Vow Of Silence

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(Body-Swap : A Heroine's Journey to Prove Herself As A Warrior)

An accident triggered it. That was all Pelomina Lorenzo-Capiz knows before she ended up in the body of Pelomina Vaustero.

Pelomina from the current world woke up as a woman who's taken a vow of silence, which she effectively broke the instant she opened her eyes. However, there's an underlying mystery as to why the old Pelomina created that oath.

Waking up from a world completely different from what she's used to, caught her off guard, and while she's trying to her best cope and adapt, struggles piled up one after the other and made her priority to assess and understand the situation buried under the weight of her new responsibilities.

One of those struggles is being unable to understand and get along with Pelomina Vaustero's husband, lord Lykus Vaustero. A vicious ruler and guardian of the Southern-West border and land of the county called Viellyen.

But things took a turn in her favor, just as she thought things were finally going well for her and Lykus, she found her in bed with a woman who he claimed to be a friend during a crucial royal function. She chose to run away from the palace, and albeit starting the story with complete confusion, she's determined to find out what happened to the old Pelomina that led to her being in this body and how the vow of silence came to be. In her journey, she met a group of bandits that helped her understand the rules of that world and she eventually became one of them, both to make a living and find out more about Pelomina Vaustero's past.

The latter resulting in failure.

What she doesn't know, is that Lykus has been doing everything he could to find her and bring her back, knowing everything there is that the new Pelomina wants to find out.

