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After an attack by rogues, Angel, at just 6 years old, was orphaned by his mother and was sent by his father to live with his uncle in England. Behind, he leaves the alpha's children, his best friends.

After 12 years, when he finally returned to the pack that saw him born, Angel was no longer the little kid who left, but a beautiful boy, with blond hair and light eyes, tall, strong and athletic.

The change that he was obliged to make, between his uncle's pack, the school he attended and the human boyfriend he had left behind, and the pack where his father is the Beta and the more territorial life that awaited him, was not easy. It becomes more difficult when the friend he was most attached to, and who turned his back on him, hurting him and making him cry when he was only 5 years old, introduces himself as his mate.

Will Angel accept all the changes that life brings, or give up, return to England and the arms of his human boyfriend?

This is the story of Angel, not an angel with wings, but an angel full of love in his heart.

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Chapter 1
The only sounds to be heard were the growls, barks and howls of the wolves. There were many dead wolves strewn across the ground, among members of the Lycan Moon Pack and the rogues who had attacked them. It was real c*****e. Over two hundred rogues, mysteriously, joined forces and attacked the pack, with the sole aim of destroying it. No one knew why or who was behind it, but the Lycan Moon Pack warriors weren't going to be beaten. In a few hours, the pack's forces had killed two thirds of the rogues and the remaining ones fled whimpering, their tails between their legs. The tired warriors collect their wounded and dead and carry them to the front of the packhouse, while others pile the bodies of dead rogues into several piles and set them on fire. In the light of the fires and with the chilling smell of burning flesh, the civilians began to emerge from the banker where they had been hiding. Almost all were elderly, pregnant and children. Scattered across the floor in front of the packhouse were the bodies of forty-eight warriors fallen in battle. It was an image that broke the heart of anyone who looked at it. Little by little, the parents, wives, husbands and children of those who had fallen, knelt down to mourn the loved ones who had departed for the Moon Goddess' realm. One body in particular, one of the strongest female warriors in the pack, broke everyone's hearts. She was the Beta's mate, who had been injured in the battle and lay unconscious in the pack's hospital. Beside the dead warrior, a small 6-year-old puppy cried compulsively, while grabbing his mother's face, begging her to open her eyes. The Alpha let the tears fall for his dead warriors, but the little pup was breaking his heart. That little one was like a son to him, and his children's best friend. The Luna goes down the stairs and kneels beside the little one, trying to detach him from his mother's body, but she can't without exerting some force. She grabs the little one and the two of them cry in each other's arms, the little one for having lost his mother, and the Luna for having lost her best friend. The Luna's two youngest children approach and hold them, the four of them united in a strong embrace. Luna's eldest son grabbed his father's hand and let the tears flow. All family members transported the bodies of their loved ones, to honor them and give them a burial, worthy of a warrior who gave his life for the salvation of his pack and his Alfa. It was an honor to die for the pack, but a heartbreaking honor, when you think about how many parents have lost their children and how many children have lost their parents. In a short time, on the ground, only the body of the great warrior remained, the Beta's mate, and the Alpha orders his warriors to take her body to the hospital where she will be treated and arrange for her burial with the due honors. When the Beta's body begins to heal and he wakes up, he's faced with the loss of the woman he loves, and his heart dies with her. After the warriors' funerals, the Beta tries to raise his son alone, but fails. The loss of his mate had destroyed him from within and he knew it would take a long time to heal. Against the will of his Alfa and his Luna, he decides to send his son to be raised by his brothers-in-law, the Alfa and Luna of the River Ash Pack, in England, on the other side of the Atlantic. The poor little one, who was suffering as much as his father, was also deprived of the company of his two best friends, Alfa's youngest children. On one rainy day, his uncle lands the helicopter on the Lycan Moon Pack grounds and forcibly snatches the child from his friends' arms, separating them and leaving them in tears. The helicopter leaves for the airport, where Alfa's private jet was waiting, to take them to England, and to the River Ash Pack, where he would spend his childhood, and who knows, never return. It's been 12 years since the rogues attacked, and never again has the Lycan Moon Pack had large-scale rogue problems. They never know why they attacked or who was rallying the rogues against them. After 12 years, nobody cared about it anymore. The training remained the same, and they were certainly some of the strongest warriors among the werewolves, being often recruited by the Alpha of Alphas, to help in fights between small packs. Alfa's sons were now eighteen, twenty and twenty-two years old and none had yet found their mate. Klaus was the name of the oldest. He was an Alpha. A young man with a robust and defined body, with a lot of strength. There were no other warriors in the training field capable of defeating him. The pack was proud to have him as a future alpha, knowing that, like his father had done so far, he would give his life for the pack and all his members. He was the perfect heir. He just hadn't inherited the title yet, because he wanted to find his mate first. The middle one was called Dominic, and like his older brother, he was a fine specimen of a werewolf. He was an Alpha, like his brother, and he had ambitions to be the future CEO of his father's company. Klaus wanted the Alpha title, but he had zero interest in the business and he, unlike his brother, liked all the bureaucracy that a CEO handles. The youngest was named Colby. He was an Alpha too, but his ambition was smaller. What he liked most was training and his dream was to be promoted to the supreme warrior of his brother's troops, when he received the title from his father. The three were close, but it hadn't always been that way. When Klaus was ten, he hooked up with a group of rough-necks, all pups older than he was, and things would have gone pretty badly if his dad hadn't stepped in and straightened him out.

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