in my face with her larger eyes. Her mascara and her lipsticks were spoiled by me when I was riding her. “How dare is she to speak to an alpha with her higher voice, I told you not to take these b*****s to your lap, but you never listen to me” spike roared in my head. Spike, is my wolf. My stubborn wolf is like me. I gritted my teeth and squeezed her jaw and brought her face closer to my face. “What did you say? Speak another word with your f****g high voice and I will not think for a second time to cut your tongue and your worthless body into pieces” I squeezed her jaw she started to cry with pain. My strength is ten times comparing to a usual human. I know that the s**t is feeling my strength, before I crush her jaw I pushed her from the bed. “S…sorry, sorry king. I…I was angry because my deep sleep was disturbed by your dream and you were shaking and mumbling something” the s**t started to speak with her stuttering voice. “Get the f**k out of here you b***h and do not show me your f****g face here again” I roared in the cozy room. The walls of the presidential suite must be shaken with my thundering voice. “But K…King” she clutched her sheet. “I don’t like repeat things, get your a** out from here” I stood up from the bed and took a cigar from my golden mayan sicars brand, and went to the balcony. I heard the sound of closing the door of the suite. The s**t must be gone out. This dream is not allowing me to have a proper sleep, no matter how much I am tired and wanted to sleep, it disturbs me and wake me up. I want to come out from this dreaming and that’s why I started to sleep with w****s and s***ts every day to make my mind move to another way, but nothing worked, not their s****l poses neither their screams and moans. I checked the time in my wristwatch, I have one habit that I never remove my wristwatch at any cost at any time. It’s 4.48 a.m and I wake up while the whole NY city is sleeping. The cigar is almost over, I never finish the whole cigar, I always throw it in halfway and lit another one if I wanted. I am not addicted to it, but at least I am having one per day, Especially after the same dream repeating and waking me up early in the morning. I shut the window and entered the bathroom to have a hot water bath. I am staying in our hotel which belongs to our mafia gang. Yes, you are correct. I am working for a mafia gang call Black scorpion! I am not only working, I am the mafia king of this gang. I became the king of this gang five years ago. Our godfather, Mr. Lorenzo, retired from his position and handover to me. None of there to against that decision and most of them were certain that I will be their next king. Most of the luxury hotels in the USA belong to us. Not only the USA but also most of the countries we rule in hotels. We have our hands in many industries, legal and illegal. We rule every nook and corner of the world. Money is nothing for us, we care for each member of the gang and their families too. I entered the shower cabin and stood under the shower. I open the shower to have a warm bath. The warm water gives me a fresh feeling to start the day. I kept my two palms to the shower wall and looked down. The water is pouring by wetting my hair and it gently started to pour through my muscular body. After the shower, I came out of the bathroom with my slightly wet hair. “Alpha, may I come in?” I hear the voice of my beta early in the morning. It’s 5.30 a.m. “Come in Noah” I permitted him while spreading body spray all over my body. “Alpha, good morning, as usual, you are awake” he greeted me. “Good morning Noah, you know that I am not lucky enough to sleep with you like others after that dark day” I dry my hair with the drier while looking from the mirror towards Noah. “Forget the past Alpha, we all know that living on that day won’t bring anything back to us. Our hopes and our relationship to that pack died with the death of our pack members” Noah started to speak looking down. I can see his long face and his sad tone screams that he is also not in a position to forget them all. “Really Noah? Are you telling me to forget them all? Then tell me that why you are having a f****g long face?” I threw the hairdryer to the dressing table and turned to my closet. “Alpha, I am not here to argue with you. I am here to convey a message from godfather Mr. Lorenzo” he said. I pick a full suit since I have some meetings to attend with other few gangs. “What is the message, Noah? Is there going to be a raid on our containers or drugs are expired sent by the sender or anyone to be murdered?” I ask while wearing my white shirt. “No Alpha, we got a tip from a trustful resource about a girls auction for s*****y doing by one of our rivalry gang Death fighters,” Noah said. When I hear about s*****y, I froze for few seconds. We do illegal business, but as a policy, we don’t do anything that can bring harm to females and children. I was strictly instructed not to do any human trafficking. “I have warned them to stop it a few months back, but still these f****g bastards are doing it” I gritted my teeth. I feel Spark is ready to attack them at any moment. “Yes Alpha, Godfather wants us to finish this once and forever. If you are available today we can…” “We will finish this today Noah. Prepare the team at 5. p.m. in the evening. We will be meeting the Death fighters and finish them” I finish my look with my blazer. The whole day went with meeting with different people for legal and illegal matters. The outer world doesn’t know me that I am a werewolf, only the godfather knows and he makes sure to send no humans with us for our fights. We secretly visit places and attacked the rivals and come back as humans. Today Spark is a bit restless. Usually, he is not a troublemaker. He stays calms and when he feels his presence should be there, he comes out. We reach the place around 7.00 p.m. The auction was prepared in a secret base of Death fighters located in New Jersey. My team consisted of myself, my Beta, Gamma, Delta, and another three warriors. “You all know what to do, save the innocents and finish whoever comes across you,” I said. We started to shift to our wolf forms. “I fell the scent” Spark started to run inside like never before. “Scent of what or whose? And why are you running so fast like a crazy dog? Slow down Spark” I said. “She is here, our mate!”

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