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1st PERSON: Pelomina Lorenzo-Capiz I had an awful night. Something that I, Pelomina Lorenzo-Capiz, rarely experience. That was the end of it, prior to that I was having a pretty decent night t. I’m an aspiring musician, not the type that was supported by my parent about it but that goes for most of the populace that wants to pursue a career through that. My mother was the only one who supported me, she's the only parent I have after all, financially of course, but she was absolutely on the more unorthodox side of parenting when she said she will support whatever I decided to do in the future. Do whatever I can get myself by, were her words. Naturally, because I’m passionate about what I do, I got better at it, my friends did tell me I have talent in it and that I could be able to do great things with that in mind but let's be honest, it takes more than skill or talent to get yourself out there. But back on track, basically, I found my next big break, and to celebrate it was another night where I was surrounded by the people I love and the people who love me back; we went to a local concert and we were having drinks. But after the drinks, that’s when things started going downhill, really fast. We were crossing the road one of my friends bumped into another drunk guy who was not happy in the slightest and just went ahead and threw a juicy punch to my friend’s jaw. Now if you know me, you would know that I hate getting into fights, but I’m also not that confrontational, but I do get very fired up, easily at that. So I just had to jump in and help my friend. I didn’t mean it in a way that we’d both jump the drunk guy, but I just wanted to pull them away and run. However… Barreling in unnoticed, is two beaming lights speeding through the streets on its way to send us all to kingdom come, now I’ve done the math and usually, heroes chose one death over more and I’ve always wanted to see if self-sacrifice would make me end up on Valhalla. ...I’m pretty sure I died. Imagine my surprise when I woke up unscathed in a completely unfamiliar room. “Lady Pelomina? Are you alright?” an elderly man, clad in a tux, asked as he looked at me from above. I did fall off the bed after all so there should be no confusion as to why this is my view. I can only hope his view is less embarrassing than I think it was, which would be wishful thinking. But yes, he did say 'Pelomina' like my name 'Pelomina'. That's me. How does he know me? With his right hand on his chest, he offered me his left hand, “May I help you up?” He asked, “N-No uhm…” I trailed off as I gathered my composure and stood up, looking around the brightly lit room that I found myself in, adorned with classical paintings and a beautiful glass chandelier in the center, the walls were cream-colored with royal blue trimmings and the bed had posts that are laced with curtains of the same blue color. There was a large glass window on the side that led to a balcony facing a huge well-kept yard filled with trimmed trees, and the place is just filled with antique items that glint with shimmers under the sunlight. ‘… what the hell is this?’ I thought, gripping my hair and pulling it on end, but even my hair changed contrary to my brown shoulder-length hair. This one was silky, wavy, pitch black, and hecking long. ‘What IS HAPPENING?!’ I thought as I looked around, I almost forgot how to breathe as I dashed to a close-by mirror. ‘WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!’ I thought again as I stared at the face in the reflection, it’s not me. That’s not me. Who is this? Pelomina? That’s not Pelomina—I mean, me. “My lady, I’m sure you’ve had quite a fascinating dream to be acting like this but I assure you, you are fine and well, take a seat, please,” the old man said, I’m weighing down the consequences of the actions I’ll take at this point but after noting down some defining factors being, 1: I don’t know where I am, 2: I don’t know who this is, 3: I don’t know who I am, and 4: This man might just end me if I do something stupid. I did as he was told and took a seat on the chair already in front of the mirror. Still not wrapping the idea that this is my reflection around my head, he took out a brush and started brushing my hair as I awkwardly sat down, like an i***t. “That was quite a bizarre dream, lady Pelomina, to have you jumping around this early,” he began and I nodded, “You must be thrilled to finally meet lord Lykus, it’s been 2 years since he left,” he followed and I nodded again, “Y-Yes, very excited” I replied, he’s been talking like a victorian butler and I’m not sure if I’m someone who’d match that pace. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and I have my doubts. I glanced at his face and sure enough, I must’ve already said something because he stared at me with wide eyes and a frozen expression. ‘Oh come on! I’m already making problems?! This soon!?’ “Why… I thought earlier was a fluke, I can’t believe it... you spoke, my lady,” he said in complete astonishment, and here I am still processing which part of his statement determines the problem. Am I not allowed to speak? Is that it? Because if it is then there’s no point keeping me alive, I already died once. What’s another death going to do? The old man smiles and took a deep breath, “I’ll assume that this is because your husband is coming home that you’re having this change, but I must admit… I am elated to hear your voice again after all this time,” he said as he resumed brushing my hair, I swear I heard him choke up a little. Meanwhile, the left side of my brain concluded something like this, ‘Speak = Surprise = Happy’. The right side of my brain, however, just had one thought: ‘I HAVE A HUSBAND?’ ‘Well, not me...Pelomina, but ‘I’ am Pelomina, but not this Pelomina—’ “Whadday—ehem—D-Do I not speak that frequently?” I asked. It’s hard to try and rephrase and translate the things I usually say, so they sound formal and not as a casual exchange between street thugs. Still, the man seemed quite stunned like he’s also still comprehending that we’re having this conversation and I relate to him on a spiritual level in that aspect, “My lady, you vowed never to speak again since …well, that aside I must say, it’s been well over a decade since I last heard you speak,” he replied. It dawned on me that whatever life this ‘Pelomina’ lived, I’ve already failed to fill in the moment I woke up. He resumed brushing my hair, as one would expect, it’s long as heck, after all, the thing reaches down to my ankles. I wonder if I could cut it. I looked around and the only thing she and I have in common is our name. Is that why I woke up like this? As her? I mean, she looks like she’s lived a completely different life than mine. Why would I even end up as her? This is bonkers. I don’t even know what she does! What does she like? What does she eat? Does anyone know? She doesn’t talk to anyone at all—wait. Maybe the husband could help. Maybe she’s intimate with him, maybe he knows things, if I could just try to fish for info using him then maybe I can keep up with this little mishap until I can figure out what the hell is going on. If not then I’ll just run away. Even better, I’ll find the medieval equivalent of a truck here and just get hit again, that ought to do the trick, no? “..ina…ady…mina…Lady Pelomina!” “Yo!” “….” “Yo~u scared me,” I repeated. I can’t just be responding to my name in “Yo’s”. What the hell? The man huffed and sighed, “Well, as I was saying, your handmaids will help you with the dress now, I’ll be leaving you in their care,” he said with a small bow, “Yeah...I-I mean, yes, thank you,” I replied, again he threw a soft smile to me before he left the room and three middle-aged women with gentle smiles and a basin with a rag came in, the one in a bun seemed older than the rest, a redheaded woman in a French braid, and a blonde lady in a low ponytail, they turned to me taking a deep breath. a~nd the smiles faded. What? “Your husband’s coming home today, my lady,” One of them began in a sour tone as she set down the basin on a desk, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, couldn’t have woken up earlier, now we have to rush with all the preparations,” the second one followed as he went through what I supposed would be the wardrobe. “I know you don’t particularly like him. I mean, he is rude and strict but the man came back from battle, my lady,” the third one nagged. I couldn’t help but notice how they all seem kind of… motherly? One was preparing my dress, one stood me up and wiped me all over, the other one was fixing or should I say styling my hair, and they were doing this all simultaneously. Is this how this Pelomina starts her day, with six hands ready to serve her all at once? I couldn’t even get a word in. It felt like they were ganging up on me. “Don’t tell me you’re making her wear that, Eustace,” the one in a bun said to the girl with red hair, “This is one of her best dresses, Java!” the redhead, Eustace, defended, “Now, now, what Java meant was maybe we can try for a more ‘mature’ and ‘intimate’ look, yeah?” the blonde intervene, “Exactly, thank you Keion,” the girl in the bun, Java, said to Eustace’s dismay, “Well, if you want a more ‘intimate’ and ‘mature’ look, then why don’t you send her out in her lingerie!” Eustace exclaimed, ‘Now hold on—’ Both Java and Keion gasped with their hands on their chests, “The indecency!” Java announced, and Keion nodded to her in agreement. I couldn’t help but remember that one scene from that princess movie where the fairies were arguing about which color the princess’s dress should be in. “If I could suggest anything, I’d agree with miss Eustace here, I mean, the dress looks…beautiful,” I said with a shrug and the whole room fell silent as they slowly turn their heads to look at me, their expressions unreadable and concerning it was a mixture of shock and something that reminded me of horror-movie faces. “…It’s just a suggestion-I-you don—” “SHE SPOKE!” Java exclaimed as she clasped hands with Keion, who was still frozen speechless at that moment. Eustace started sobbing followed by Keion who began crying in silence. “I can’t believe it,” Eustace said as she sobbed and approached me, holding onto my hands chanting ‘I’m glad’ and ‘we’re so happy’ as she held onto my hands, Java followed suit and hugged me as well as Keion. Now, what the hell is with Pelomina and her vow in silence? What happened in the past decade? I’m not sure about my relationship with them but they seem nice so I tried my best to, awkwardly comfort them, and after a while, the crying subsided and the tears were wiped away. Now with puffy eyes and snot-full sniffs, they smiled at each other and me as they continued preparing, “We’ll use that dress, Eustace,” Java instructed, gesturing to the dress I mentioned earlier as she squeezed my hand. “What a lovely gift to welcome the lord Lykus with,” Eustace said as she gathered the dress on her arms and laid it on the bed, now I’ve seen some documentaries on how people used to wear their dresses in the older times but this is ridonkeylous. It’s garment upon garments and I had to tap out when they started pulling on the corset, “I can’t breathe” I wheezed, “Oh, forgive me, my lady, let me loosen it up, a bit...there this might be too loose,” Java said, “M-More, please—“ I begged, “W-Well...alright, how about now?’ she asked as she loosened it more and air finally reached my lungs, I nodded and they went along, quite concerned but still relatively happy that I’m talking. After all that, I looked at the mirror again. This is very beautiful. But it’s A LOT. Do I feel like a princess? Most certainly. Is it physically restraining? YES. They made me wear the matching heeled shoes and took a moment to absorb in their work as they looked at me, “Yes, yes… absolutely, you look more beautiful than ever, my lady,” Eustace began and the others followed, raining down their compliments on me which was both uplifting and overwhelming. “Alright, then let’s make our way down, we best be there before the lord enters the palace doors, or he’ll be upset,” Keion said as she opened the door and the others nodded. “I don’t know why he acts like that. He’s far too big to be acting like a child,” Eustace said as she neat out the things in my room, “He’s a man Eustace, that’s inherent for them,” Java