My Cursed Love


“I don’t care if Marcus gets his hands on me and tortures me for the rest of my life.” I didn’t like hearing her saying she was ready to throw her life away like that and I felt a small growl leave my lips. “As long as my sister is safe, then it will be okay with me.”

“Well, it won’t be okay with me!” I yelled.

I could see it took her by surprise as I said this. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly. I gave myself a mental kick. How could I just blurt those words out but I had come to realize that I was not only a slave to Marcus but also to the bond I felt towards Elena. I had never held any control over her. It was her who had the control over me.

“Why?” I heard her whisper as I avoided her eyes.

I didn’t answer her because what could I say? You’re my mate. No, she wouldn’t understand those words and I couldn’t explain them to her because I didn’t understand them myself. I just knew that I wanted her and only her.

“Why?” I heard her ask as she stepped closer to me.

Again I didn’t answer her or look at her. I could feel her step even closer to me and my wolf was trying to tear himself free of me and force me over to her.

“Why?” she asked again with a more deep and demanding voice.

“Because you are mine Elena!” I shouted as I cupped her cheeks and pulled her face close to mine. “I can’t breathe without you. I want you near me all the time and every time you run away it feels like I’m dying a little more and a little more. I want to give everything I am to you… even though there isn’t very much to give, I want you to have it all.” I couldn’t stop the words that came floating out of me. All I knew was that the one I had yearned for, for so long was right in front of me and I wanted her.


Elena a young human girl, who was with 12 other young girls k*dnapped to serve a mad alpha and his pack. As she escapes she almost dies but is saved by a red eyed stranger, who from then on can never leave her side again.

Revenge was never given a great start on life. He is different and has always been the outsider, yet he tries his best to do what he can for his pack and be the leader no one thought he could be. Unfortunately, he had never expected a human to be his mate ... and he can't let go of her.

