Story By Melina Levine

Melina Levine

I've started writing ever since I was a kid and I always like reading all sorts of romance stories. And it somehow inspires me to become a writer. I will continue to work on creating great stories and I hope all of you will enjoy reading my books! Thank you for your support and much love! Get more info about me on my FB page:
Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand
Updated at Dec 22, 2022, 18:20
“I’m burning hot... Just f**k me already...” Anna murmured as she felt that she was carried away by desire and lust. “Don’t move. Relax. Otherwise, I can’t get inside you,” The man said to her in a deep and sexy voice. After the passionate s*x was over, Anna laid in the man’s arms and stared at him affectionately in the dark. However, the next second, as the moonlight shone through the window, she panicked and her face turned pale. It turned out that the man she just had s*x with was not her fiance but a stranger! Flustered, Anna immediately fled the room. And on her way home, she received a text from her stepsister which said, “I’m sure you have already had a wonderful night with that stranger. Your FIANCE and I also had a wonderful night.” It was not until then that Anna realized that she was tricked into having a one-night stand with a stranger by her stepsister. Later on, Anna found that she was pregnant and she was forced to give birth to the twins. Her baby boy was taken away while her baby girl was left with her. Years later, holding hands with her beautiful daughter, Anna met the man who she had one-night stand by chance. Irritated, the man stopped her and asked her angrily, “How dare you steal my daughter from me!” Hearing that, Anna’s daughter pushed the man away and opened her arms, trying to protect Anna. She said, “You bad man! Don’t bully my mommy!” Then the boy behind the man craned his neck and asked in confusion, “Daddy, who is she?” ----------------------------- Writer speaking: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible support. Your enthusiasm and encouragement have meant the world to me as I've poured my heart into writing this article. I've crafted a brand-new piece called "Hiding the Billionaire's Kickass Twins", it is a similar theme but a better one. Just want to invite you all to join me on this exciting new journey!