The Naive Mate of a Werewolf

female lead
coming of age

Kylie has it hard enough being one of the first dragon shifter/elf hybrids. While making her own name for herself she has to also deal with high school, being in a werewolf pack, mean girls. alphas, a mate, and don't forget the territory war between werewolves, magic users, witches and humans.


I froze as soon as I noticed it, this scent, it smelt like dominance, like super manly but at the same time a bit sweet. Point is it was a ridiculously pleasant scent so much that I wanted to fly after it.

“You dropped these?”

I didn’t even realize my books fell straight out of my hands, there’s a lot I didn’t realize when I first moved into the pack house and started attending the boarding school.



Book 2 in a series following The Innocent Mate of a Dragon but it could be read alone.

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Chapter One: New Home
Kylie’s POV Throughout my 17 years of life I’ve had many adventures already, but none of them were my own, none were started by me or closed by me. I’m not sure what to expect, I’m half elf and half dragon shifter so living among a bunch of werewolves in the human world? Well what would you expect? The human world was so much different then the more magical world I come from but I think I’m gonna like it here more then anyone would expect me to. I was on the back of my brother-in-law Scorch, the king of the southern elvish kingdom. “I wish Carissa could have flown here with us.” I pouted, neither my brother, sister or mother were able to fly here with me but they all saw me off, it was hardest to leave my niece Dawn. Watching her cry as I left broke my art in two.  “Sorry Princess, Carissa has Queen stuff.” Scorch landed so I could climb off of him, he was a giant dragon, a lot bigger than me in my dragon form but I was a teenage girl so that’s understandable.  Once I was down he shape shifted into his human form. “At least I got to say my goodbyes, I’m scared.” It was hard for me to admit that I was anxious, and I wanted this so badly to the point of begging. After all that convincing everyone it was a good idea, how can I say I'm scared? Of course Scorch just laughed at me. “If you’re anything like your sister you’ll be running this place in a month.” He wasn't wrong, basically my sister Carissa could adapt to anywhere and accomplish anything… how could I ever be like that? Scorch rubbed my head like he still saw me as some naive kid who saw the world through a pink tinted lens. I guess that I how I was when we first met but I’ve grown, changed. “I will, when you guys come to visit I’ll have everything figured out.” I joked, not sure how much I believed that. “I know the way from here, thanks for taking the trip with me.” I wasn’t able to fly myself... but if I could I wouldn’t want to, I love the company. He smiled then shifted back into a dragon before he took off soaring into the sky. I turned into the direction of the city as I took a deep calming breath. I didn’t take much with me only what I really needed because I didn’t want to bring anything that could expose me. I planned to reinvent myself to blend into the human world while still finding myself. It took me a while to walk to the city although I did have a blue bird’s company. He must have never met an elf before me since he was surprised I could understand him. Elves could communicate with any animal which always made things a hell of a lot more fun. “Goddess.” I swore. “We’re finally here.” I looked at the bluebird on my shoulder but she told me it was time for her to go. I admired that about birds, they always had somewhere to be, they didn’t stay in one area for two long. I watched her leave then walked into the pack house, it seemed homey to me. I saw a girl at the doorway of her room yelling at a boy, I turned my head to a scrawny wolf asleep on the floor who looked beat up, didn't seem right. Other than that the house was lively, at the end of the hall was a hangout area where a bunch of teens were. “Hey, you’re Kylie?”  A girl said after approaching me, she was tall 5’9, long straight brown hair with a blonde streak in the front, skinny and had a mean looking pretty face. She gestured for me to follow her. “Let me give you the tour, I’m pretty much the welcome committee.” She sighed, annoyed. “That plus many other things my alpha wants me to be.” She joked. “Yah I’m Kylie, I appreciate the tour… so how long have you lived here?” I asked.  “Since freshman year, I’m a junior, but I have lived with these same people in the main pack house since forever. This is just a second house for us who go to boarding school.” She pointed to different important places as we walked, bathrooms, hangout spots, offices. “What are you anyways? Heard you’re not a wolf and you don’t quite look human.”  I chuckled nervously because I didn’t want people knowing about my past, I wanted to be judged off me not my origin. “I’m an elf.” Scorch always said I’d have to pick one of my sides to consider myself to be the most and I guess I do feel more elf than dragon, but I still don’t know. There tons of things that I don't know about myself… She gave me the strangest look, glanced at my ears then laughed, she laughed at me. I guess I wasn’t expecting that. “Anyways, if you need anything I’m busy. Things around here aren’t too difficult to figure out.” She rolled her eyes then waved to a group walking past us and joined in with them. I found my dorm and put my little bit of things down. I took a framed photo of me and my older sister out of my bag and put it on the desk with a smile. “I’m doing it, embracing a new world like you do on a daily basis.” Once I felt like everything was where it belonged I left my dorm room and everyone outside the door was staring at me. It wasn’t like this when I came in earlier. I started walking past the other teens and they were whispering to one another. I have good hearing because my dragon side, they were talking about me being an elf, that girl had told people that fast?? I hope humans don’t behave like this too.  As soon as I could leave I did, I needed to walk to the high school anyways. I was enrolled already, but I still needed to meet with the principal before I could attend my classes. I walked into the school and I’ve never seen a building like this before. With how protective my mother is this was my first time going to a public school since I was home schooled all my life. I froze as soon as I noticed it, this scent, it smelt like dominance, like super manly but at the same time a bit sweet. Point is it was a ridiculously pleasant scent, so much that I wanted to fly after it.  “You dropped these?” I didn’t even realize my books fell straight out of my hands, there’s a lot I didn’t realize when I first moved into the pack house and started attending the boarding school. Mate

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