*Book One*

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Chapter 1: Escape
Note: This series is a darker werewolf series. Also be aware of darker elements such a described violence, abuse and death. *Elena’s POV* "You can't hide from us!" "We WILL find you!" “She went this way!” "Where do you think you can run to?!" The words rung out in the forest. Terrifying me. Filling me with fear that almost crippled me, but I had to keep running. I couldn't let it stop me. So I ran. My lungs stung, my legs were almost numb from exhaustion and my eyes were watery. Yet I didn’t stop because if I did I knew I would end up back in that place. No, I was never going back there. I refused. For months I had been tormented, beaten, and humiliated by them. No more! I had escaped and now I was being hunted by them. They were faster than me but I couldn’t give up. No, I couldn’t give up because if I did I was as good as dead. If they caught me I was going to be killed by him! He was going to beat me until I could feel nothing but pain and then he was going to snap my neck and that would just be it. I was no longer going to be alive… but I guess death would be better than staying in that place. “Aaah!” I shouted as my foot got caught in a hole. I fell flat on my stomach and scratched the side of my face. s**t! My foot was stuck. I tried to pull it out of the hole but the pain shooting from my ankle was too much, it was blinding, almost knocking me out. I bit my lower lip trying not to scream as I made another failed attempt to pull my foot out of the hole. I could hear dirt and old leaves crunching under my pursuers' feet. I knew they were coming closer. Their wuhu they sometimes shouted, echoing through the forest, also became louder and louder. I looked at my foot, knowing I had no other choice but to dig it out, which was going to give them plenty of time to catch up to me. I didn’t know why they were still hunting me in their human form. It was normal for them in the beginning to hunt like that, but usually by now they would have changed. They always did that on every hunt I had seen. Maybe they didn’t expect me to get this far or maybe they were ordered not to hurt me, because HE wanted the pleasure of doing that. To be honest, I didn’t really care why. I just dug my nails into the dirt and started digging and digging. At some point, I cut my finger. I didn’t know on what, maybe a rock or a small piece of glass, yet I barely felt the pain as panic and desperation of getting out of the hole grabbed onto my heart. Finally. I was free. I smiled with relief but only shortly as I heard movement close to me. They were now so close I could see their dark silhouettes. They only stopped shortly to sniff the air and then they continued moving again. Quickly, I got back up and started moving forward, but as I took the first step, the blinding pain came back. I almost lost my balance but got ahold of a tree trunk. My ankle was badly hurt. I tried to lean on it but the pain was unbearable. What was I going to do? They were already so close and now I was even slower. I tried to see if I could use it again. I could barely touch the ground with it but I had no other choice or I was going to get caught. I would just have to live with it. I started moving again, barely leaning on my bad foot. I limped forward, almost jumping, since I couldn’t use my bad ankle. Panic had now gotten ahold of me but it kept me moving forward. I just had to get out of this forest. I had to get help. I hoped to see a road soon and maybe a car. Perhaps the driver would even help me. Yes, they had to help me because I was never going back to that place! But these people, they weren’t ordinary. No, they were far from ordinary. I wasn’t even sure bullets could take care of them, maybe if they were silver bullets. No, I wasn’t even sure if that was going to work on them. I just had to get out of the forest, then everything was going to be alright. I had already gotten further than anyone else had and I wasn’t about to give up, no matter the pain or exhaustment I felt. I kept going. Just a little further ahead, a small clearing came into my sight. I felt a bolt of hope shooting through me. Freedom! I could feel it. I was so close. I could see the darkness ending. I just hoped whatever I found after getting out of the forest could help me. I didn’t care what it was, a couple in a car enjoying a night drive or a crazy man living alone in the forest with enough guns for a whole army or an actual army. As long as it kept me safe from them, I didn’t give a damn about what it was. As hope spread through my body, I felt myself moving faster. Yes, I was going to be saved. It was all going to be alright again. As I came to the clearing, leaving the forest behind, I smiled and tears started to stream down my cheeks from happiness… but the happiness only lasted shortly. I stopped in my tracks so fast I almost lost balance and was about to fall over an edge. A strong wind blew up from the edge, blowing my hair back. I was staring directly down a huge cliff with waves crashing against it. No, this isn’t happening! I was so close. I was almost free. This was my only chance and I blew it! What was I going to do now? “Well, well, well …” A dark voice said from behind me. I turned around. A tall guy with dark hair and grey eyes was staring at me. He had a small smile on his lips and stood with his arms crossed only a few meters from me. He looked at me like I was going to be his next meal. I felt disgust and an urge to vomit right here. “Don’t tell me you are going to jump?” He said while smirking. Small laughs came from the forest, as more people joined the guy with dark hair. They stood only a little behind him and they were all looking at me with an evil smile and hatred in their eyes. They knew they had won, I could see it on their faces. They knew when they brought me back to their alpha he would reward them handsomely. It was clear they couldn’t wait for that reward. “It’s over Elena. Step away from the edge!” The guy with the dark hair said. It was the first time I had ever heard anyone of them say my name. I hated how it sounded on his lips. It filled me with disgust. He didn’t have the right to call me by my name! I took another look behind me, looking at my options. Another strong wind blew up from the edge, blinding me with my own hair. I brushed it away but tears took its place. I couldn’t believe I was here. I couldn’t believe that today I, Elena Wilson, was going to die. “Step away from the edge!” He said a little more impatient. I looked back at the men that had hunted me. Was this really it? Had I really lost? I didn’t want to go back. Oh God, anything else but going back with them. Once their alpha got his hands on me, he would make me feel pain like never before. He would kill me so slowly that in the end I was going to beg for death. I would never be in control again. Not even my own death was going to be decided by me. He controlled everything. I could feel the anger and hatred towards him spreading through my body. I clenched my fist. No! I was going to decide how I died! I was going to decide where, when and how. Not him. Me! I moved only an inch back but it was enough to get a reaction from them. Their expression changed. They almost looked scared. “You wouldn’t dare…” he growled. He was angry. It was very clear but I could see a small flicker of fear in his eyes. He didn’t really believe I had the guts, but he was still afraid I might not be joking around. “Step away from the edge!” he growled even louder. My breathing was fast, my eyes blurry from the tears and I was sweating from the pain, but my mind was as clear as glass. I was no longer going to be controlled. “No…” I said in a low voice. “What?!” he said between gridded teeth. “I said NO!” If looks could kill, I probably would be dead right now. The guy with the dark hair looked at me with so much anger. I could see he wanted to run up to me and grab me and then drag me with force back to their alpha, but fear of the thought of me jumping before he had gotten ahold of me, made him stay put. “I will rather die than go back,” I said. “Anything is better than going back to him.” They all looked more scared now. If they lost me, they were going to be the one being punished. Hard. I thought that leaving this world behind knowing that would happen to them, was the best way to leave. One last chance of revenge. Yes, this was the best way. “NOOOOOO!” I heard him scream as I leaned back and fell at a speed I never knew existed and as I fell I thought of the only regret I would have. That I never got the chance to say goodbye to the people I loved. Yes, that was my only regret, but hopefully, now I was going to a better place. A place without pain. A place where I could finally be free. A much better place. I barely felt the pain as my back hit the water. The coldness from the water froze it all, leaving me completely numb. My body twisted only a little as water filled my lungs, but I had no strength left to fight. So I let it take me away. I let myself sink further and further as the darkness slowly took me away…

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