The Princess and the Two Dukes

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Zari is the second in line to throne of the Royal family that governs vampires, and shifters. She never thought she’ll meet her pair when she went back to the past for their mission. If it isn’t complicated enough that they are in the past, there isn’t just one but two of them! One was reserved, and one was confused.

Now that she’s back in the present time, she wonders if they are alive. As a whole new world opens its doors and new threat arises, a mission brought her to an unknown territory. Will she see them again? What if they are not the same Dukes she knew in the past? Will she be able to reconnect with her mates, or will she choose to follow her heart?

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  Demetrio opened his eyes and he immediately realized that he is in his room, back in Braeden House. He groaned as he tried to sit up and lean back on the headboard.   Then he remembered that he and his brother were fighting his father; the father that was brought back by black magic. He remembered being injured during the fight, but what happened after that? “Good you’re awake.”   Demetrio looked to his right and he saw his older brother Davorin leaning against the door. “What happened? Why are we here?”Demetrio asked. “Apparently we were poisoned by our father’s blood so they had to bring us here.”Davorin answered.   Demetrio tried to get out of bed and but his legs are still shaky that he sat on the edge of his bed. “We need to get back to the castle. Zari...”Demetrio said and Davorin looked upset. “We were unconscious for a month Demetrio. When I woke up a few days ago, a letter was sent by the Queen.”Davorin said. “What did she say?” “She said that she is gone.”   Demetrio looked intently at Davorin. “What? What do you mean she’s gone?”Demetrio asked. “She and her cousins left. To where, she didn’t say.” Davorin answered.   Demetrio balled his fist. He feels frustrated that he lost his beloved, just like that.   That was the last time that the brothers stayed at one place with the clear memory of the woman that caught their heart; their beloved, because as time pass by, that memory faded and until forgotten.   That was until...     A dark haired woman runs towards the infirmary where she found the brothers Davorin and Demetrio still unconscious on the beds. She approached their side and sighed. “I hope I can see you again.”She whispered and then she sat beside Demetrio. “Don’t be a stranger and find me.”She told him in a hush voice and then she leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips.   The dark haired girl turned towards Davorin and sat beside him, and cupped his cheek. “I will see you in the future and explain everything Avo. And I hope you will be happy.”She said and kissed him.     Davorin gasped as he sat up on his bed. It was another dream where he sees the same dark haired woman. He has been having those dreams for years, and up to know he still cannot decipher who or what that dream was about.   Every time he would find answers he was hit by a wall, and cannot go further. It frustrates him, especially when he felt so much longing towards the woman that he finds himself crying for her.   More years passed and he finally realized that, that dream is not just a dream but a memory. He felt as though the dark haired woman was his beloved, but she wasn’t Aelena. Either way, he longs for her and he needs to find her. “I trust you finally realized that she is not a figment of your imagination.”   Davorin turned around and saw one of the Vampire Elders, Percival. “Are you here to tell me that you’ve seen her in your visions?”Davorin asked.   The vampire Elder pursed his lips and walked towards the vampire Duke. “Maybe.”The Elder paused and then he heaved a deep sigh. “Have I ever told you that once another seer is born, the old one will die?” The Elder said as he looked out on the window.   Davorin furrowed his eyebrows as he looks at the vampire Elder, who looked at him and smiled. “Nothing is permanent in this world. Everything has a beginning and an ending, a start and finish. One grows as another perish.” Elder Percival said.   If there is something that Davorin is used to with the vampire Elder, it is that he would always speak of riddles and never gave him a straight answer. “Can you at least just this once give me a straight answer?”He asked, and the vampire Elder looked at him and smiled. “You are a mighty warrior and leader Lord Davorin but sometimes your mind resembles of a young boy.” The Elder said and Davorin scowled.   Elder Percival smiled him and placed his pale, wrinkled hand on Davorin’s shoulder. “My time is near my lord, and I will soon be gone.”He said and Davorin was taken back. “What?” “No time to explain. I need you to listen to me carefully. You my lord unlike your brother have a rocky path ahead of you. But if you find your light, that light will lead you to a life you dreamed of.”The Elder said.   Davorin sighed and shook his head. “I don’t understand. Are you saying that you are dying? Elder Percival, you are an immortal; you don’t die. And what about this light and rocky path?”Davorin pressed but the vampire Elder just gave him a bitter smile. “Like I said, everything has a beginning so everything has an end, and I have reached mine. I trust you with your leadership, that you will lead your people well. And the most important thing, your beloved.”The Elder paused. “What about Aelena?” “She dwells in a new body and you met her in the past. I believe you remember now.”He said and Davorin slowly nodded. “Don’t you ever let go of her hand, as she is your light and you are her home.”Elder Percival said and then he patted Davorin’s face lovingly before he bowed his head and left.   It left Davorin wondering about what the Elder just told him. And if he meant that the things he remembers are indeed memories from the past then his beloved is his brother’s beloved as well.    

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