Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

one-night stand

“I’m burning hot... Just f**k me already...” Anna murmured as she felt that she was carried away by desire and lust.

“Don’t move. Relax. Otherwise, I can’t get inside you,” The man said to her in a deep and sexy voice.

After the passionate s*x was over, Anna laid in the man’s arms and stared at him affectionately in the dark. However, the next second, as the moonlight shone through the window, she panicked and her face turned pale. It turned out that the man she just had s*x with was not her fiance but a stranger!

Flustered, Anna immediately fled the room. And on her way home, she received a text from her stepsister which said, “I’m sure you have already had a wonderful night with that stranger. Your FIANCE and I also had a wonderful night.”

It was not until then that Anna realized that she was tricked into having a one-night stand with a stranger by her stepsister. Later on, Anna found that she was pregnant and she was forced to give birth to the twins. Her baby boy was taken away while her baby girl was left with her.

Years later, holding hands with her beautiful daughter, Anna met the man who she had one-night stand by chance.

Irritated, the man stopped her and asked her angrily, “How dare you steal my daughter from me!”

Hearing that, Anna’s daughter pushed the man away and opened her arms, trying to protect Anna. She said, “You bad man! Don’t bully my mommy!”

Then the boy behind the man craned his neck and asked in confusion, “Daddy, who is she?”


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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible support. Your enthusiasm and encouragement have meant the world to me as I've poured my heart into writing this article.

I've crafted a brand-new piece called "Hiding the Billionaire's Kickass Twins", it is a similar theme but a better one. Just want to invite you all to join me on this exciting new journey!

