Thirty-Three - The Request

2949 Words

The darkened sky returned to its normal orange glow, the ground halted its trembling and the winds stopped howling. A rich and putrid scent hung in the air after the being appeared inside Amias’s inscription of the Star of David. As I stared at the figure, wrinkles lined my forehead and a sense of bewilderment flooded me. I swept my gaze from the summoned demon to Amias. “This is him? This is Ornias?” I asked to which the robed man answered with a slight nod of his head. “But he’s just a boy!” The young man looked toward my direction. His blood red eyes locking into mine. “Says a juvenile holding a toy,” he declared. “Who are you, humans?” Disgust tinged his raspy voice. “Why did you summon me?” he demanded. Everything about him seemed human except for his eyes and voice. The robed m

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