Chapter 4

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Connor POV Cora has devised a plan to lure our 10x great granddaughter her to Mystic Valley, we hope that with her moving her and Cora, using our company here and the artifacts that we have from when we were living there and giving her the plantation home on Blue Moon pack territory that she might be able to figure out the mystery on how to break the sleep curse in order for her to get peace she will have to wake the twenty curse men that haunt that land because they are have been curse to a sleeping death curse and only someone with Cora’s witches bloodline can break it. Secondly Cora, hide the most important but most powerful object that she needs to restore the balance between our world and the human inside the property, since she nor I or even Damon can step foot on the land to look for it and where she can lift the bind that she placed on our daughter female bloodline we have to send someone from our family direct bloodline line of Nathalie without magic in to find and control the magic within then the curse can be broke and balance restored. She has everything under control our 10x great grand Kinsley has from the day she arrives until her 21st birthday to unlock the secret of her existence and find the amulet. I hope that she will be able to do it I have faith her mother says she is very bright. I called Damon to see when they will be arriving. Phone Conversation Ring, Ring Damon: Connor what is going on my friend? Connor: Hey Damon, what day are you arriving? Damon: We left Ruby, this morning we are headed to Crystal City for a few days then driving down 95 to 10 through New Orleans to Baton Rouge I believe, Cora said she wants me and Kenzie to stay at Mystic Commons since I can’t step foot in Mystic Valley until she breaks the curse. Connor: That is true, what we can do is have you guys meet us in Mystic Commons and we will give get one of the Omega’s to present each of you guys a key to your own place you at on the edge of Mystic Commons and Mystic Valley and her the keys to the pack house in Mystic Valley, did she come with her human mate? Damon: Hell, NO she didn’t she dump him her mother paid to have her marriage annulled, it went into effect this morning before we left a matter of fact. Connor: Good Cora says she will meet her mate here. So, I didn’t want any mishaps. Damon: I know she told me that years ago. But we were at the boarder of Crystal City I need to call Nico and let them know we are about to be there so they can have the patrol do their little show. Connor: Bye friend and I will see you in a few days. Damon: Bye Click end of phone conversation. Nico POV My sister believes that Kingston and Kinsley are the ones that will restore the balance and everything to our world. When Damon brought Nathalie here all those many years ago, I thought that bloodsucker had harmed my sister and her kin but first thing he handed me was a note in my sister writing and I read the note and when I was done it went into smoke, I explained to me that my niece needs to be protected at all costs that he wolf is dormmate and her witches magic and been spellbound that she needs to be raised human and when she marries and mates that if he is human allow him to take over as alpha until her twins are born and when their son turns 15 he will train and become alpha of the pack and from that set on until the time is right only shall the male twin have a wolf and the female be human and raised outside the pack territory until the goddess reincarnate the spirit animals of Nathalie then only will the balance and power be restored. So, when Nathalie had her twins, her mate was a human and when we told him about the situation he gladly stood up and did his part when Nathalie’s daughter turned thirteen him and Nathalie gave the Alpha and Luna position to his Beta, and he continued to take care of their son until he become of age, and he was handed the pack. He was the child that either had a daughter or no children while he would take in every male twin that Nathalie’s descendants had. Me and my Luna and mate Rebecca never had children she was not healthy enough to bear a child, so we raised Nathalie as our own. She knew about her background, and she proudly accepted that she was human because she wanted to save her bloodline. She learned magic later in life and when she passed away some 105 years later, she was able to see four generations of her family being born and raised she would visit with the male twins, so they knew the story of their meaning and why they were giving my father pack to lead. When me and make command team to the life oath to protect my niece we all stopped aging and we knew that we would have to go into hiding every few years and reappear into the packs, but each alpha would swear an oath not a life oath but a blood oath to protect and training the male twin. My mate Rebecca passed away shortly before Nathalie turned 18, we never found out from what but was told