rebutted in a heartbeat. ‘Facts, sheesh’ Finally, we left my room, and nope I heard that right, this place is a one-hundred-and-one percent, a palace. The hallways are twice as wide, if not bigger, than the full length of my condo; the ceiling is too far up and is lit by massive chandeliers; the floor is marbled and there’s a wide strip of red velvety carpet in the middle. Guards were bowing ever so slightly as we pass by each other. Am I in a medieval/Victorian-themed fantasy story? What is this?! This is something I only see in movies—it’s even better than the movies. We reached a grand staircase, because why wouldn’t there be a grand staircase in this place, and as soon as I took my first step down, a loud banging sound startled me to the point I could have tripped, fallen, and died if it wasn’t for Java holding on to me. I looked around and it seems like the noise came from the massive double oak doors that were slammed open. Whoever walks in through that door will be standing in court under attempted m*rder charges because I would’ve been seriously beaten black and blue to death if I fell down these stairs. We stopped in our tracks because everyone seems to be anticipating who it was and a second later a man, no, a giant, walked in. His complexion was like the vibrant color of fresh bark, something that resembles the sheen and honey-like glow of zircon, which contrasts with his bright, silver-white hair in Nordic-looking braids reaching just below his waist, standing at what looks like 7 freaking feet up, what is this?! Is this like the final boss? He looked around with knights behind him. He seemed to be scowling. It’s hard to tell from this distance—oop, our eyes met, oh no… ‘He’s coming this way—why aren’t they running? No, no, no—‘ He slowed down just as he was a few feet away from me, Java, Eustace, and Keion distance themselves from me, leaving me virtually defenseless against this walking weapon of c*****e, who’s, begrudgingly enough, very easy on the eyes. 'focus woman-' “Pelomina,” he said, raising a brow, and I swear I felt my skin crawl. Who speaks like that? It sounded like a threat. I turned to Java and the others for assistance. What does he want? What am I supposed to reply to that? That’s not a very warm and thought-provoking conversation starter. “…that's me..?” I replied, fighting the urge to end it with a shrug like how I would back when my college professor asks me a question and I knowingly gave him a wrong answer. And once again, I’m starting to get sick of it actually, but the whole place shifted like someone stopped time and in the background, I felt like I heard the sound of breaking glass. Are they going to cheer and cry tears of joy again? Because with a man of this size and caliber, I would love to see it. But no. No. Who am I to assume things would actually go my way in this unfamiliar place? That's silly. After getting over his momentary shock, this man glared at me and everyone else, looking around frantically as his chest rose and fell in deep, rapid breaths. Like he was trying to hold himself back, but it was too late, frighteningly enough, he made it obvious that he was angry, enraged, if you will. He took a few more steps towards me until the distance between us came from feet to inches. “You… to my study,” he growled. ‘Oh dear Lord, is this the end? Make it quick like last time please,’ I prayed, shutting my eyes tight and giving it all I have to not collapse on my knees that felt like jelly at this point. The silence remained even as the man walked past me. “You should go, my lady,” Eustace said, So I’m just supposed to follow him, now? Follow him to my doom? That man could snap my neck like a glowstick! I’m pretty sure my fight and flight instincts are acting up and the ‘flight’ reached its all-time high at this moment. “Pelomina,” the man said in a firm tone as he looked at me over his shoulder, I bit the inside of my cheek and just followed him. His gait was heavy, but he hasn’t said a word. My mind trailed off to my ‘husband’. If he were here would he have saved me from this unfortunate situation? What was his name again, ‘Lykus’? He sounds like a strong dude—he would probably be able to help me— “Welcome back, lord Lykus,” a guard said as he passed us, Okay. So no. My husband wouldn’t save me from this man because this man is my husband. He finally stopped in front of a room, which I assume would be his study, and gestured for me to enter before he closed the door. The tension was thick, the room was filled with bookshelves and in the far center was a large desk with a throne-like chair to match in front of two parallel couches facing each other. He sat in the chair and gestured on the couch, his expression remaining scary and dark as it is. He rested his elbows on the table, taking a deep breath. “Who was it…” he asked in a hushed voice. “…who was what?” I whispered back, “Who made you break the vow!” he yelled pulling out a dagger from somewhere and stabbing the wooden desk with it, I flinched of course but being scared and confused, I wasn’t able to think straight and just replied, “I-I did!” like it was my fault that their Pelomina here started talking. ‘I’m very sorry that I’m the Pelomina that couldn’t shut up, for the love of—‘ “Really… you honestly think I believe you?” he retorted, leaving back on his chair as he gave me a bitter smile, “Wife… make haste to say your farewells to whoever that person is, because I assure you, I will not stand for this infidelity,” he added, standing up again and opening the door, “I’ll see you at dinner,” he said, but it was more like a lingering warning that still hung around the room even as he left, he brought me here and he just left me like that and God forbid he finds the non-existent person who made me talk. What the hell just happened? It’s too early in the scene for me to deal with this amount of crap too soon and all at once! I haven’t even wrapped my head completely around this situation and now this lumbering redwood tree of a man adds up to a puzzle I haven't even started yet. “… what in the name of Snow White and the seven stages of pain is happening?”

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