Chapter Two: Who is he?

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“Ah shit.” Were the second words out of my mates mouth, my really really hot mate’s mouth. He didn’t look very happy to see me. I couldn’t help but look him up and down. He had dark skin, dreaded hair thrown up into a ponytail that were gray at the ends, gray eyes, and a really muscular build. “Who are you?” He sounded pretty annoyed, so basically everyone was reacting to me in an unpleasant way today. It was hard to speak because of how the mate pull made me feel. “You are Kylie-I mean me! Me am Kylie.” I facepalmed. “I-” “Am Kylie” He finished for me. “I can gather that.” I wanted to jump him so badly and couldn’t stop wondering if he felt the same. I was acting like a blubbering i***t in front of my mate, great first impression. “Yah, I just transferred.” “Cool, see you.” He said quickly and just walked off, maybe he was human, my head was too cloudy to tell, not sure if I can tell the difference yet. All I know was every part of my body was telling me to chase him down except the part that was hurt that he could just walk off like that. Into the principal's office I went once I told the office ladies who I was. “Hello, Kylie?” The principal asked me behind his desk, he was a pretty big guy, maybe in his 40s but majorly attractive. We shook hands and his were huge. “Take a seat.” I sat down in the only other seat available, another girl in the first one. “Hi, I’m Casey.” She introduced herself. She looked whimsical, she was about my height 5’4, gray space buns, skinny and flat chested. “Principal Marrok wants me to show you around, actually I volunteered.” She was a lot different then the girl back at the pack house, what a relief. I left with Casey, “Alright, what's your species and your story.” Her entire vibe changed. “You look like you’ve never been among humans before and well if that's the case it’s gonna be hell here for you.” She was analyzing me well for only knowing me for about five seconds. Before I spoke I cleared my throat, a bit nervous. “I’m Kylie, I’m an elf. What’re you?” I tried to keep up with all she was saying. “I’ve never been around humans before.” I chuckled nervously. She nodded. “Yep, well I’m a fairy, don’t think a one inch tall wing type of fairy, well I do have wings that aren’t visible right now but that's all.” I couldn’t help but giggle. “That’s pretty cool, I’ve met a few fairies before, I know you’re people sized.” I stopped stalking when I noticed the girl from earlier at the pack house. Casey looked where I was staring. “That’s Bay, she’s not the nicest, she’s a wolf, kiss ass, she’s on her way to either being Beta or Luna, as long as she’s in a high position where she can control and manipulate people she’ll be satisfied.” She started walking down the hall so I followed. “You should know, the school and just about the entire city is divided into 4 factions, the wolves, magic users, witches, and humans. Humans being 75% of the population so the other three factions have small territories.” She explained. I was confused as to why there was a divide. “Why are magic users and witches separated?” No one should be separate at all but that stood out the most to me. “Mostly their aesthetics.” She joked. “But to be more specific witches and warlocks are just spell casters, humans that learned magic a long time ago from mages and had it passed down generation to generation. They are just a lot different, their source of magic and culture. You and I fall under magic users since we’re fae who use magic.” Her claim caught me off guard. “I’m living in the werewolf pack house.” She shrugged. “That's okay, you’re still one of us.” More division, no one even knows I'm a hybrid and I still feel caught between two worlds. Despite that I liked Casey, she was kind and welcoming. “Hey, I met this guy…” I don’t know what telling her is gonna do. “I was just wondering if you know who he is.” I then went on to describe him to her. A big smile appeared on her face like she was holding back a laugh. “Get in line, everyone wants to know him the way you do.” I felt jealous but I wasn’t sure if I even should be, he’s my mate. “He’s trouble anyways, always getting into fights, giving teachers trouble. Kylie, don’t spend too much time around the wolves, not more than you need to, I’ll introduce you to some more of us so stick with me okay?” She smiled kindly. My mate was a wolf so how was I supposed to do what Casey wanted? I had a feeling there would be a lot of unspoken rules in this world.  “Okay.” As soon as I agreed someone grabbed me by my arm and pulled me around a corner in the hall. Casey was walking quickly and was talking so much she didn’t really notice. “Hey I’m sorry about what happened before, I thought you were human.” My mate explained, he was the one who pulled me. “Being the mate of a human is complicated.” He looked straight down into my eyes. “I’m an elf, what’re you?” I started to feel less shy and more brave. “Also you should feel sorry even if I were human that was rude.” He smirked at me and made me lose it inside. “I wasn’t concerned about being rude at the time.” He ran his hand over his hair. “We can’t let anyone know you’re my mate, it’ll be hell for you.” He wasn’t really being straight with me, I’m mean I’m not sure what I was supposed to expect. “What do y-” I was interrupted by the girl from the pack house, Bay which didn’t surprise me. “Isaac, can you give this to your dad? It’s important.” She didn’t even acknowledge me, instead she handed him a letter. He shrugged to her and she walked off then he put the letter in his pocket. “I'm super busy today, we’ll talk later just don’t tell anyone we’re mates.”   I didn’t know what to think so when I went back to my dorm room right after I called my Mother. “I met my mate!” I was excited to tell her even though it was a weird situation my mom was just as excited to hear I found him. “What’s his name? Species?” I giggled “Isaac, he’s a wolf.” Then I explained the whole situation to her. “That’s pretty weird, be careful Kylie just know your family is always here and we’re sending support and love.” I smiled. “Thanks Mom, bye love you.” I hung up, got in My pajamas, and took a nap. When I woke up it was night. “Hey Ky.” I jumped when I heard a voice. “Shh it’s just me.” I realized it was Isaac and he was whispering. I got up and walked to him, “What are you doing?” He put his hand over my mouth and I felt a lot of electricity run throughout my body like an intense form of butterflies. “Shh I need a place to sleep for the night.”  This might be weird but his hand smelt so good... He moved it so I could speak, I blushed and looked away while playing with my fingers. “I’m not that kind of girl, I know we’re mates b-” I made sure to whisper but he spoke over me. “God no, you’re not an object and I’m aware of that. My dad is looking for me, I’m in big trouble so can I sleep here or not?” I was ready to say no, I didn’t know him, he was practically a stranger and I don’t even know his last name, I still don’t know him so why did I say… “Yes”
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