Chapter 3

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Kinsley’s POV I asked my mom if she had spoken to my brother Kingston, she said no that he was busy with my uncle Axel. My dad calls my mother by her first name of Autumn. She starts to yell at him I told her that we will stop by later this week to chat before me, and Damon headed to Baton Rouge she said OKAY I kissed her and walked in the living room where my dad was watching football and yelling for my mom, and I kissed him and told them both I loved them. My twin brother Kingston and I are very close he has been living with my mom’s twin brother Axel in Crystal City, Virginia for the past 5 years he moved there when we were 15, shortly before our 16th  he is helping my uncle run his business well the family business my mother’s family has run a glass factory for over 350 years, it has been passed down each generation it to oldest male twin in the family. My uncle has a daughter, and she is only nine. Kingston went to live with my uncle on the family homestead. I haven’t been on the homestead in an exceedingly long time.  My mom doesn’t like to go there because she wasn’t raised out there and Axel and she were split up like we were when they were that age. I am not sure why she doesn’t like it out there, but I don’t fight her. I think I might call Kingston and visit on the way to Baton Rouge because I miss my twin. We finally get to Damon’s house he lives in Ruby which is about twenty miles away from my place in Manassas. Crystal City is about seventy-five miles south of here. It is on the way I must look like I said it’s been so long since I have been I don’t remember exactly where it is. We finally made to Damon’s house he pulled his truck in the garage and open the second garage door for me to pull my car in a well. When I pulled in a noticed another car parked in the other garage it must be from his girlfriend Mackenzie. I grabbed a bag that had my clothes and toiletries and we walked in the house. Damon POV I talked to Cora today and she was telling me that she and Connor produced perfect plan to get her daughter’s 10th great-grand daughter to come to Mystic Valley and lift the curse and restore balance to our kind. For almost three hundred years I have been the protector and guardian of the female twins of Cora and Connor’s daughter Nathalie, I brought Nathalie her on October 31, 1719, after our kind was a war with hunters that wanted to kill Cora and her daughter Nathalie, because they were powerful gifts bestowed on the wolf and witches from their goddess Selene and Hecate.  That night Cora, was running and from hunters that had found her while she was hiding at her aunts plantation in New Orleans she knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep her and Nathalie safe while they were in the same location without the risk of losing her son Nathan and since Nathan was the next Alpha of the Blood Moon pack which was the largest pack in the United States back then and still is she asked me to do another life oath tying me to the descendants of her daughter the direct bloodline to the  reincarnated spirit of the rare white wolve, that will break the curse and restore balance to the all the children of the moon and creatures of the dark. When I brought Nathalie to Crystal City  three hundred years ago, she was taken into protection by her uncle Cora’s twin brother Nico, Nico lead his pack until Nathalie had children of her own she along with every female heir would be mated to a human until the time was right and the reincarnated spirit of Nathalie’s familiar and wolf would be reborn and brought back to Louisiana and bring back the balance of our secret world. Nathalie, grew up knowing that she was born of witch and wolf, but never understood why she didn’t have one herself, when she had her twins she gave her son to her Uncle who made him and every son that was born from her direct bloodline the next alpha of the Purple Crystal pack since his sister and him were bound together by a spell she had placed on him making his immortal until the time came for her children to be reborn. Nico and I worked together over the last three hundred years to make sure that the girls were raised at human away from the pack territory and the males would be brought right before their 16th birthday before their wolfs awaken to the pack so they would be trained and ready to take over as Alpha of the pack. When Autumn and Axel her twin were separated Nico, felt some type of energy influx with Autumn she carried the magic but no wolf when she turn age, Nico and I sat her down and explain to her what was going on and I told her that we will be keeping an eye out on her and her children when she has them when she got pregnant with Kinsley and Kingston, their powers were felt all over the place, Cora had to place a protection spell around Kinsley because she was very powerful. She also had to redo the binding spell on the bloodline until she was able to get Kinsley to Louisiana and she found the Amulet of the Goddess. Which is the Amulet that was given to Cora when she turned twenty-one and her power fully manifested. We have 2 months until she turns twenty-one, I hope that she will be able to pass the trials that have been laid out for her claim the amulet and become the Queen of Witches. Mackenzie Damon and I are fated mates we have been mated for 250 years now, when we first found each other, I was visiting a friend in New Orleans, and I bumped into him I was shocked that the Moon Goddess paired me with a Vampire. I am from the Blue Moon pack, have heard the stories of Alpha Connor and Luna Cora, how they fought to protect their family and bloodline that she spellbound her daughter and hide her away, so the hunters did not find her. I always thought it was fairy tale story that blue moon pack told their pups for bedtimes stories until I meet and was mated to Damon, and I had to swear a life oath. When he introduced me to Alpha Connor and Luna Cora, I was shocked that they were the age they were when they step down as Alpha and Luna and their son Nathan took over the pack and every son that he gave birth to ever since. They told me that they are linked to Damon and his life oath or until she feels that she is ready to move on. She told me that she with the powers granted to her by Selene and Hecate to spellbind all female of her daughter descendants until the reincarnated spirits has been brought to this realm. Over the last 250 years, Damon and I have been watching over every twin set that has been born. Since I have been with him, we have seen eight sets of twins from Nathalie’s bloodline be born there never has been a single birth. It turns out that Kinsley and her twin Kingston are the 10th twin set and they are the ones that will restore power and balance to our world. Damon told me that she is moving to Baton Rouge for a job. When he told me that I knew that Cora and Connor figured out a way to get her there to start her trials for her to gain her powers and break the curse. Autumn’s POV I called my brother Axel to let him know that Kinsley will be moving to Mystic Valley in a few days, and she wanted to visit Kingston on the way down there. He told me that she can visit since he was told ahead of time, he will inform their great grand Uncle Nico who is great grand Cora’s twin I told him that Damon and Kenzie will be with her since they are her protectors, he seemed to already know that. I told him that Kinsley will probably call before they come so they need to figure how they are going to play it out. I got off the phone with him and I sat in my office and was thinking. I have little magic it started manifesting when I was pregnant with the twins Cora says it’s because of how powerful the two of them are that I was able to keep some of it. I have been learning how to use it, but I am not that great. She hasn’t found out that she is the reincarnated spirit of my nine great grandmother Nathalie, the daughter of Queen of Witches, Cora Salvatore-Mikelson my great grandmother Cora is an over three hundred years old and she has been the protector of the witches. She has thought of a way to lure my daughter down to our family’s plantation within my nine great grandfather old pack territory for her to break the curse that was placed on their land after my Cora refused to give up her daughter’s location when they were being hunted by hunters that were hired by Cora’s Mother Arianna’s original Coven from England.  They found out that Arianna’s youngest daughter was blessed by not only Hecate but by the moon goddess Selene and they wanted to take Cora’s and Nathalie’s powers for themselves, when Cora’s spellbound her daughter and place her into protection in her twin brother’s pack as a human child they could not find her and after the war with the hunters and evil witch cursed the plantation and pack territory, everyone that resided on the land was put into sleep curse, when that happened Nathan the next Alpha for the Blue Moon pack was only 9 years old and his father was at war with the hunters, Cora was in hiding and so wanted to save both her children and she sent Nathalie away and she relocated the Blue Moon Pack it an old plantation right outside of Mystic Valley, called Mystic Commons she built to town and plantation to where it would only to open to members of the pack and their allies, and it has been like that for over 300 years. Now, it’s time for the descendant of Nathalie to return and figure out the mystery of her powers and find the missing Amulet of light and the mystic powers it holds within.  
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