Saving My Broken Mute

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Nasha has been abused by her father for her entire life. She has no mother, and her father always blamed her for her mother's death. After 13 years of straight abuse from her father, her aunt Pam finally convinces him to let her take Nasha off his hands. He agrees, and Nasha soon starts her new life.

Unfortunately, Nasha's abuse follows her. Due to all of the mental and pysical abuse that she had to endure, she became mute. Pam tries to get her to open up, and relax now that she's states away from her abuser. However, Nasha can't be fixed so easily.

After two years though, Nasha seems to break out of her shell more. She is still considered a mute at school, and bullied because of it. Even when her bullies push her, and take pictures of her scars, she refuses to talk. Nasha only speaks to her aunt, and it's not much.

Nasha becomes more comfortable in her new life. Her bullies lost most interest in her, although they bully her still on a daily basis. They moved on to only bumping her things out of her hands, or calling her names instead of beating her up. Nasha believes it's the best she's going to get out of her pathetic life.

At least, until she is assigned a group project with the most popular boy in school, Ryland.

Ryland is a playboy. Every girl wants him, and he's had every girl he's ever wanted. Ryland is one of Nasha's every day bullies, and she is not excited to be doing a group project with him. However, she refuses to do all of the work for him since this project is worth half their grade.

While trying to talk Nasha into doing the project for him, she speaks. Ryland is shocked as hell, and tries to tell some of his friends later about it. All of them think he's crazy. Nasha is a mute. She doesn't speak.

This spikes an interest in Ryland. Now he wants to her talk again. He wants to prove that Nasha can speak. That she's been faking it this whole time. Nasha might have been able to handle the girls bullying her, but she's not had Ryland do his worst.

While Ryland tries his best to bully her into submission, he ends up growing more feelings for her. Feelings he doesn't understand, or want. Feelings that are hard to control.

Will Ryland give in to his urges? Will Nasha let this playboy push her buttons? Will Ryland find out the truth, and save his broken mute?