that she was the granddaughter of the witch that had cursed Cora and that when she took the blood oath, she betrayed me, and my sister and she was only a live long enough to see Nathalie grow up but never see the generations to come like I have. I pray that my sister is right, and Kinsley and Kingston are the ones because I am ready to grow old and finally return to the moon goddess and her valley of spirit wolves, I have done my dues and I am ready. I hope that maybe when the curse is lifted, and balance is restored that I am blessed with a second chance wolf to live my life out with. Axel links me to tell me that our niece has arrived and Damon. I was looking forward to seeing Damon again it’s been over 20 years since I have seen him last. I head to the pack house well the Mansion as we are calling it while she is here since she has no idea that we are wolves yet. I walked into the house and they are all sitting in the living talking and Axel clears his voice and introduces me as his business partner Nico Mikelson, I see her and she swings her hair and she looks me in the face and for a moment I thought I was looking at Cora and Nathalie none of the girl ever looked identical to either of them over the years they had some small differences mostly their eye and hair colors were different but Kinsley, just like Kingston who look identical to me, I had to dye my hair and wear contacts while she was hear so she didn’t notice the similarities. She has long silver hair and she had purple eyes just like Cora, Nathalie had pink with a tint of purple in hers, and I felt a surge of energy with her and Kingston sitting right next to each other I looked over and Axel and linked him and told him I needed to talk to him now. I told everyone I would be right back I needed to speak to Axel about some business fast to please excuse us, Kingston heard my link to Axel, and he took the opportunity to show his sister and Damon around the place. Even though Damon has seen it million times a lot has changed in 20 years, so he decides to look. I asked Axel did he feel it and he told me yes, he has felt it every time that Kinsley and Kingston have been together it was just like this when they were growing, he said that he has told me many of times that Grandmother Cora is right, and they are the ones that will save our kind. I asked how long they were staying he said that they would be heading out in the morning they want to be at least close to Alabama tomorrow night and be in Baton Rouge by the next day. I asked him what route they were taken and if they were interested in leaving via jet instead, I wanted to visit me sister and see her reaction to her great granddaughter. He told me that he would ask and what about their vehicle and property I offered to have my Beta and Gamma drive the stuff to Mystic Commons for them if they wanted to get their early, I would just have to call Cora and produce the perfect plan. Cora and Connor own a huge company that they deal with marketing and real estate, medical and a few more thing I could use that I needed to see them about marketing our PR for the company. I went and called Cora I needed to let her know that she will have to spell her looked until Kinsley figures out that mystery of her identity and that I will be bringing them down tomorrow via private jet and that their stuff will be there in two days. Phone Conversation Ring, Ring, Ring Cora: Hello, WIC company Salvatore Groups Division. this is Cora how many I direct your call. Nico, Well Hello, Mrs. Salvatore, this is Nico Mikelson, and I was calling to set up an appointment with you for tomorrow afternoon, I will be flying in with a few people that you might be excepting to see a new hire by the name of Kinsley Starling, well I needed to see you for some PR work for my company the Mikelson glass company in Crystal City, VA Cora: Cut the crap Nico what is going on, so you are flying them down. How does she look, what kind of personality does she have done you feel anything tell me? Nico: Cora she is a spiting imagine of you, let me tell you better spell your appearance if you are planning to hide from her until she has at least found the amulet. And she has yours and Nathalie’s personality from what Axel tells me. I was going to ask them here in a few if they wanted to fly down, I know that Damon will be going to Mystic Common’s, and she will be going to Mystic Valley alone you know that her and her mate are no longer together, right? Cora: Yes, of course I know, and no worries her mate will be joining her at Mystic Valley once she gets here. He is near I feel it. Nico: Okay well expect us around noon tomorrow I will let you know for sure here in a little while. I love you see and can’t wait to see you it’s been way to long. Bye Cora: Love you too Nico and see you then I will spell myself, but you will be able to recognize me and since Connor doesn’t look like her, he won’t be. Click end of conversation    
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