3 She Grabbed His Butt

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I bought a lot for my kid. Here’s a box for you.” “Wow!” Tammy’s eyes lit up when she saw the box of candies but she hesitated, “Mommy said I shouldn’t accept anything from strangers.” “But…” Tammy then leaned towards Wayne, kissed his cheek and then grabbed the box of candies, “Now I can.” Wayne was stunned and then grinned. Gabe looked at the time and said, “Sir, it’s time to go.” “Okay. Little girl, goodbye.” Wayne got up and left with Gabe. “Bye-bye!” Tammy waved at him as she gasped at how handsome Wayne was. She said to herself, This man looks so handsome! He and Mommy will make a perfect couple! “Tammy!” Her mother yelled angrily, pulling Tammy’s mind back to earth. The next moment, a lady rushed over, grabbed Tammy’s little hand, and gently smacked it. She said angrily, “Didn’t I tell you to stay where you were? Why did you wander off?” “Ouch, stop!” Tammy exaggerated and said, “I dropped my chocolate and I went to pick it up.” As Anna laid her eyes on the box of candies, she asked, “Where did you get this?” “A handsome man gave it to me.” “Didn’t I tell you not to receive gifts from strangers?” Anna was furious and wanted to s***k Tammy. Seeing that, Tammy immediately put on a lovely smile and said, “Mommy, I was wrong. I’ll give myself a 3-minute time out.” “10 minutes!” “10 minutes is too long!” “15 minutes if you continue to haggle!” Tammy kept quiet immediately and pouted as she left with Anna. Five years ago, Anna spent 200,000 dollars to buy over the doctors and nurses who helped her deliver so that they wouldn’t tell a single soul that she was actually pregnant with twins. After taking her money, the doctors and nurses all shut up about the fact that Anna kept her baby girl. … Southside City had changed so much since Anna left five years ago. There were countless skyscrapers in the city. The next day, Anna woke up early. Having made sure Tammy was taken care of, she then took a taxi to the Carousel Group. It was Carousel Group’s seasonal recruitment drive, and the company was crowded with people. “Hey, wait a minute!” Anna yelled when the door of the elevator almost closed. “I’m so sorry, I came for… Argh!” She rushed in, lost her balance, and lunged forward. Out of instinct, she grabbed onto the person in front. The next second, she grabbed a man’s firm and muscular butt. “Hiss...” Feeling the pain, the man hissed. Hearing that, Anna yanked her head and looked up. Yet, her nose bumped into the man’s crotch. And Anna was instantly dazed by his manly scent and the mint scent from him. “Who are you? Why did you take the VIP elevator?” Someone in the elevator asked in astonishment. “I’m sorry. I’m here for an interview and I’m in a hurry.” Anna tried to stand upright but her curly long hair got caught by his zip. The minute she felt the pain in her scalp, she knelt down. And she happened to bury her head between the man’s thighs. As if she was electrocuted, Anna apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.” Suddenly, the elevator fell into silence. And everyone else was holding their breath nervously. “Ha…” Several of them finally couldn’t help chuckling a few minutes later. But they shut up when they saw the CEO’s stern expression. Meanwhile, Wayne tensed up and frowned as he had never experienced something so absurd. “I’m sorry, really… Can you give me a hand?” Anna tried desperately to untangle her hair. However, the moment she moved, her hair entangled with Wayne’s zip more tightly. Anna was panicked so much that her palms began sweating. Somehow, she gave Wayne an intense feeling of familiarity. But Wayne couldn’t recall when and where they had met before. As Anna’s hands were wandering over his body, Wayne was gradually turned on. Feeling her hot breath on his private parts, Wayne felt that he was about to have a hard-on. The hell?! I don’t wanna have a hard-on in front of my subordinates! Damn it! With that in mind, Wayne pressed Anna’s head, stopping her from moving. With a deep breath, he lowered his head and began untangling her hair carefully. “Don’t move, just relax.” He said softly. His voice is so familiar! I think I’ve heard it before! Anna was stunned. Suddenly, she recalled the night at that hotel five years ago. Although she could not see that man’s face clearly, she saw his thin lips. He told her to relax but then thrust hard in and out of her. The erotic scenes in which they had s*x flooded her mind, which made Anna blush. Gosh! What is wrong with me?! Why did I suddenly think of the night five years ago? “You can get up now,” Wayne said to Anna coldly after freeing himself from her hair. After standing up, Anna said to Wayne with sincerity, “Thank You!” Yet, Wayne didn’t seem to be interested in continuing talking with her. And then, Anna started looking up and down at Wayne. Wearing a well-tailored business suit, Wayne looked tall and handsome. Yet, he looked so cold and aloof. As he was so tall, Anna had to look up so that she could see his face clearly. “Miss,” Gabe quickly reacted and said, “So, you were in a hurry to flirt with Mr. Wright, right?” Hearing that, Anna was dumbfounded. At the same time, Wayne was looking down at her. Over the years, there were countless women who tried their best to attract and even seduce him. However, after that incident five years ago, Wayne was not interested in any other woman. During the past five years, the only woman that he had slept with was his son’s birth mother. When Wayne realized that Anna was obviously trying to get his attention, he became very frosty. He was upset that she almost fooled him. And at the thought that Anna nearly made him have a hard-on in front of others, his eyes were filled with contempt and disgust. Annoyed, Anna defended herself as she sensed the disgust in Wayne’s sharp eyes, “I told you I was in a hurry. Why are you staring at me like that?” I can’t believe I just thanked you for helping me untangle my hair from the bottom of my heart! And Anna complained to herself. “Gabe, press the button,” Wayne said sternly and ignored Anna. Gabe pressed the button of the next floor and said to Anna when the door opened, “Miss, please exit the elevator. Please stop using this trick to get close to Mr. Wright again. Mr. Wright’s way out of your league.” “Oh please, I really didn’t…” Anna tried to explain but Gabe insisted that she step out. Anna gritted her teeth, glared at Wayne, and mumbled as she left, “Who does he think he is? Why the hell does he think that I would ‘flirt’ with him? What a cheap gigolo!” Gabe was shocked by what she said. He thought, How dare you! How dare you call our boss a gigolo?! Wayne, who was standing beside Gabe, was furious and fumed. Apparently, he heard what Anna said about him. He could not help thinking about what Anna said. Somehow, he felt curious about her. She used her hair to entangle my button and then called me a cheap gigolo? Interesting! I would love to see how she would react when she sees me in the interview! At the thought, Wayne narrowed his eyes. Then he turned to Gabe and ordered, “Call Kenneth and tell him that I’ll attend the interview at 10 o’clock.” “Yes, Mr. Wright.” *** Minutes later, Anna arrived at the waiting room and was nervous and surprised to see so many fellow job seekers. As she was waiting, she heard someone saying, “Hey, do you know that Mr. Wright, the CEO of the Carousel Group will be attending the interview today? Normally, he wouldn’t care to take part in interviews like this. But this time, he will interview us in person. Gosh! I’m about to meet him in person! I’m so excited!” “Yeah! Me, too. I wonder if he’s as handsome as others told me.”
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