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one-night stand


I pulled my top down and brought his lips to my tight n*****s and he sucked on them and gave them a soft bite that made me quiver and moan. He knew I liked it and immediately pulled my bottoms down.

"Let's see how wet you are" he softly said.

He stuck two fingers inside me and it made my whole body relax as he curled them in and pulled them out again, revealing two very sticky fingers.

"You want more ?"

I nodded and pushed his hand back inside of me as he pushed them in slowly and deeply inside me.

Then he turned his hand over and it made me moan when he came down and began to suck on my clit and get me closer and closer to an orgasm.

I pulled his head up and stroked his hair, all I wanted was his c**k. He began to get harder and I got more and more anxious.

"Please put it in me" I pleaded but he told me to be patient.

I could do that and he didn't disappoint when he slowly stopped eating me out and jacked himself off in front of my opening. It was so hot as he fingered me deeper and harder I thought he was never going to put it in me when he flipped me over with my legs and f****d me hard and deep. I gasped when he entered me because of how veiny and ribbed his d**k felt inside me. He pushed deep and kissed my back and neck as he clenched my n****e and twisted it making me moan. I was confused because I am in love with another shifter who loved me equally. My wolf recognizes him as my mate too. How can this be possible? How am I going to deal with this?

Free preview
I swallow hard, and push myself down onto my knees, somehow keeping balanced with my arms handcuffed at the elbow behind my back. I kneel before my master, my heels digging into the flesh of my naked backside. I lower my head, placing my lips on the sexiest feet I have ever seen. I kiss over and over again, happy to please my master. My s*x, god-like master. "Enough." He snaps, grabbing my collar, pulling me sharply to my feet. I bow my head- knowing its not practise to look my master in the face. "Look at me Lizzie." I do as I'm told and raise my head immediately, looking into my master's eyes. Dark, chocolate brown eyes, like melted chocolate boring into mine. "You are so sexy Lizzie. I want you. Now! Now be a good girl and turn around. Face the bed." Without hesitation, I turn and face the dark oak wooden bed frame, flooded in deep blue silk sheets; reminding me of deep calm ocean. "Bend over now." I swallow, excitement filling me, from the tips of my hair, through to my core and down to my toes. Finally!! I bend slowly; hoping to give my master a good view, so he pleasures me as well as himself. He hasn't let me c*m in 4 weeks now! I'm dying! "What a glorious sight, Miss Knight. That just makes me want your ass a whole lot more!" Everything south of my belly button clenches in excitement. "Not today though.. I think I've punished you long enough for your misdemeanor... I might, just might let you c*m tonight!" He announces. Yes!! Oh yes!! "Oh please master." I gasp. I am greeted with a slight chuckle. "Sounds like you want this, baby! Let me see how I feel. I can't make any promises." Oh crap! Maybe I shouldn't have begged. I'm going to go without again aren't I? I feel master's warm hands on my arms, and a click as he removes my handcuffs. "Hold onto the bed frame. Brace yourself." I am ordered. Without thinking about his command, I take that one step, gripping onto the end of the bed and bending over--pushing against the cold wood clenched in my grip--bracing myself for the forthcoming assault. I wait. Excitement and anticipation builds; my slit soaking with each second. Oh god, just f**k me already!! As if hearing my thoughts, master grabs my waist roughly and positions himself just inside my warm, wet and ready slit. Fuck! One quick thrust, and the world comes apart at the seams. Oh s**t! Master bucks his hips roughly, pushing into me with everything he's got. Low sexy grunts leave his gritted teeth as he slams into me harder and harder. Somehow I manage to hold my own, pushing back against his body, ensuring I don't fall forward. As time goes on, and the rough intense assault exhausts me, I feel my body build. Will master let me c*m today? I hope he does! I need to! Please??? Master growls loudly. "c*m for me Lizzie! c*m!" I close my eyes and let the pleasure wash over me. Just as I'm getting close to my end goal, one of master's