2 -The Arrival

1222 Words
The whispers follow me as I move through the hallways after I could get myself to stand. Then again the whispers came from the new faces and the human ones which I saw but the wolves who knew me all my life and who could strongly guess who was responsible did nothing but snicker and point at me. Nobody knows what I did wrong. The hate from the parents passes to the children and everybody wanted someone who they could put the blame for every bad thing that happen in their life. Without my consent I became that person. I felt even more alone than ever and I knew that I needed to find an escape. I slowly walked towards the back door of the school, not bothering to hide from the cameras or anything like that. After all, when I don’t show for first period, everybody is going to be aware that I am not in school. I was going to be punished for it either way so why bother. At least the punishment would be in the hands of my father and he understands my plight. Especially when he sees my hair. I choke back a sob as I opened the back door and slip out of the school building then repeated the same thing for the fence which separated the school for a forest which was also part of pack lands. I continued to walk slowly not paying mind to my surrounding until I heard a twig snap. That was not from me. I slowly turned to see a pair of sea green eyes watching me. I felt my wolf slowly raising to attention but I quickly turned away and started to run home. I didn’t want the attention of a face I didn’t know. I didn’t want to raise my hopes once more just to have it clash to the ground when he turns out to be just like the rest of them. Kayne Kazimir Pov She is a strange one. Is that what wolves these days do? Run on two feet? I have been out of contact with the world for centuries and I return to find my creation running on two feet. Well technically, I didn’t create them but I have been their god for some time now since Luna went to Sleep. I still miss her. I tilt my head watching the wolf human form go smaller with the distance which she placed between us. It seems that my father was right about my coming here. I need to relearn what has been happening among my people before I can comfortably call myself their god once more. In a way I understand what my father meant when he said I needed to reconnect with my people. I need to be able to recognize them once more and then Kain decided to make it a competition, who finds the strongest amongst them first wins. I don’t know about the strongest but there was something odd about that one. I would need to find out after I register myself here in school. Technically, I am millenniums old but it doesn’t change the fact that to other gods, I am nothing but a teenager so I appear as one. And currently, teenagers including werewolves attend school so here I am. I made my way to the administrative block only to hear some girls laughing outside the office while they listen in. I normally tune out the noise, noting it as nothing but what it really was, noise. But super hearing was also gifted to weres’ and these girls were clearly using theirs so I listened to what they were hearing too. “Poor girl, I saw her escape into the woods, I am more concerned about her mental state as of now. It might not be much of a jump for her to realize that she can easily find death in the woods and it would not weigh on her conscience.” “Still, that should be the reason why we ought to report that she has left school. She belongs to one of those rich communities around here. Nobody bullies their own but they clearly don’t have any problem against in-house bullying.” Another voice replied the first who spoke. I am still trying to understand the happenings of this world but I could guess that the topic of discussion was the girl I met in the forest… woods it is now called so it seems. “If we do that, the leaders of the community would punish her. It is not the first time it has happened. The students talk about what happen at home sometimes.” The first one replied. “What should we do, we are obligated to report what happened to one of theirs to them…” The second stated. “Then we report. She has a father, doesn’t she? We report to the father about the whereabouts of his daughter and what caused her to be there. If we hear news of her being punished still, then we can call CPS. It would be a whole circus but at least she would be better. I have worked here for five years and for that same period of time, I have watched her been bullied with nobody standing up for her and when she tries to do it herself, they all press her firmly to ground and increase the intensity of her condition. I cannot stand it anymore.” “Damn, that ruins our plan of getting her withdrawn from school.” One of the girls in front of me hissed to her friend who frowned. “Yes, At least we got the satisfaction of ruining her long hair. We would just have to find another way to have her expelled if possible.” The second girl answered. “But first we would need to take care of blabber mouth over there. She might have saved Yura this time but it would be the last time.” The first responded. I frowned at the two girls in front of me. Feeling irritated about their choice of actions, apparently they have nothing better to do than to make life difficult for others even though I still don’t understand how. When Celeste bullies minor gods, they end up disappearing for at least a year, sulking and licking their wounds. Was this the were wolf equivalent to that? So many questions. I have indeed lost contact with the world. “If you are done with your nonsensical plots, can you please give way so I can pass through?” I growled out and the two girls shrieked in surprise as they jumped out of the way. Their actions a total disgrace of the graceful wolves which they inhabit inside of them. I pass by them with a frown on my face even as I called them harpies in my head but I refused to pay them any more attention. They were not worth it. Still my mind flashed to the girl who was being bullied, I was sad that I would not be seeing her anytime soon. By the time she had finished sulking, a year must have passed and I would not still be on this realm because I would have completed my mission here.
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