Chapter 2

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Phone Conversation Ring, ring, Ring Colton: Kinsley hunnie is everything okay why are you calling me? Kinsley: Damn Colton, what’s your problem I was calling to tell you I just got a job in Baton Rouge making $105,000.00 a year they are paying for the cost of the move, and they will help us with the cost of a place when we get there I must be there on Monday the 20th of October. Colton: What are you talking about why we would move to Louisiana? Are you crazy? Kinsley: Well Colton we have both been out of school since June we got married and neither one of us can find a job that makes decent money in our career field, and I applied and had my interview over the phone. I am taking the job you can stay here or join me. But I will be leaving by the 14th. I have already put my 2 weeks’ notice at the school. Colton: Kinsley whatever we will talk when I get home. I love you. Kinsley: Nothing to talk about I love you to. I ended my conversation with my husband, I am frustrated with him because he thinks that either one of us will find a job in our field here in Virginia and we are not I rather move somewhere else and start fresh. I will do it with or without him. I am going to start looking at houses online and see what I can find as I am looking again a plantation that is being given away, I look at the pictures of the house, and it is amazing it has been restored and the house has new appliance it has a pool and a gym that are on the property. It’s valued at 350,00.00. It is being sold by WIC reality I wonder if it the same company that I am going to be working for I asked myself well I went ahead and enter the raffle since they have a few homes that I like and I have an allowance of $175.000. that Cora and Connor said that they would pay for. While I’m waiting for Colt to get home, I call my parents and tell them the great news. My mother then informs me that we have roots in Baton Rouge she told me she would let me know exactly where in that town her family was from, I didn’t even know that I have creole in my bloodline. I was now curious to know about my family’s history. I went to U-Haul and reserved a truck for our stuff, and I went ahead and got boxes so I could start packing. I also started to read more about the company I got hired with, while I was packing there was a knock on the door it was Damon, he is one of my best friends we have been friends since was in high school when he moved her from North Carolina, he lived with his Aunt and Uncle he lost his dad in Iraq when he was little and his mother died in Afghanistan a few years later. He asked me “What are you doing?” Packing, he asked “Now why in heaven’s are you packing for?”  I I got a job in Baton Rouge, and we were moving. “You, know you can’t move without me?”  I laughed because I know that he means Well, you are more than welcome to join me I’m not sure if Colton was even going to go with me. Damon gave me a look when I told him about Colton, Damon isn’t Colton’s biggest fan, he rather me divorce Colton then stay married to him, “Girl, you and I both know that Colton will never amount to anything but a small-town farm boy from Manassas City, Virginia.”  I could help but laugh because it was true Colton got his degree in Agriculture, he wants to take over his family business as a farmer, and I have dreams he doesn’t want to leave Virigina. Damon started to help me pack when we were halfway finished. “I am going to order dinner my treat!”  How about we order take -out so we can finish packing? “Bet, I am going to order Thai!” I got excited because that was my favorite. “They, said forty-five minutes to an hour.” Thanks, boo I haven’t eaten since breakfast with all the packing and things going on. “Well, sweetie it looks like we just got about everything that belongs to you packed.” Damon, went to meet the delivery driver, as he walked back in the house he had a sour look on his face, I did not know what it was about until I seen, Colton behind him. He sees that me and Damon have gotten pretty much everything that belongs to me pack up and he looks at me and storms off. II walked into our bedroom and brought his dinner to him. “I will not be going with you to Baton Rouge.”  I looked at him and said that is fine I will have my stuff out of here by the end of tomorrow then and I will not waste anytime heading to Louisiana then. I walked out of our room and slammed the door. I got to the couch I sat down on the couch next to Damon. “What is wrong Shug?” I told you earlier that Colton and I won’t be married much longer since he refusing to come with me to Baton Rouge. Damon got this huge grin on his face; I smack his shoulder and finished my dinner.  When we finished, hey do you mind if I come stay at your house until we head down. I just don’t want to be anywhere near him. If you get what I mean. “Now, I do not even know why you asked me that dumb ass question, how much more do you have to pack?” I got everything that I was taking with me packed, why? “That way was take all your stuff with us tonight, she you don’t have to come back her unless you must, I’m going to start loading everything the back of the truck.” When, he started to carry everything out I went into my room and started to get all my things out, when I walked in Colt was on the phone, I wasn’t pay attention to who he was talking to I continued getting me belongs out of the room and walking out. Colt, I am going to stay at Damon’s until I head to Louisiana, I will also have the separation agreement sent over to before I leave. Unless you just want to annulled the marriage since we have only been married 2 months it is up to you! I had about four boxes in my bedroom I grabbed two of them and Damon walked in and grabbed the other two I walked back in and got my stuff out of my bathroom. Colton if there was anything that I left let me know and I will get it before I leave. Here are you house key, and we loaded these rest of the stuff in Damon truck. When we finished loading,  I went to my Audi A3 that I got as a graduation gift from Damon.  Damon hopped his truck, we stopped by my parent’s house in Aden on the way to Damon house and I told my parents about Colton. My mother looked a bit relived because she always said that she never like him anyway couldn’t help myself but laugh at her.  
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