The Triplets Queen

friends to lovers

Amelia is the daughter of the moon goddess. She knows it. Her father knows it. But no one else has any idea about it because they kept it a secret from the world. Why? Because the werewolves are suffering a curse, which the moon goddess cast on them herself. A curse where no one will live a complete life until they learn their lesson and respect woman. Now they are furious at her for taking away hope from their lives. They chose the wrong path to solve the problem by torturing the women more.

That is why Amelia is here. She is here to remove the curse from them by reminding them of their faults. She needs to remind them why they got the curse in the first place and how can they remove it. But it’s going to be a long and hard journey for her because she’s a woman herself. 

Will she be able to do it on her own? What will happen when three mysterious triplet alphas will enter her life? Will she get their support or will they become the biggest obstacle of her journey? And what will she even do about the darkness that’s chasing her to end her life? Will she be able to conquer it all while keeping her identity a secret?

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Chapter : 1. Prologue..
The blue sky was dotted with fluffy white clouds that drifted lazily in the gentle breeze. Sun rays are peeping through the trees, creating mysterious shadows down below. Standing in a bit clearing, I watched all around myself to see some old faces along with some brand new. The day is very warm and comfortable to play games or go hunting. Maybe that is why we are here or it’s just the destiny. “Hunters and Preys. Please take your places and get ready..” With the announcement of the alpha, all of us mateless females or the prays, went to stand in our place with our backs towards the forest, facing the hunters or the males who stood in front. I saw the way they were glaring at us, measuring us from head to toe, taking in our scent to fit it in their head, selecting the pray they are going to go after. “Most of them are staring at you Amelia, because you are the most beautiful among us. Be careful. Don’t get hurt.” The girls standing beside me, who I know all my life as my friends, are now fearing for my safety. They think I am weak. They think I will be the one to be defeated first. But they are wrong. They don’t know the real me yet. “Don’t worry. None of them can hunt me down. Take care of yourselves. We will meet again at the end of the game.” We gave each other a hug because we know that after this game we won’t be able to spend time together anymore. We will be taken apart from our homes to no idea where. We don’t even know when will be the next time we see each other again. This is the fate those men created for us. “Hunters. I hope you already selected your would be mate. Now it’s time to begin the game. Welcome everyone to this year’s hunting game on Spirit Lotus Pack. This year we have thirteen single females, ready to find their mates and start a new family.” Thirteen? We are only thirteen and they are almost over fifty against us. It’s going to be a tough fight. “Now, prays. Chose the form you will be defending yourself with.” I looked beside myself to find the girls getting ready to shift in their wolf forms. The females always choose the wolf form because the color of their wolf represents how pure and capable they are, and it gives them the speed they need to get themselves away from the fight that will be following them. Everyone in my line was wearing light clothes to have easy access in shifting. Some of them chose to let their wolf come out, ripping their dresses, while some of them took their clothes off to show off their perfect body to attract the powerful males. I, on the other hand, was wearing the most comfortable clothes I have. The ones I train in with, so that I can move easily around the forest in my human form. My long black hair was already tied up in a braid, and I was ready to defend myself. “Now that everyone’s ready, let me remind you with the rules once again. The prays will get two minutes heads up to `defend themselves and after two minutes, the hunters are allowed to chase the one they selected. The race will begin with my gun shot and end when everyone gets back, single or in couples. No one is allowed to cross the pack borders, which are now marked with flags to help you find it. No one is allowed to hurt the prays, accident or not. The fights between the hunters will be played fair because we don’t want to return their dead bodies to their home. Now, if all of you understood the rules of the game, let the hunting game begin.” With the last announcement from the alpha, we all got ready to begin the game. We prays turned around to face the forest, and I made a map in my head of the path I will be taking. “Ready. Three.. Two.. One.. Go.” With a loud bang from the alpha’s gun, all of us girls started running into the forest. I was training for this day for so long. I was waiting to prove to those men that women are not weak. They are not the prays. They can fight back if they want. I will fight back. I will make sure all those men who chose to hunt me down return empty-handed. I will not let them rule over me. All of us girls were scattered all around the forest after going in for a while. With my speed, I almost reached half of the pack territory before I heard the second gunshot. Loud howls echoed from the center of the pack where we were standing two minutes ago, informing us that the real part of the hunting game had just begun. And the howls were warning for us, telling us that we are coming for you. Be aware. Be prepared. Be prepared for what? For becoming their slave? For becoming a breeder for them? They don’t respect us. They will never love us. They will only give us the name of their mate so that the child we bear for them would not call their father a molester of their mother. A killer of their mother. They will use us to get what they want and after it’s done, we will become useless to them. They might kill us with their own hands so that they can get a fresh new prey to enjoy. And all of it is for what? The mating season? The season where their wolf craves for a female body and becomes wild. The season when they have no control over themselves and need a mate the most so that they don’t destroy everything they worked hard for. The season when they get the chance to keep their bloodline going by conceiving a child. The season when they feel the importance of woman in their lives, yet they don’t admit it. They still hurt them, insult them, and abuse them throughout their whole life. But it’s going to change now. These rules, these systems, these games, to put women down under their shoes will change now. I will change it. I will change the thoughts of this werewolf world. I will create a better place for everyone. It’s my, Amelia Francis, the daughter of the moon goddess and the queen of werewolves’s promise..

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