The Reincarnated Moon Goddess

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Unloved all her life.

Yura wished to be accepted. That was her secret desire, plain and simple. To belong among her peers, to be just one of the crowd. But she isn't like other werewolves. She might have been born by one but for some reason she never and her wolf were never in sync. She was strong but her wolf was weak.

Then there's him.

She doesn't have a strong wolf so she can't have a strong mate. Then why was she attracted to someone beyond the level which logic explains. She could feel the mate bond with him but he doesn't know what it is.

A love that transcends time.

What she is not aware of is that her soulmate is a perfect fit for her and she is meant for greater things. Things which even fate cannot control. A future which she must bleed and die for. One which her soulmate must always be by her side for.

He could go through hell just to be with her.

And she...

She would become hell once her destiny begins to unravel.

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1- Life as usual
Wolves, the most dangerous creatures on earth to a seventeen years old high school student. Or maybe I should correct myself to say she wolves. After all, the females of all creatures are definitely more violent. And I wish I could say they were less dangerous in their human legs than they were in their furs but sadly not. They are even more vicious. Especially the one who deems me a threat to her non-existent wolf bond with the Alpha’s son. “I have warned you times without number to stay away from him.” Casey growled in my ears as she stepped closer to me. I knew that I shouldn’t reply back. Hell I knew that I would be asking for nothing more than trouble if I do reply back but I couldn’t stop myself from letting the words flow out of my mouth. “You think I want to stay near him? He pushed me into the lockers of his own accord. I didn’t go near him for him to do that, he came near me.” I snapped at Casey, forgetting myself for a second there. Casey hand slammed on the wall closed to my head as she let out a growl of anger. My wolf whined in submission while I gritted my teeth in anger. I definitely didn’t know how this happened but it was strange for me. Every wolf is a manifestation of the human spirit. My spirit was strong but my wolf was weak. I was strange. An anomaly that others couldn’t explain. “You pathetic little creature.” She barked at me as my wolf almost took over to drag me away from the threat. She was shivering inside me and in as much as I wanted to place my hand out and push Casey from my personal space, I would be lucky enough if I could get my body to move backwards or even move at all with the whole fear which my wolf was pumping through me. “She needs to be taught a lesson.” One of her clique who was with her said as she walked closer to me. Stopping just behind Casey. “Good idea. Anna video this in a way for our faces not to show except hers and Delly, hold her down.” And that was when my flight response finally kicked in. I never had the option of a fight when it comes to survival instincts, somehow mine was always directed to become flight. I tried to run towards the door of the bathroom just to escape the plans they have for me even though I knew that if I could manage it, I would still end up with at least one broken rib when they caught me later on in pack lands. I would think of the future when I could survive enough to live it. Casey laughs as Delly used one of her hands with her palms out to slam me back to the wall. Then she punch the wall behind my head as I froze in place once more. My breathing becoming deeper and more pronounced. My chest hurts but I was so scared that they would be physical enough that I would have no choice but to point them out to the human teachers and then go home to face the anger from their parents too. I never really get why everybody hated me in the pack, all except my father and elder sister. It had always been like that since I could remember. “Delly, you should have pressed her to the ground instead. It would have made it easier for what I planned to do.” Casey said then shrugged “But it is okay, after all I was not planning on making the lengths even before.” Making what even? I asked myself before I look at the hand which Casey had dipped into her bag and she came out with a scissors. I began my struggles in earnest as my eyes already began to water while I begged Casey. “Please, I am sorry. I will stay away from Ben and everybody you want me to, I will never cross path with you again…” I started to offer but she cuts me short. “No, that will not be enough. This is going to be better you know.” She said matter of factly. “It took you over seven years to grow your hair to this level and I remember when we were younger with your short hair that refused to grow. You were more invisible and less seen then. Also less outspoken. It seems like your hair makes you speak out. It is a better suggestion rather than punching your mouth. At least this way you would not feel pain.” Delly snickers. “Yes, we will start our practice on how to cut hair from your head. Isn’t it going to be amazing? You have the honor of having being the first person Casey, our future Luna tried her hair dressing skills on.” “I don’t want this, please.” I begged, tears already running down my face while I struggle in their arms. There was nothing which they would do that would hurt me more than if they succeeded in cutting my hair. It was the only thing which I used to realize that I was different from the rest of them. It was white. Pure white and it grew slowly. Never had I cut my hair for once since I was born. “Shhh, I will make sure you don’t hurt.” Casey replied as she patted my hair like I was a pet only for her to grip a handful and yank it away from my head then I heard the swiping noise. I screamed as I tried to struggle more to leave Delly’s hold but it doesn’t work. It never did. After all this bathroom was one of those unisex own. Made for teenaged wolves who has found their mates and were still in high school, so that they can have s*x when they wanted to. In other words, the door was soundproof. “Please.” I begged but Casey and Delly started a conversation about how some new students from another pack are coming to the school so it would be best for all girls if the competition was reduced by one. They kept up with their inane conversation while I kept on crying and struggling, not like it bothered them the slightest. When Casey felt like she was done. She smiled as she stood from me and beamed a smile at my direction. “See, you look a whole lot better.” Anna lowered her phone as she came forward. “Now, I want you to say ‘thank you’ to Casey for her thoughtful hair styling which she did for you.” I raised my red rimmed eyes to look at Anna, the one who looked like a angel among all of them but the most vicious one. “Well go on, we are waiting.” Anna continued. When she starts her own case of bullying even Casey sits down to take notes. “Thank you Casey for the haircut.” I clenched out of my tight jaws. Casey smiles at me then turned and walked away like nothing much happened. Delly and Anna followed behind her and I waited until they left before I started crying loudly. I reached for my hair strands which were lying on the floor to keep them only my blurry eyes were deceiving me. I cleaned my tears just so I could look at the strands well. I could have sworn Casey was busy holding my head and cutting my hair while Delly used her two hands to hold me down and Anna was far from the scene so she could get the whole thing in the frame of her phone. How then did they switch my hair out? Because instead of white locks of hair on the ground. I was seeing black locks all around me.

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