Enchanting Fox Spirit

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Dong'er fled Yao Ling Cave in search of Wuei, unaware that her twin sister, Ling'er, had also left the cave. They were both pursued by the authorities in Fuyang County for being fox spirits. Dong'er was caught in the midst of this turmoil, facing life and death.

  Wuei, knowing that Dong'er was being hunted as a fox spirit, chose to defy his duty and let her go. Love and duty conflicted in his heart, causing a profound change within him. Unbeknownst to him, it was the influence of the fox spirit blood in his veins that made him infatuated with Dong'er.

  Ling'er's fanciful ideas not only put Dong'er in a life-threatening situation but also led to her own condemnation by society. However, since learning of Xubu's disdain for her, she wanted to change and become more like Dong'er, but Xubu's heart was always with Dong'er.

  Xubu admired Dong'er's simplicity and kindness, silently loving and caring for her. However, just as he gathered the courage to confess his feelings to her, he discovered that his esteemed senior and he himself had fallen in love with women of the same name.

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Lustful Fox
The pure moonlight shines upon the swaying reeds in the night breeze, amidst the serene silence, while insects chirp softly in the forest and fireflies flicker. In the dark fields at the foot of the mountain, within the bamboo fence surrounding a simple farmhouse, echoes the ecstatic moans of pleasure, "Ah, ah...” The woman on the bed moans seductively, completely immersed, arching her back and opening herself wantonly. Amidst the dense foliage, she lies, slippery and moist, as the man leans over, his hands delicately manipulating her tender buds, revealing two sweet and lustful petals. Greedily, he extends his eager tongue into her sensitive depths, while the woman's supple waist twists lightly, sending waves of pleasure coursing from her feet to her mind, stirring the lust within. The man feels his hardened shaft enveloped by a layer of fur, his mind clouded with desire. The gentle pressure of the fur makes his lower body tingle, as he surrenders to the intoxicating beauty that has descended upon him. Every inch of his body is immersed in the sensuous caress of the fur, as his swollen member, hard as a sharp blade, longs to penetrate the deep, mysterious depths. With a determined thrust, he plunges his sword into the glistening spring water that flows from the depths of her secret cave. The woman moans with delight, spurring the man on, his movements quickening, amidst the echoing cries of ecstasy. Interestingly, as he returned from the fields in the evening, he found this woman sitting on a large rock nearby. Seeing her pitiful appearance, she said, "Kind sir, my foot is injured and I cannot continue my journey. It's getting dark, could you please allow me to stay the night?" The man, captivated by her celestial beauty, thought to himself that his younger brother was just taking the harvested rice into town, leaving a vacant bed. Without any suspicion, he agreed. Supporting her, he asked, "How did a young girl like you end up alone? It's dangerous to be alone in these desolate outskirts." The woman limped and replied, "My mother passed away early, and my father left this world half a month ago. I'm the only one left in the family, and today I'm going to my aunt's house in Fuyang County." Seeing her beauty, the man's lust surged. He pondered, he was unmarried, she was unmarried, if he could keep her, it would be a win-win situation, with a beautiful woman in his arms every night, indulging in passionate love. Thinking the woman had fallen asleep, he approached her, his thoughts racing. Feeling increasingly hot, the desire in his loins became unbearable. Sensing the woman on the neighboring bed seemed to be asleep, he reached out to her. Seeing her not resisting, he fondled her supple breasts, arousing himself. Unexpectedly, her delicate hands also began to caress his hardened manhood, and the man, overjoyed at her willingness, became even more passionate, his hands full of desire unable to restrain themselves. "Oh, brother..." The woman moaned softly. With all his might, the man thrust his sword into her delicate body, moving up and down hundreds of times. Her delicate body made him unable to stop, and he climaxed repeatedly. Before long, his swollen member, aroused by the woman's lustful cries and passionate movements, erupted in c****x, spraying waves of white liquid into her warm cave. Exhausted, the man collapsed beside her, panting, while the woman's cave still felt empty of vitality. Rolling over, she straddled him, and the weak man murmured, "You have such intense desires, brother has already climaxed three times, I can't anymore, let's wait until tomorrow." Hearing this, the woman chuckled lightly, leaning against the man's ear and said, "But my cave is still itching, still empty, I need brother to fill it, there's always tomorrow, but tonight, I want you." With that, the fox tail behind the woman shook, and the man, seeing a furry tail, thought he was hallucinating. Shocked, he rubbed his eyes, reaching out to grab it, but the tail shook and continued to sway. The man's face turned pale with fear, as he tried to push the fox woman off him, but to no avail. "Get away, get away, you fox demon!" Finally, the woman revealed her pointed ears, smiling seductively, and grabbed the man's throbbing member, using her demonic power to stimulate it until it hardened under her touch. Inserting it into her tight opening, she began to ride him like a horse, thrusting rapidly, causing the man's throbbing member to feel as if it would be pulled out by the fox demon, causing him to cry out in pain, yet unable to escape. Staring wide-eyed as his swollen member was forcefully sucked in and then exposed by the fox woman's opening, she raised her waist and his member appeared. He wanted to pull away from her body, but her opening acted like a suction cup, pulling him back in, burying him deep inside her. The narrow cave stretched his swollen member to several times its original size, causing unbearable pain. He begged, torn apart, "Please, spare me, please?" The fox woman continued to devour his giant rod, moaning softly, "Mmm, it feels so good, doesn't it, brother?" With each passing moment, the man's breath grew weaker, as his essence was gradually sucked into the fox demon's body, leaving his skin dry and withered. "No, no..."

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