opposites attract

You are mine Blair, your body, your soul, everything belongs to me. You have no identity except for the fact that you are my property,” he growled.

“I'm…I’m not your property,” I stuttered.

“Say that again Blair,” he scolded with eyes that looked like burning flames “I dare you to say that again,”

I wanted to speak, to say something to oppose him but my mouth remained mute.

“You belong to me Blair and there's nothing you can do to change that,”

Blair was an omega who wanted nothing but to have a normal school life like every other teenager but all that changed when she crossed paths with the Three Alphas who found pleasure in killing her hopes of living a normal life.

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Blair’s Pov. “Hey over here,” my best friend yelled while waving her hands excitedly. I smiled and happily made my way to her giving her a long warm hug. “I'm so glad we get to spend our senior year together” she squeaked, hugging me again. “I can't believe it,” I said happily looking around the prestigious Star Height Academy. If I was ever asked to mention a time when I believed dreams do come true, this was it. I know most people dread being back in school, especially on the first day. Truth is, I haven't been in ages, and if given the chance, I would rather be wrapped up in my blanket watching my favourite TV show than enduring those long, tedious hours in the classroom. But this time was different. This was Star Height Academy, for crying out loud. Star Height Academy was the best School in the whole of the pack, attracting the elite from affluent backgrounds. and being an omega and child of a poor single mother who was struggling to pay bills, my dream of attending here was close to nonexistence. But here I was standing in front of this great institution all thanks to my sweet mother who saved every penny to grant me this experience. It may not seem like a lot to most people but it meant the world to me. “Come, let me take you to your classroom,” Stella insisted, grasping my hand and pulling me along with her. As we turned left, a moving brick wall crashed into me, sending me sprawling on the ground. The wall of a person continued walking, utterly indifferent. No apology, no offer to help me up, not even a glance in my direction. “What the hell man?” I asked loudly, the few people who were in the hallway turned in my direction. “A simple apology could go a long way?” My last statement caused the brick wall to stop. I rose from the ground, fixed on the person, refusing to yield as my best friend tried to pull me along. I would not allow this person to treat me like nothing. When he finally turned, his captivating eyes caught me off guard, casting a spell on me. Despite his annoyed expression, my confidence began to falter. "What did you just say?" His voice was low and husky. I swallowed hard, attempting to find my words. "I... I would appreciate it if you offered an apology instead of just walking past after knocking me to the ground." “Are you implying that it is my fault that you were standing in my way?” He asked challengingly, raising an eyebrow “That’s not what she meant. She would not stand in your way again,” Stella intervened, pinching my arm hard. “We apologize. Blair is new here.” “I will let it pass this time, but teach your friends some manners. I won’t be so forgiving next time,” he warned before striding away. Once he was at a safe distance, Stella forcefully pulled me into an empty classroom. “What was that all about?” I asked. “It's you trying to get us in trouble. Do you even know who he is?” Stella asked, crossing her arms tightly. “I don't, what does that have to do with anything?” I asked. She rolls her eyes ``Obviously, you don't. If you did, you would know not to mess with Hunter,” “He was the one who bumped into me, don't act like you did not see that ?” I frowned, defending myself. “I know. But that guy is part of the Golden Boys and if you want to have a nice time here, I suggest you avoid them,” Stella explained. “Golden boys? What are you talking about? Is this some sort of cult?” “You, my friend, have been living under the rock,” Stella said and pulled out her phone. The Golden Boys, the Alpha’s Triplet are greatly admired and feared by both the students and the teachers of this Academy. They effortlessly always got whatever they wanted and were constantly surrounded by girls and were every girl's dream mate. Not mine, though. If the other two behave anything like the eldest of the Triplet ‘Hunter’ I would rather die single than be mated to them even if they were the last man on earth. The rest of the day went relatively well, and I was content. During lunch at the cafeteria, as we carried our trays, Stella accidentally tripped, sending the contents of her meal crashing onto the same guy I had seen earlier, Hunter. The hall which was formerly noisy became so quiet that it was possible to hear the faintest sound of a pin falling to the ground. Stella gasped and I could see the pure look of panic on her face. The colour drained from her face rendering her as pale as a porcelain doll. "I'm so sorry," Stella stammered, avoiding eye contact and attempting to wipe the food stain off his clothes with her handkerchief. Hunter swiftly caught her hands. "What are you trying to do?" he demanded, his teeth clenched. "I'm so sorry," Stella replied softly, still keeping her head lowered. "Sorry? Is that all you have got? Do you have any idea how much these clothes you just ruined cost?" he scoffed. "It was a mistake, I did not mean for it to happen. Please, forgive me," Stella pleaded, tears welling up. "Look at me, peasant," Hunter said coldly, raising her chin to force her to meet his gaze. "What makes you think you deserve my forgiveness?" "I'm so sorry," Stella said, tears streaming down her face. He sighed and then replied, "I will forgive you on one condition. Get up on one of these tables and put on a show worthy of the nightlife." "Pardon?" Stella was taken aback. "I would not repeat myself. I said get on that table and dance for us," Hunter demanded. "But..." Stella stuttered, feeling embarrassed. "You wanted my forgiveness, didn't you? So, earn it," he smirked, clearly pleased with himself. Glancing around, I noticed no one in the room seemed bothered, in fact, they had their phones out, ready to capture the scene. But I could not watch my friend being humiliated and stay silent. “She will do no such thing,” I yelled, redirecting his attention to me. “Why are you being so unreasonable? Do you honestly think she would want to waste good food on you?” “You again,” he scoffed. “When will you learn to respect your place, you filthy omega?” “I would not stand by and watch you disrespect my friend,” I retorted firmly. “What's your name,” Hunter asked. “Blair piper,” He smirked walking closer to me, when he was inches away from my face, he stopped and whispered in my ears, “Why don't you prove to me how great your friendship is,” And then looking into my eyes, he said with the coldest tone. “Take your clothes off and perform for the whole school or we will make your friend’s life miserable,”

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