Chapter 1

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10 years later October 31,1719 Damon Luna Cora, you must protect yourself and the children you know that you and your daughter are the blessed wolves and witches of the moon goddesses themselves you have spoken to them, and you know what you must do to protect you family’s bloodline. I know that you are doing your best with Connor being gone and I will make sure that we find him and bring him home I alive, as you know I will protect you and him for eternity because of the life oath I have done with the both of you. Luna now please hide you and the children until it is safe to come out. Let me take the amulet and hide it for you and I promise once we have taken care of the hunter, we will get you and the children. “No, Damon, I want you to take Nathalie to my brother’s Nico’s pack and tell him to hide her, I will spellbind her magic so she will not be able to use her magic abilities until it is safe for her to do so and same with her wolf won’t be able to shift unless I undo the spell, I will send you with a note to him and tell him that I am fine, and I have Nathan and we are going into hiding until we are about to come out again. Tell Connor I love him and will be with him as.” Connor I have been fighting this war for 2 years now we have been trying to Cora our daughter Nathalie safe from hunters that are after them, Cora and Nathalie are hybrid witch and wolf and they are extremely powerful and they are being hunted, I have sent my best friend Damon who is a vampire to take Cora and the children into hiding while we fight the last of the hunters off. Cora has been able to stay hidden at her aunt’s plantation for the 6 months ago until one of covens told the hunters where to find her. She has been running with our children ever since she went back to our plantation, and they started to kill off pack members if they wouldn’t tell them where they were so she decide to have what warrior were left there to fight while she and all the women and children and elderly escaped and she found land about 15 miles north east closer to Baton Rouge and she made it our new pack territory and town it called Mystic Commons. She placed a very heavy-duty protection spell on the land. The hunters nor her original coven knew the location of the new pack land. When I returned to Mystic Valley, I found a note that was placed that was spelled that I was the only one that could read it telling me where to find Cora and Nathan. As I was gathering my warriors to start moving to our new location four witches and about fifteen hunters stopped us just outside my pack, we had about twenty warriors still inside when the witches Curse the property with a sleep death curse because I refused to tell them where Cora and the children were. The twenty warriors were put to sleep and only a someone from Nathalie’s direct bloodline can break the curse. Beside the curse Demon hide the Amulet of Light somewhere on the land as well so Cora can’t not step foot on the land or she will fall victim to the curse, so now someone who doesn’t have the magic abilities but is a descendent of my daughter has to find the amulet and also has to find a way to break the sleeping curse a lay claim to the pack territory of the Blue Moon Pack once again. Cora is the high priestess and the regent of Baton Rouge and New Orleans she took over for her Aunt Valentina 6 years ago, we have no idea why the hunters are after her but I will find out so I can bring my family back together and leave in peace. I hope that Damon will take them to safety, it is not safe for any of the except for my son Nathan he is going to be the next Alpha of the Blue Moon pack. I hope nothing happens to him. Three hundred years later September 25, 2019 Cora, my love I know that you have been getting our great- great- great -great -great granddaughter here from Virgina for her to take her rightful place in the coven and the pack. But how will you do that, do you even know if she has any of Nathalie’s traits, her mother and everyone before her didn’t show a sign of wolf or witch, there is no way that your spellbinding held for three hundred years and did not give any of daughter’s ancestors the trait. I asked her while sitting at my desk in my office building. “Connor, I was able to teleport to where she is, and I spoke to Damon who has been the keeper of every female relative that was born in Nathalie’s bloodline since he took her to Crystal City of some many years ago. He has watched over them with the life oath that he has been bound to our family with since he made it. He told me that Kinsley is the one he feels her aura and says that she will be the one that will bring back to balance restore the faith of our pack. She looks just like Me and Nathalie, she has long silver hair and purple eyes she is about five’6. She is married to a human he is not her fate mate though she hasn’t meet her fated mate. According to both Selene and Hecate, she will meet him when we get her here.” “We must do is lure her here offer a fake job with our fake company and we will also move her into the old plantation, when she steps foot into the house. Then and only then will here powers manifest, but since I placed wards and spells in and around the plantation, she will have to go through a series of survival trials for her to gain her powers. So that is when we will find out for sure if she is the true heir that we have been waiting for to bring our world in balance and save us from extinction.” October 7,2019 Kinsley and Colton Greyson, High School sweethearts finally get married after finishing their master’s Degrees from the University of Virginia, they live in a 2-bedroom apartment in right outside Manassas near the civil war battlefield, Kinsley has her degree in U.S History and she in love with the Civil War history part of our history. She knows it will be hard for her to find a job in her career field unless she wants to be a teacher, one day while scanning the internet for job listing a mystery post pops up on her search bar it was for a VP position for the WIC company ,archiving and pricing items that have been found throughout the state of Louisiana, The company is looking for someone with a History Degree and is willing to move they are paying for the move and they will help find the person somewhere to live. Kinsley without asking Colton since he was looking for a job in his field, she knew that he wouldn’t care. She applied for the position, the next day she got an email response back asking her to do a video conference with the Owner of the company. She responded and they set the interview for later that day. When it was time for the interview Kinsley, login into the Zoom call and she spoke to the owners of the WIC Company, Cora and Connor Salvatore, what Kinsley didn’t know that Cora and Connor were as old as the state of Louisiana, the items that they had in their collection is personal artifact, The Salvatore’s looked like they were in their mid-30’s they were young and beautiful, kind and they loved the way Kinsley talked about her love for our history and they offered her the job with a 6 digit income and she gladly accepted the offer, she told them she would need 2 weeks to move out there and they were fine with that. She ended to call and went to call her husband and let him know that she just found the perfect job and that they were moving.
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