4 How Come The Interviewer Is Him?!

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“Wow, really? I heard that Mr. Wright has a son but he is single. He is so handsome. Could he be looking for a mother for his son in the interview?” “But I heard that he might have trouble in bed… Otherwise, how come he has never had a steady girlfriend? Perhaps they despised his inability to…” “So, what? I still want to marry him even if he has ED! After all, he’s so damn rich!” Anna rolled her eyes when she heard them gossiping. She thought, A typical boss would be around his mid-thirties and with a beer belly. Would someone so wealthy use an interview to find a stepmom for his child? Perhaps he is looking for a mistress! At the thought, Anna began to think poorly of her potential boss. “Anna Gabriel!” “Coming!” Anna walked out of the crowd when her name was called. She took a deep breath before opening the door. There were five interviewers in the panel. Anna was shocked to see that the man sitting in the middle turned out to be the “gigolo” she met earlier in the elevator. Isn’t… isn’t that the man I met earlier in the elevator? It seems that this man is the superior of other interviewers. Is he the manager, General Manager, or… s**t! Did he hear that I called him a gigolo when we were in the elevator? What should I do? Anna panicked. Seemingly having noticed her anxiety, Wayne looked at Anna, and asked, “Did you graduate from Wharton School?” “Not...not really. I'm a dropout.” Anna stammered. Anna claimed that she had graduated from Wharton School in her resume so that she could make it to the interview stage. She really needed the job. The other interviewer was surprised, “You mean that your resume is fake?” And he quickly apologized to Wayne, “Mr. Wright, I’m sorry, our background checks…” Wayne gestured for him to keep quiet. He then asked Anna sternly, “So, you are trying to get a job based solely on your experiences working in Hotel Milan in Germany? Have you seen the job requirements?” And Wayne thought, I knew you were up to no good. You’re not here for the job. You’re here because you want to throw yourself at me. Anna Gabriel, you’re so disappointing. He tossed her resume and saw through her lies. Then, with a darkened face, Wayne shouted, “Get out!” Feeling upset, Anna picked up her resume and left. She then heard Wayne say, “Don’t try your schemes here. No company would want a liar like you!” Anna stopped her pace. She was pissed, thinking, I have never met anyone as arrogant and cocky as he is! She then turned around and walked towards Wayne and slammed her resume on the table. The commotion caused all the interviewers to look at her in surprise. How dare she do that in front of Mr. Wright? Is she looking for death? The interviewers thought to themselves in surprise. Looking up at Anna, Wayne asked, “What do you want?” “I didn’t fake my resume. I dropped out of school because of some personal matters. And I don’t think you should judge my ability simply by my degree. Since you think that only a degree can prove a person’s abilities, then let’s have a bet.” Anna smiled and challenged him, “What do you think?” Wayne was rather calm. Sitting next to Wayne, Karl Xavier was bored by the interviews and his eyes immediately lit up when he heard what Anna said. He couldn’t help thinking, Wow, this is the first time that someone dared to bet with Wayne with such a challenging attitude. You’re really something, Anna Gabriel. “Girl, what do you want to bet?” Karl asked curiously. Wayne immediately glared at Karl, seemingly dissatisfied about his interrupting. Anna took a deep breath, looked directly at Wayne, and said, “I’ll work at a hotel under the Carousel Group for three months and I guarantee a monthly profit of at least thirty percent. If I achieve this, then I want to be confirmed at the position. Moreover, my salary has to be tripled and I want…” She paused and then emphasized the words, “An Apology!” Hearing that, all of them gasped. They all wondered, She has only worked at Hotel Milan for a year and she only created a profit margin of about 10 percent. What makes her dare to guarantee a profit margin of more than thirty percent? Wayne pushed the resume aside, crossed his arms, and asked, “What if you fail to do it?” Anna smiled radiantly, “Then I’ll work for the Carousel Group for free for three years. I’ll do anything you say. Do you accept this bet?” “Accept it! Accept it!” Karl instigated, “Wayne, don’t chicken out!” Yet, after Wayne shot a glare at him, Karl immediately shut up and pursed his lips. “Go back and wait for further instructions,” Wayne said and left. He paused as he walked past Anna. He noticed her delicate features and her alluring fragrance which started to arouse him. He seemed to be intrigued by this woman. Then Wayne said to himself, You’re quite intriguing, Anna Gabriel. At least you’re more interesting than the women who tried to throw themselves at me at all costs. “I accept this bet.” With that, Wayne then walked away briskly. Karl ran after Wayne and winked as he said to Anna, “Girl, you’re something. I really hope that you win this bet!” … It was already lunchtime when Anna went home. She went to Tammy’s kindergarten to pick her up before going home. “Mommy, you’re finally back!” Tammy hugged Anna and said, “I made some new friends at school and played some interesting games!” “Wow! Really? Good for you, sweetie,” Anna kissed her cheek. After Anna finished cooking, they had a hearty meal. Back then, Anna was afraid that the man would find out about Tammy’s existence. Thus, Anna quickly snuck out of the country with her daughter not long after she was born. She even broke her ties with the Gabriel family to protect Tammy. It was very tough for Anna to raise a child on her own while she was living overseas. But all her hardships were worth it when she saw Tammy smile. Tammy was very intelligent and could converse very well. At three years old, she could dress herself and brush her teeth. Soon after, she was able to help Anna do some housework and even take care of herself.
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