2 Being His Surrogate

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Clenching the phone in her hand, Anna thought to herself with a frown, No, I don’t have a choice. The Gabriel Group can’t go bankrupt! Besides, if I sign the agreement, the babies will survive. It seems to be a good option. It’s just that... The young master the butler mentioned is such a jerk! How dare he use this dirty trick to force me?! But since he could make the head of the hospital listen to him without hesitation and offer me so much money, he must be someone rich and powerful. I’d better not mess up with him. Knowing what was on her mind, the butler handed her a document silently. Anna looked through the document for a long time and then said through her gritted teeth, “I’ll sign it!” After Anna handed over the signed document, the butler said in satisfaction, “Rest assured, Ms. Gabriel. Our young master will fulfill what he has promised after the child is born. And you should stay in this villa until the baby is born. We’ll arrange for doctors and nurses to look after you.” After signing the agreement, it suddenly dawned on Anna that the butler didn’t seem to know that she was pregnant with twins, and the agreement said that they would take one child from her. She thought to herself, So, does it mean that I can raise the other child with the money they are going to compensate me? But I don’t think I can fool the doctors and nurses to believe that I’m pregnant with only one child. Wait! The money! I can bribe them with the money! Also, that mysterious man only wants one child. It doesn’t matter to him if I take one of his children away. Besides, they’re also MY CHILDREN! *** Anna was an easy-going person. And soon, she became friends with the doctors and nurses that the butler arranged for to look after her. As they got along with each other better and better, they were even willing to help Anna keep one of her children to herself. During the pregnancy, Anna felt that time passed slowly yet quickly. She could only walk around inside the villa for months. As the villa and the surroundings were heavily guarded, it was impossible for Anna, a pregnant woman, to run away. Occasionally, the butler would come to the villa to visit Anna and see how she was doing. Yet, the mysterious man had never showed up. Anna didn’t know who he was or what he looked like, however, she was pregnant with his children. And when she touched her belly, she often had the feeling that she was living in a nightmare. 8 months later… Rumble! A thunderclap woke Anna. A bit terrified by the thunderclap, Anna turned on the light and sat up. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her belly. Sweating all over, she felt that her water broke. Because it was the first time that Anna was going to give birth, she was very scared. And the fact that she would have twins scared her even more. She was scared that something would happen to her during the labor, and she was scared that both of her children would be taken away. However, at this critical moment, she had no choice but to trust the doctors and nurses. Then, with all her strength, she reached for the bell on the bedside table. In no time, she heard the doctors and nurses hurry to her room. Anna had tried her best to stay awake. But the pain was so unbearable that she blacked out the next second. A while later, Anna woke up and heard the nurses saying, “They’re coming! The babies are coming out!” “We have a healthy boy and a healthy girl!” Anna huffed and puffed and heard the baby crying. She struggled to open her eyes to see her children but the nurse had already taken the baby boy away. Meanwhile, another nurse took the baby girl to Anna and whispered to her, “Your daughter is safe with me. I’ll take care of her for you for a while. After you leave this place, I’ll take her to you.” Nodding, Anna said to the nurse gratefully, “Thank you so much!” A few minutes later, the butler arrived happily. Anna was still in pain when she asked, “Where is my baby?” “He is with young master. It’s a healthy boy. Ms. Gabriel, please remember, from now on, you’ll have nothing to do with the child,” The butler said and placed an envelope on the table, “Here’s a check for four million dollars. Thanks for everything.” After that, the butler turned to leave. “No. Stop! Please let me see my child…” Anna panicked and struggled to get out of bed. I really want to see my baby boy! He’s my child! How is it possible that I don’t love him?! But that man, he definitely won’t let me see my son. I’m just a stranger to him. He surely won’t care about how I feel. I just wanna see my son before he’s taken away; even if just taking a glance at him. However, Anna was too weak and collapsed on the ground immediately. Her abdomen throbbed frequently, causing her to squeak in pain. As she saw him walking away, Anna said in a pleading tone, “I beg you! Please let me see my baby…” Yet, the butler ignored her and walked away with the baby boy. At the thought that she would never see her son again, Anna felt that her heart was broken into millions of pieces. But she pulled herself together when thinking of her daughter. She had to stay strong for her daughter. Slowly, Anna closed her eyes in pain. As she was so weak, she fainted on the ground... *** Five years later at the Southside City airport. A young man walked out of the crowd. He looked conspicuous in a black shirt and business suit. He also wore a pair of sunglasses and looked like the ‘Men in Black’. As soon as he walked out of the luggage pick-up area, his assistant, Gabe Lesley, rushed forward to carry his suitcase and said, “Mr. Wright, little master has not eaten for a day. Shall we head to the mansion first?” “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” He glared at the assistant. Everyone in the Wright family knew how precious little master was to Mr. Wright. And Mr. Wright was always gentle and affectionate towards his boy. Gabe felt guilty but braced himself up as he replied, “You went to Chicago to sign the important business contract. I was worried that I’d distract you so I did not call you and tell you about it. I didn’t expect little master to refuse to eat for a day…” Wayne stopped suddenly, took off his sunglasses, and then glared at the assistant. Seeing Wayne’s eyes, which were dark yet burning with fire, Gabe’s knees went wobbly. He could tell that Wayne was definitely angry…Oh, god... Are you going to fire me? Thinking of that, Gabe shuddered. “So, now you’re making the decisions for me?” Wayne asked coldly. “I’m, I’m sorry…” Gabe looked down and was prepared for the worse. At this moment, a small chocolate rolled next to Wayne’s shoes. Wayne looked at the chocolate and frowned. He bent down to pick up the chocolate. “Sir, that’s my chocolate!” A little girl ran over. The little girl was around four to five years old. As she ran too fast, she accidentally bumped into Wayne. Even when Wayne squatted down, she had to look up at him. Wayne was astonished by her cuteness and stared at her. And his heart skipped a beat as he met her big and round eyes. Surprised, he thought to himself. How strange! It’s the first time I’ve met the little girl. But why do I have the feeling that we have met each other before? Tammy Gabriel tilted her head and extended her hand towards Wayne, “Sir, if you like eating chocolate, you can buy your own chocolate. I only have three. I don’t have spare ones to share with you.” Hearing her cute words, Wayne’s cold face softened a little. “Do you like this brand of chocolate?” Wayne handed her the chocolate and asked. Meanwhile, Gabe was surprised by the scene. Apart from little master, Mr. Wright does not like any other children. Why does he squat down to speak with this little girl so tenderly as if he is talking to his son? Tammy nodded and smiled, revealing her cute bunny teeth as she asked, “Do you also like this brand of chocolate, sir?” “I don’t like it but my son loves it,” Wayne said and took out a box of the same chocolate from his bag.
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