hands leaves my waist and comes down onto my shoulder; his perfectly manicured nails digging into the soft flesh, scratching their way down my back, almost painfully. A loud whimper of need leaves my lips and before I have time to acknowledge it, master's hand slaps hard against my right butt cheek. I gasp and moan. All the while, master has continued with f*****g me to the max--harder and harder--pushing me closer, higher... I am so close! Oh please!!! One final hard smack on my ass, and a deep thrust and I fly fall, into what seems to be the most incredible, powerful and uncontrollable orgasm of my life. Normally I'm not one for screaming in s*x, but I don't hold back. My mouth opens, my eyes roll back in my head and a loud pleasured wail beckons from my lips. Master grunts hard and cums violently inside me. My knees finally give in and I fall, slumping on the warm brown soft carpet, my head bouncing on the mattress. "Well done baby. You took that so well!" Master praises, helping me up off the floor. Up in a bridal hold, I am carried back to my room in his expensive mansion, "Thank you." I whisper, my eyelids dropping. "For what Lizzie?" Master asks gently. "For letting me cum." I yawn. Master chuckles, lays me on the bed and leaves me to sleep. ~*~ Time for the day job... Fun fun fun! I'd rather be locked up in Mr Law's playroom! "Lizzie! We have an appointment at 9:45 with our biggest client. I need you in the meeting to note take." My boss shouts at me from his office as soon as I enter. "Yes sir." I call back, getting to work. I'm Lizzie Knight, 21... I'm an assistant to a local successful business man, Jordan Fray. He owns 80% of the businesses in the county... Multi billionaire and the best boss ever! Well, that's what I do during the week. Monday to Friday, I'm an assistant. By the weekend, I'm a submissive to my master, Dean Hunter Law who is an international businessman; successful in China, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and most of Europe. He is another multi billionaire and the best lover I have ever had!! Oh and there's a secret I haven't said yet... I'm a shifter wolf! Yeah, I bet that doesn't shock you too much considering that I've only just told you I'm a submissive! Yeah, I love pain. It's a giant turn on and it's totally exhilarating. Try it!! There is only a fine line between pleasure and pain. I don't think you can experience one without the other. Ok, it's time. I stand, brushing the creases out of my skirt and straightening my light blue fitted shirt. I grab my notepad and pen as I then proceed to follow Mr Fray to the board room for the meeting. As I walk up, my wolf starts bounding around. 'What the hell is up with you?' I snap inside my head, agitated by her behaviour. 'I don't know! Something is about to happen but I can't explain what!' She bounces happily. Hmm... At least she's happy I guess?! It beats her bloody mood swings! I follow Mr Fray into the board room and I take my seat at the back of the room. I then ready myself for note taking. The door clicks open again and I can hear voices. "Mr Fray! Thank you for agreeing to this meeting at such short notice!" A strong, commanding voice murmurs. "My pleasure, Mr Riley. What can I do for you? Would you like a drink? Tea? Coffee?" "Oh yes please! Coffee; milk, two sugars." "Lizzie! Can you get Mr Riley a coffee please?" I am forced out of my daydream. I nod, smile slightly and remove myself from the room. As I make the client their coffee, I daydream about what I could be getting up to with Dean at the weekend. I wonder what he will excite me with this time! I swallow hard, trying to push back my arousal as I take the tray into the board room. I take in a cafetiere, jug of milk, bowl of sugar and a plate of assorted biscuits. The usual demand from our clients. I hope it does the trick. I place the coffee down on the table as carefully as possible. Then a mouthwatering overpowering scent hits my nose full force. Apples and cinnamon! Oh wow! I look up into the most beautiful eyes, which are accompanied by the most photogenic face. I see a strong jaw, light stubble trailing across slightly tanned skin, a straight angular nose, long brown eyelashes and sparkling ocean blue eyes. I gasp in amazement and shock. I'm greeted with an award winning smile! 'Mate!' My wolf howls, bounces from paw to paw. 'Mate!' Oh s**t! Not now!!

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