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Nasha's P.O.V. ******************************* "I am sorry sir, but your wife is dead." The doctor told my dad. Mommy is... dead? "How did this happen? She was fine yesterday!" Dad yelled at the doctor. "Sir, this is how cancer works. You were told when you first found out that she would only have a year at most. You all managed to get four years together. You should be thankful for that. However, I am very sorry." The doctor said. I looked from the doctor to my dad. "D-Daddy... can I see Mo-" "Shut up Nasha." Dad interrupted me. "How many times must I tell you to keep your damn mouth shut!? Children should be seen, not heard." I shrunk back as I wrapped my arms around myself. "Shall I take the child to give you a few moments, sir?" The doctor asked, worried. Please say yes... I don't want to be yelled at anymore. I just want to see my mommy. "No. I'll be taking my daughter home." Dad said as he snatched my arm. I squirmed and winced at the pain. "Sir, you must be gentle. She's only four, her bones are still growing-" The doctor rushed out, but daddy doesn't care. Daddy never cares. "Shut the hell up! I don't take parenting advice from you," Dad said. Then he pulled me out of the hospital. I tried to fight against him. I just want to see Mommy one last time. Everyone watched with strange faces as Daddy pulled me out of the hospital. All while I cried my eyes out. Why isn't anyone helping me? "Stop fighting me!" Dad shouted at me. "B-but Daddy, I-I want to s-see Mommy." I said. Dad marched me to our car. The driver opened the door when we got closer. Dad tossed me inside, and got in with me. I tried to sit up, but Dad smacked me across the face, and I fell on the seat. Tears streamed down my face as a strong stinging started in my cheek. "I don't want to hear another fu.cking word from you." Dad said angrily. "You think that you deserve to see your mother? It's your fault she's dead. She didn't have cancer before she got pregnant with you. All you are is a fu.cking leech." Then dad looked at me with hard, evil eyes. "And I will never forgive you for what you've done." I shrunk back in my seat. I tried to get into my carseat, hoping that I could escape my father's hard gaze. Just as I reached out though, Dad smacked my hand away. He angrily ripped my carseat from the seat, opened the car door, and chucked it outside. Then he slammed the door shut. I shrunk back in my seat as the car started to move. Mommy always said it was very important that I stay buckled into my carseat while the car moves. Why would Daddy throw mine out? I whimpered as I looked out the window. "Listen carefully to me, Nasha," Daddy said. I turned my head to look at him. "I never wanted you. Your mother was the one that insisted on having a child. Now look at her. Four years later, and she's dead." He spat. "Since I'm stuck with you now... I don't want to hear a word out of your mouth unless I ask you to speak. You are going to stay out of my way. Your only purpose in life now, is to obey me. Do you understand?" He asked. I whimpered as I stared into his evil eyes. Daddy sighed heavily. Then he smacked me across my face again. I yelped as I grabbed my cheek. "Do you understand?" He asked again. "Y-yes Daddy... I u-understand." I said as tears streamed down my cheeks. I could taste blood in my mouth, but I didn't dare say anything. Daddy tells me all the time that he wishes it were me and not Mommy that got sick. If I ever said anything to Mommy though, Daddy would spank me. This is much different than getting hit with his belt though. This is worse. Even at my young age, I can tell.... Life is about to get much worse for me. ******************************************** ~ Six Years Later ~ ******************************************** "My, my you have a lovely daughter, John." One of my dad's business partners said. I think his name is Bob. I'm not sure though. I met a lot of Dad's friends tonight. All of them have given me the same creepy feeling. But I'll never say a word unless Dad says it's okay. "Thank you," Dad said. "Looks just like her late mother." I tried my best not to flinch. Dad says that with such happiness now. None of these people know that he'll beat me later just for that very reason. Just like he does most nights. "Beautiful young woman. How old are you sweetheart?" Bob asked as he gave me a charming smile. Gross. Why would a man his age be giving a kid a smile like that? It's creepy. "She's 10. Just turned last month." Dad told him. My birthday was six months ago. Not that he knows. I can't remember the last time anyone besides my aunt Pam told me happy birthday. Definitely not my father. "Hmmmm," Bob said, licking his lips. "John, may I have a word with you?" Dad looked down at me. "Go wait in the car. We're leaving after this." He whispered in my ear. I nodded before I turned to walk away. I walked through my father's friend's house to the front yard. Alfred, my father's driver, is waiting outside our car. He gave me a single nod, and opened the door for me. I slid into the car, and buckled my seat belt. I stared out the window while I waited for my dad to join me. I wonder what it was his friend had to say. I hope that whatever it is doesn't put Dad in a bad mood. I'm so exhausted after being on edge all day. I don't want to deal with a worse beating than usual. I watched some birds fly across the clear blue sky. What I wouldn't give to be a bird. To be free. I would fly as far away from here as possible. Maybe one day I'll meet a prince charming. I'll grow up real big like Aunt Pam. If I really look like my mother, then maybe I have a chance of turning out beautiful. Someone might fall in love with me. Then he can take me far, far away from here. He'll love me and care for me. I'll finally know what that feels like. The car door opened, knocking me from my thoughts. I tensed as Dad slid into the car. He shut the door with a big smile on his face. "To home, Alfred." He ordered cheerfully. Whatever Bob had to say must have been something good. I haven't seen Dad smile like that in a while. Despite how he treats me, it's nice to see him happy. I found myself smiling back at him. Of course, when Dad turned his eyes on me, I ruined his whole mood. Dad's face morphed into an expression of pure disgust. His eyes turned hard with hatred. I shrunk back in my seat, and lowered my eyes. I saw Dad reach out from the corner of my eye, and I braced myself. Only, a slap never came. Instead, Dad gently grabbed my chin. He pulled my face up until my eyes met his. My bottom lip trembled. What is he doing? Is this a trick? "Don't be afraid, my sweet daughter," he said. Don't be afraid? I'm always afraid. That's how he likes me to be. "I just made quite the deal with my friend Bob." Dad told me as he leaned back in his seat. I rubbed my chin where Dad had me. "Do you remember what Bob does, Nasha?" Dad asked me. "You may speak." "H-he is the CEO o-of... of..." I trailed off. Oh no, I can't remember. Bob was one of over 40 that I met today. And they were all people of great wealth. My dad is a very powerful lawyer. He has an entire firm that he runs. There are many, many wealthy people that are his clients. How am I supposed to remember all of them? "He is the CEO of the biggest bank in the country. How is that hard to remember, you i***t?!" He said angrily. My body started to tremble. "It's a good thing you look like your mother. Can't depend on anything up here." He said as he tapped the side of my head. "Say it so you remember." Dad said. "Go on." I took a deep shaky breath as tears filled my eyes. "I-I am a u-useless idiot." I stuttered. "That's right." Dad said smugly. "Anyhow, he made me quite the offer just now. Because of that, I'm in a wonderful mood. So, I'll let you off the hook for tonight. I'm going to go out. You stay home. I want it spotless. No mess at all. Then stay in your room." He ordered. More tears filled my eyes, but I blinked them away. "Speak," Dad boomed. I jumped. "Y-yes sir." I rushed out. At least I have tonight.

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