Cursed Fate

second chance
friends to lovers
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Everyone knows vampires aren’t good.

The thing is, even though we are not good doesn't mean we want to be bad.

From the beginning of time, we have been hunted down, along with many other supernatural creatures. To protect us, Subterra Academy was created, a school where all of us can be ourselves.

But what happens when, in a sick twist of fate, a werewolf and a vampire turn out to be mates?

How will they overcome the fact that werewolf blood is extremely poisonous to a vampire?

There are many mysteries to be unfolded, an ancient curse to be revealed, and a powerful woman who can bring about the end of the world.

Everything is so much more than what you can see at first sight.

So, trust me, the story ahead is much more interesting.

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1- The Hunt
Darkness is where I linger. Shadows are my allies. Blood is my thirst. And nothing can stop me. Weak prey… So scared… The pulsing of your heart only makes me want you more. Run, run, little lamb. Nothing will change your fate. The rush of the hunt courses through my body as I stand over the edge of one of the many tall buildings of New York City. Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, I hear each step as if I was right there with them. Two, three, five… seven werewolves foolishly protect my prey, running in a pattern surrounding her on strategic spots. Stupid wolves. So predictable. I have just the medicine for you. Smirking in satisfaction, I take out my special guns with specially made bullets to deal with the mutts. In a heartbeat, I jump from the building, guns in hand, and land gracefully on the ground of an alley just 20 stories bellow me as if it were nothing. Immediately, a shout and a swear come out from the scared little wolf I just cornered. He eyes me in surprise as he was not expecting me to suddenly land in front of him. He was told to stand guard and watch out for me so he could signal the others before I started my attack. After a split-second surprise, he turns his head to howl, but I am faster than him. Quickly aiming my gun, I shoot him in the head and he falls to the ground and turns to dust before he can make a sound. One down, six to go. I take off on my run to catch the rest of them, swiftly placing my guns back on my belt. If I am not careful, they will be able to reach the safe point. I won’t be able to get my prey if they do. Jumping up one of the fire escapes present in one of the many buildings, I climb back up and jump from rooftop to rooftop, quickly closing in on them. Howls fill the air as one of them spots me and shares the message, but I don’t allow myself to get fazed. Knowing where I am won’t change the outcome. Now that they have caught my scent, they change their strategy as three of them slowly abandon my prey and start running towards me. I cannot see them, but I can hear their steps as they get closer. I smirk at their innocence. That was all I wanted. Playing into their scheme, I jump down from the rooftops and start running the labyrinth that is the many roads between the tall buildings. Sure enough, soon I am surrounded by two of them with the third one quickly closing in. I smirk at them, being cocky. “Hello, boys” I say, smirking at them and placing my hand on my hip. They shift into human form and grown at me threateningly. Fortunately for them, a special magic keeps their shorts intact even through shifting. “You’re going down, Naiya!” Logan, the black wolf shouts at me, clenching his fists. “We’re not gonna let you win this time” Lucas, the light brown wolf adds. “Oh? And how is it you’re so confident?” I ask them with a dry laugh. Logan smirks and I know they are up to something. “Because the big bad wolf is right behind you” He says. I have only a split-second to react and duck before big sharp teeth snap at where my head was. The biggest of the pack wolves, Ethan, growls at me in frustration that he didn’t manage to catch me. He is two times bigger than the rest of the wolves. It’s just too bad he is too dumb to do anything on his own, or he’d be the Alpha. The other two wolves shift back into wolf form and I have only enough time to draw my two guns out before all three wolves lounge at me. Dropping on my back, I manage to hit one of them in the chest and watch him turn to dust as I roll over to avoid the other two. They snap their fangs at me as I manage to stand, furious I just took down one of them. I run. It’s good I don’t lose my breath like a human would. They tail me all the way to Central Park and I can hear one other wolf join them on their hunt. There are only two wolves guarding my prey now and they are closing in on the safe zone. That is all I need. I laugh as I enter the Park and roll over on the mud of one of the many poodles lying about. They follow close behind me, but lose my track as I hide amongst the treetops. They can no longer track my scent properly due to the mud, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find me. I crouch down on a branch, guns in hand, as I wait for the right moment. A crunch in front of me draws my attention. Now! I jump from my hiding place and shoot my gun. It hits the mark and another wolf crumbles to dust. I have no time to celebrate, as another wolf jumps at me. I turn and shoot my gun. He turns to dust just before he manages to bite my arm. It stings, but I can manage. I start running again as I hear the remaining wolf retreat to join the others. There are only three left. I jump over the lake and summersault on my landing to the other side. They are almost to the safe zone. I cannot let them win. I run as fast as I can, watching the trees flash through me as if they are made of wind. I manage to run past Aiden, the blond wolf who came to join the others after failing to take me down. I smirk at him as I run past and he growls at me, unable to keep up. I can see them now. Two brown wolves carrying my prey: A blond girl with pink locks. They are almost there. Not if I can do something about it. I climb over one of the lowest buildings next to the docks and gain speed to jump into the docks. They don’t even know what hit them when I land atop the one not carrying my prey. We roll around the ground, both trying to gain the high ground. The sound of a gunshot finishes our struggle as the wolf atop of me falls to dust. “You b***h!” A shout comes from behind me. As I turn I see him, the Alpha, Noah already shifted into a wolf again. I watch as my prey runs away from the scene and into the river. I don’t have much time left. Noah growls at me and I can see he is ready to pounce, but I don’t have much time to think about him as I hear Aiden closing in. He too is nearly ready to pounce. Both are now terribly close to me. I have only one chance. As if in slow motion, I can see them jump at me, their mouths wide open, ready to snap. I jump in midair, doing a back flip to get a better view. They try to stop, but it is too late. My guns are already aimed at each of them. I shoot. Dust fills the air as there are no more wolves. I drop my guns on the ground after landing. They are useless now that they have no bullets. I turn to watch my prey desperately trying to reach the river. I run, easily catching up to her and grabbing her arm just before she can jump in the water. She lets out a whimper as I pull her to me. “Where do you think you’re going?” I smirk, showing my fangs. She visibly gulps as she looks at me in fear. She tries to struggle but I am much stronger than her. Her scent fills my senses and her neck is too inviting to refuse. I close in to bite my prey and finally take my reward. 

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