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1 What? I’m Pregnant?
I’m burning up… Anna Gabriel felt like fire was burning inside her body perhaps due to the beer she drank. Besides, she had this weird and strange feeling. And she became increasingly uneasy because of this feeling. As she tossed and turned in bed, she took off her clothes piece by piece. Still, she felt hot as hell. Because she felt itchy down there, she kept rubbing her thighs. Anna felt so weird that she wanted to thrust her fingers into her secret garden to see what was going on. Drowsy, she heard the door open. Anna tried to open her eyes. And she saw several men standing upright at the door and welcoming a tall and muscular man who was walking in the middle of the red carpet. A while later, the man stopped and said coldly, “It’s her, right?” “Yes, young master.” What are they talking about? Who is he? Is he Harry? But he doesn’t sound like Harry... Anna wondered. Just when she wanted to see the man’s face clearly, the man quickly closed the door. It was too dark for her to see anything, so Anna only heard the footsteps coming closer to the bed later on. And then, she heard the scraping sound of clothes, and she assumed that the man should be undressing himself. A few moments later, as the man leaned over, Anna instantly sensed the coldness from his body. And she couldn't resist climbing on him. For her, that icy cold feeling was way too comfortable. She lay tightly on top of him, stretching out her bare arms and legs to wrap his body. The man tightened his body, his eyes were covered with lust, and he accurately captured Anna’s red lips in the darkness. And then, he rolled over and pinned her down, getting the hold of the game. Anna’s breath smelled so good that the man gently bit her lips and sucked them like crazy. When tasting her lips, the man smelled a faint scent of alcohol coming from her mouth. Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, Anna kissed the man back enthusiastically. As Anna was already wet and soft to the touch, the man barely needed to do any extra foreplay. Without hesitation, he lifted her plump ass and thrust his hugeness straight in. “Ouch…” Anna moaned painfully and arched her body, “Harry, it hurts… Harry… please don’t be with her…” The man paused. It was the first time that a woman called out another man’s name on his bed. She was also the first virgin he met. As Anna constricted her walls, the man found it hard to go deeper. Still, he managed to make it to the deepest part with force. Again, Anna curled up from the pain. Yet, to the man, he felt the pleasure was very intense. And he was addicted to it. “Relax. It won't hurt later,” The man whispered in her ear. The unfamiliar voice snapped some sense into Anna. He's not Harry! Harry is already with my best friend so how could he be on my bed? “You… who are you? Don’t touch me…” Anna desperately clawed at him and her long nails scratched his neck, causing him to groan in pain. She also managed to yank something from his neck in panic. However, the man didn’t intend to stop at all. As he went deeper and faster, the pain dissipated with the onset of pleasure. And their erotic moans grew louder and louder in the luxurious suite. When the next morning came, they both fell asleep due to exhaustion. *** “Ah!” Anna suddenly woke up and her back was covered with sweat. She dreamed of that night again. Gasping for air, she wiped the sweat from her face. She could still hear the man’s deep and sexy voice, feel his cold and firm chest, and sense his stare into her eyes. Moreover, she still remembered how it felt when they grooved together passionately and the faint mint scent from his body. That night a couple of months ago was her most messed up night. After she saw her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, Anna went to a bar to drown her sorrows. However, her drink was drugged by someone and she was taken to a luxurious suite and lost her virginity to a tall and strong man as a result. Every time she thought of the fact that she lost her virginity when she was not in the right mind, Anna felt annoyed and even frustrated. Anna blushed and felt hot all over and dared not think any more of it. She quickly changed her clothes. *** In the lab, Anna was busy preparing a lab report when her classmate brought back a tuna sandwich. “Mmph!” The instant she smelled the tuna, Anna threw down the unfinished report, ran to the restroom, and retched for a long time. “Anna, are you okay? Are you pregnant? Is that why you’re retching like that?” Her classmate asked her with concern. Anna was stunned by what her classmate said and she instantly turned pale. I’m pregnant? How could it be? She thought. Later, at the hospital, the doctor handed Anna a report and pointed to her abdomen, saying, “Congratulations, Ms. Gabriel. You’re 10 weeks pregnant! And you’re pregnant with twins. They look healthy.” Anna’s vision blurred and she staggered. She quickly held onto the wall to steady herself. Pregnant… I’m really pregnant? Anna mumbled to herself in disbelief. But who's the child’s father? Who's the man I slept with that night? Damn it! I can’t afford to raise a baby, let alone two babies! I’m still a college student! But they're my children. I can't... Feeling torn, Anna lingered along the hospital corridor for a long time. Finally, she made up her mind and rushed into the doctor’s office, saying, “Doctor, I can’t keep the babies. I want an abortion.” “What?” The doctor gasped, “But are you sure about that?” “I… I can’t have them! I can’t afford to raise the children. They may suffer if I bring them to the world. I love them very much and I don’t want to let them suffer,” Anna grabbed the doctor’s hand and begged, “Believe me, doctor. I’ve thought it through. Could you please let me have the abortion now?” Finally, the doctor agreed to help Anna, knowing that an unmarried college student like Anna wasn’t capable of raising the children on her own. Under her guidance, Anna walked into the operation room. After taking off her shoes, she lay on the operating table. Although she was mentally prepared for it, her entire body turned icy cold and she broke into a cold sweat. “Hi, Babies, I’m sorry. Please don’t blame me, okay? I really don’t have a choice…” Anna whispered as she touched her abdomen. Just when the procedure was about to begin, the door was forcefully kicked open. Then several men in black suits rushed in. “Who, who are you? This is the operating room. Please get out!” A doctor said to them seriously. Before Anna could react, a man walked over and injected her with an anesthetic. The doctor and nurses were startled. One of them took out his phone and wanted to call the police. Yet, the head of the hospital showed up and stopped him immediately. “Our young master ordered us to do so. This woman has never come to the hospital and you have never seen us. Understood?” One of the men in black turned to the head of the hospital, who was covered in sweat, and warned. “Yes… understood,” Wiping the sweat from his forehead, the principal stammered. *** A while later, Anna woke up and found herself inside a luxurious bedroom. Because of the effect of the anesthetic, she was dizzy and felt like throwing up. Looking up at the luxuriously-decorated suite, she soon realized she might be taken to a villa. Where am I? How did I get here? She wondered. “Ms. Gabriel, how are you feeling now?” At that moment, a middle-aged man knocked on the door and walked in with a tray of food. He smiled as Anna looked at him in surprise. “Who are you? How, how do you know my name?” Anna asked vigilantly. “Well, I not only know your name, but I also know that your family business is about to go bankrupt.” Hearing his words, Anna became more vigilant. Looking at him with terror in her eyes, she asked, “Why did you bring me here? Are you going to imprison me? This is illegal. I’m warning you!” “Ms. Gabriel, I think I owe you an explanation. You’re pregnant with our young master’s child now. What happened that night… was an accident. We arranged a surrogate mother for our young master but somehow, our young master got into your room by mistake. Actually, we’ve been watching you recently. And our master actually knows that you went to the hospital. That’s why we got to stop you from making a horrible decision in time.” The butler was very apologetic, “Our master said that since you are pregnant, then he wants the child. And he always wants to have a child.” Anna now understood that he was referring to the man who took her virginity. Then she snapped, “Who is your ‘young master’, huh?” “Well, you don’t have to know about that,” The butler replied a bit awkwardly. “Then tell your young master that I won’t do as he said. It’s my child and it’s my body. I will abort the child if I want to!” Hearing that, the butler handed a phone to Anna and said calmly, “Why don’t you read this first?” Anna was unwilling to do so. But then as she saw the headlines on the screenshot, she couldn’t take her eyes off the phone. “The Gabriel Group was exposed to have used fake materials. Its stock value crashed this morning. Will the Gabriel Group go bankrupt because of this?” No, no, no... It can’t be! The Gabriel Group is already in crisis before the incident. If it goes bankrupt, all the employees of the group will suffer! Although I’m not close to father, I still can’t bear to see him go bankrupt. Thinking of that, Anna yelled at the butler with a glare, her face pale, “Your master did it, right? How could he be so shameless?!” The butler replied calmly, “Ms. Gabriel, as long as you give birth to this baby, the Gabriel Group will be alright and you will also receive four million dollars. You don’t want your family business to go bankrupt, do you? If you give birth to the child, our young master will have a child and you’ll receive a large sum of money. It’s a win-win. Besides, do you still think you have other options?” ----------------------- Writer speaking: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible support. Your enthusiasm and encouragement have meant the world to me as I've poured my heart into writing this article. This story is almost come to an end. And I've recently crafted a brand-new piece called "Hiding the Billionaire's Kickass Twins", it is a similar theme but a better one. Just want to invite you all to join me on this exciting new journey! Once again, thank you for being the best readers ever! Your support means everything to me.

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